Site Credits

Nova has been developed on the CodeIgniter PHP framework by EllisLab.

Icons used throughout Nova were created by FamFamFam and Pinvoke.

The rank sets used in this Nova were created by KyleB of Bravo Fleet. The ranksets can be found at Bravo Fleet. Please do not copy or modify the images.

A lot of work has been put into this website, and appreciation is necessary. Thanks to the Administration of RPGResource for hosting us for the previous years and helping us with our problems. Of course, thank you to AkiyaOne for hosting us now. A special thanks to Obsidian Fleet, our parent fleet for so many years before we went independent, and to Bravo Fleet for taking us in after our recent restart. Thanks to Greg Foster for all the work you've put into the simm. Many thanks to Jordan, without him this website would be a lot duller. And thank you to Paramount and Gene Roddenberry for making this possible.

Many images used and information on the ship and its shuttles were taken from sources such as Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, and the excellent Ex Astris Scientia. Other sources listed with the image in question.

Appreciation to J David Hernandez for the css template custom skins.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via the our Contact page.

Thank you,
Sun Mei Xiang, CO