Welcome to the USS Shanghai!

Exploration is the driving force of Starfleet, the core and ever-present principle born into every Starfleet Officer. To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before – that is what we are driven to do.

The USS Shanghai-A was chosen to lead a group of explorers beyond deep space and to a new, unexplored section of the galaxy far rim-ward from Federation lines and the Reayan Sector Block. With fresh retrofits and a new crew, she set out on a mission of exploration and support. With the colonists in Auriga-Perseus feeling betrayed by Starfleet's sudden withdrawal, and the Protectorate (a union of numerous species from the region with reckless use of technologies such as chroniton weaponry and nanotech) still a threat, the colonies turned towards themselves and their local allies for survival. Now, Shanghai is returning to the region, struggling to reclaim any reputation that Starfleet once had and to provide some semblance of normalcy and safety to those who felt forgotten by the Federation. Can the Shanghai and her crew regain the foothold in the region? Or has the damage of the last decade done more to the idea of the Federation than is repairable?

The USS Shanghai is an exploration and support focused sim, set just beyond the known galaxy. The sim hopes to foster an environment where players can help build our little section of the world, from helping design alien worlds and phenomena, to the civilizations and technologies they’ve discovered, and the exploration of characters within that setting. The Shanghai was founded in 2009 and has a dedicated crew with a long history. We are always looking for new members, so if you find yourself interested in the simm, send us a message or application!

The Command Team
USS Shanghai NCC-82941 – Task Force 93, Task Group 86

::: Upcoming Mission :::
“To Be Announced”

Latest News Items

» Second Officer Applications, Last Call

Posted on Thu May 14th, 2020 @ 12:29am by Captain Mei Xiang Sun in General News

One quick note. I just wanted to remind anyone interested in the position OOC and IC needs to reach out to the command team by the end of the week. We'll be making our decision in the next week or two. If you've already sent us word, no need to resend it. We just wanted to make sure everyone had a final reminder before we make our decisions.

Thanks all,

- the Command Team.

» IMPORTANT: Tags, PNPCs, etc

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 4:32pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D in General News

Hey all,

I would just like to remind everyone to please pay attention to tags in current and previous mission JPs. Playing NPCs is fine and we strongly encourage it to help bring depth and a balanced storytelling element to the Shanghai but a character has made an appearance in a current JP that had been otherwise told to stay behind. While we understand that it's harder to coordinate and keep track of the many characters/NPCs that make an appearance in these big group JPs and we encourage a freeform style of creativity (we are by no means stifling that), we are strongly recommending that everyone pay attention to the section that their character has made/or will make an appearance in. It adds continuity and a somewhat linear form of storytelling and it's less confusing for others trying to tag in.

I know this has been mentioned before but if you would like to create a PNPC, please double-check with the player of the department you want to play that character in. This is also a reminder that said PNPC must never be a higher rank than Lieutenant JG and never the same or higher rank than the department head. The command team reserves the right to make adjustments as necessary. And if you're ever unsure about something, please ask. As well, if you would like to use a PNPC in a post or a JP, please ask permission or include them. That being said, we are revising our current PNPC guidelines.

As per our usual request, if anyone has plot ideas, storylines, worldbuilding, feel free to use the appropriate OOC discussions or pass them onto Nate or me.

Finally, we're also looking to add a third member to the official command team - both In Character and Out of Character. Out of character, this would mostly help us with back end information and problem-solving as issues arise, as well as help keeping things moving during any slowdowns or absence of the CO or XO. We're gauging interest at this point, so if you would like to be the second officer of the Shanghai (again IC and OOC), send us both a message expressing interest, and if you have the time, why you think you'd be a good fit for the position. No promises, but with things moving along nicely in the ship, we decided it would be best to at least start that process now. Reach out if you're interested!

Thanks and happy simming!

The Command Team

» TF93 Simm of the Month Award March 2020

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 7:34pm by Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD in Simm Announcement

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!! We have won Simm of the month for March. Here’s what it had to say:

I have to nominate USS Shanghai. The Shanghai had no less than 17 posts in March 2020, almost all of which collaborative JPs, and one of which featured no fewer than 17 characters! The Shanghai has also been taking the initiative and planning out how its characters will transition to 2399. Some posts set ahead of the game’s relaunch have already been published. The stories they’ve told have been interesting; a good mix of plot and character work. It is an active sim, with a lot of good posts, and from what I see a diverse group of players. It’s focus on exploration as its mission profile reminds me of the days of TNG, where they were supposed to be exploring, but got thrown into the deep end. I look forward to seeing more from this sim.”

Post of the Month (TF93)

“Episode 1: Chapter 7,” USS Endeavour
“Chosen by the Captains of Task Force 93 as Post of the Month for March 2020.”

» Osiris Initiative

Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 5:39pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun in General News

Hey All,

I was asked to pass this along. Bravo Fleet is doing an in-character RP thing to bring the canon into 2399. If you'd like to be involved or look into more information you can see the entire post here - https://bravofleet.com/group_news/the-osiris-initiative-welcome-to-2399/ - if you'd like to, feel free to sign up. The link to do so is at the bottom of that post.

In addition, if you have not yet done so, please consider signing up for the Bravo Fleet Management System.

Neither of those is mandatory, of course, but I wanted to be sure to put it out there for you all.

- N/Sun

» Upcoming Changes to BFMS

Posted on Sat Feb 8th, 2020 @ 1:48am by Captain Mei Xiang Sun in General News

Hey all - I borrowed this from another CO in the Fleet (our very own Sinclair),

Some of you may have seen the recent notice about a change coming up in Bravofleet. If you haven't, I encourage you to check out this announcement (https://bravofleet.com/group_news/bravo-fleet-2020-roadmap/)

Basically, there is a plan to transition Bravofleet into something beyond its current model as a simming network. It will enable players to write larger stories collectively, as well as participate in simms.

The initial request that the announcement is making is that all players register with BFMS, the Bravofleet Management System. You can register by clicking here (https://bravofleet.com/wp-login.php?action=register). When you have done so, please send me a message, because I will want to link you in BFMS to Shanghai.

I would like at least a few of you to register, so we have a fairly accurate participant's list on the Bravofleet website. We have a few, but the more we can get the better advertising we get from being out and about on the fleet main page.

What does this mean within Shanghai:

Nothing much. Shanghai won't require you to join BF to simm with us. Consider yourselves grandfathered in. But, the Fleet is trying some new things, and there may be some bonuses down the line to having good representation there.

The Fleet is also jumping to 2399. We'll be moving forward there as well - but we'll be doing it a lot differently than other simms. We're going to be doing it Yesterday's Enterprise style. Basically, what this means is that the current Shanghai timeline will be treated as the 'created' timeline, with the 2399 being the 'real' timeline. But, it will be designed to leave the option to change your character in a lot of ways, or none at all. If you want to step through to 2399 with zero changes (except being outside your timeline), you can. If you want to rewrite your entire character, you can. The fact is, Shanghai was actively being played before the Hobus Supernova, so we have a lot of little changes to make and a few giant changes to make. We'll be working on that, but the Spoiler Policy still counts, and we'll try to keep it active - but, expect to see a new mission soon that is titled and marked for spoilers.

There are some big ideas I've been toying with too. We'll need to revisit Golovin and Seppala with the changes, and even Shanghai herself. So if you would be interested in joining that conversation, hop on over to Discord, or send me a message.

What does this mean outside the Shanghai:

Whatever you want. If you have a BFMS account, you can participate as much -- or as little -- as you want in other initiatives. But I'd suggest you check them out. Some of them could be quite a lot of fun.

If you choose not to register, you may be ineligible for awards at the Task Force level, but I suspect that those who do not wish to register will not be put off by that.


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please bring them to me.


Latest Mission Posts

» The Void (backpost)

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Posted on Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 5:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D.

It was night again. The house on Shune Bay lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.

The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. If there had been a steady rising tide, the waves would have crashed against the…

» 2399: Part Two

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2020 @ 6:04pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Captain Mei Xiang Sun


Christine watched the Strat Ops Chief walk away. Once she was both out of earshot and eyesight, she glanced over at Mei and tilted her head towards her. "You want to head to a crew lounge?" she asked finally, thinking of the one located somewhere on the current deck.…

» Zhēnxiàng (Truth)

Mission: At the Hour of Sanctification
Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Captain Mei Xiang Sun

Christine had followed Mei across the bridge to the ready room, trailing a couple of steps behind her. The second the door hissed shut behind her, she stopped walking and placed her hands on her hips. She gave the other woman a smirk as her eyes continued to follow her.…

» In Omnia Tempus (Part Two)

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Posted on Wed May 20th, 2020 @ 6:26pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Captain Mei Xiang Sun & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Lisa Jones & Lieutenant Gavin Ross & Lieutenant JG Jirin Cyn & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Lieutenant JG Sarissa Aloran


[Seppala Station]

"Thank you Seppala Control," Mei said quickly, "Yuyuan on approach - bay three," She clicked off the comms and glanced to her team. "Be polite. Consider this a diplomatic mission, understood?" The captain paused for a moment and looked back to her flying as she waited for…

» Gold

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 7:23pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun & Lieutenant JG Jirin Cyn

[USS Shanghai, Captain's Ready Room]

Mei sat behind her desk reading across the padd of her new Chief Engineer. She dreaded this particular meeting - not that she didn't enjoy meeting a new officer, she actually looked forward to this one specifically - but this position haunted her a bit.…

Latest Personal Logs

» Death Notification, 2386

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2020 @ 4:01am by Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis

STARDATE: October 15th, 2386

Department of Starfleet Records, Starfleet Command


Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis
Chief Operations Officer
USS Shanghai
Task Force 93
Serial: EHM-126984-299844

Lieutenant Kolokotronis,

On behalf of Starfleet Command, it is my sad duty to confirm and inform you that your wife, Haley Celine Kolokotronis, is presumed to…

» An Overdue Letter

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 3:05am by Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis


TO: Commander Demetrios Alexander Kolokotronis, Executive Officer, USS Portland

Dear Uncle Demetrios,

Δόξα τω θεώ! Congratulations on your promotion! I've missed you my Uncle. I apologize for me being unable to reach out to you earlier.

Things have been improving, overall. My anxiety has definitely lessened over…

» Something From The Road

Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant JG Dominic Delaney Jr.

Computer, begin recording.


Hey dad!

It's been a long time since I've chatted with you, and I'm sorry that I haven't been as active as I have been in writing you lately. I was able to get transferred to another ship after my medical leave was up. She's a…

» Recovery

Posted on Tue Jan 15th, 2013 @ 12:09am by 2nd Lieutenant Zak Keevon

Well, it had to happen eventually. Getting wounded, that is. Actually, it's amazing I avoided it as long as I did, given that I get shot at for a living. The crazy part is that it was all because of a traitor. Not crazy that it happened, but crazy that…

» Where to begin...

Posted on Sun Jul 22nd, 2012 @ 2:12pm by Ensign Aaron Markus

Ensign Aaron Markus, Personal Log, Supplemental: I have arrived onboard the USS Shanghai and will be assuming the position of Chief of Operations. I'm hoping my tenure here will be long and full of adventure. Seeing as how we're pretty much in the middle of nowhere, there should be plenty…