Thank you for accessing the rules page of the USS Shanghai. We appreciate your interest and continued effort on your part. Please read the following rules for this simm.

Terms used:

"We, us, our, USS Shanghai, Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer's Agent, Command Team" are synonymous.

"You, yours, the player, the simmer, simmer, your character" are synonymous.

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Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change with or without warning. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated on what is on this page. This document is binding whether or not it is read in its entirety by the end user. Ignorance is never an excuse.

Policies -

Open Door Policy (Policy 1)

If you have a question, concern, or problem with the Shanghai or any of its people, you may contact the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or Second Officer (Henceforth referred to as the "Command Staff" in this policy). You can contact any member of the Command Staff at any time and your issue will be addressed quickly, quietly, privately, and confidentially. In matters of players and people simming on the Shanghai, we reserve the right to arbitrate disputes as we see fit. In matters of policy and rules, we reserve the right to enforce rules if the player is breaking them. In matters of plotlines and story arcs, we reserve the right to keep certain things such as plot twists from characters and users. In all other matters , the Command Staff is there as a body for any help or question that is posed.

As a reminder, unless you explicitly and purposefully break the rules and inform us about it, we will not take any negative action against you. All reports given to us in this manner are considered to be in "good faith". A "good faith" report is protected speech and as such will not be retaliated against.

Retaliation is defined as any adverse action against any member of the simm engaging in protected conduct. This can include, but is not limited to the withholding of rank, promotion, awards, character development and site access. It can also include posting adverse news items, posts, comments and the like about someone else. Retaliation is considered to be a severe enough rule violation to warrant a final warning or termination from the simm.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Policy 2)

At times, the Shanghai Command Staff or their agents may inform you of a particular course of action, plot or other attendant information. This information is considered sensitive and may not be discussed outside the simm. Any information that is transmitted in this manner may not be shared with others without prior authorization from the Commanding Officer or his Agent. This includes, but is not limited to, disciplinary actions on the ship, changes in the ship status or news items explicitly marked as private. Any dissemination of information in this matter is considered a breach of privacy and could result in loss of privileges aboard the ship, up to and including termination.

Rules -

1) You are not allowed to post anything that does not treat everyone with respect, is profane or derogatory, in poor taste or can otherwise be construed as interfering with another's position, post, comments or abilities on the simm. The entire wellbeing of the ship/simm rests on its player's abilities to write cooperatively without problems. If you have an issue or problem with a player on the simm, please try to resolve it within Private Messages. If that is not possible, you may escalate it to Command Team, who has jurisdiction in player matters. Please see Rule 4j regarding the database acquisition of Private Messages. If you have a problem or issue with the way the ship is being run, you can address your problems directly to Commanding Officer via the Open Door Policy (Policy 1). In either case, the player's safety and security must be assured on the simm. The Shanghai Chat Application, OOC comments (unless in a strict post titled OOC), Blog/Simm/Post/Log/Wiki Comments, or News Items are not the place to voice perceived problems in the simm. Those should be done in Private Messages to affected parties.

1a) You, as the player must hold yourself in a respectable position at all times, including in your communications inside and outside the simm.

2) Your character is your own creation. What you do with it is up to you. However, your character may not complete any radical plot twist or radical change in the simm process without express authorization from the Commanding Officer. Examples include, but are not limited to: killing another character, using someone else's character as your own, or knocking the simm off of the current plot by introducing a ludicrous idea or thought into the post content. Please use common sense. If in doubt, contact the Commanding Officer.

2a) You may not plagiarize any information from other websites, including character biographies. Ever. Those who do will be banned permanently, without warning.

3) You are required to post at least once every week (week being synonymous with any seven-day period) in a saved joint mission post. You are required to post content on the site at least once every two weeks in which you have individual authorship content in a post. This rule is suspended on Leaves of Absence, Extended Leaves of Absence, and Emergency Leaves of Absence, cleared with the Commanding Officer.

3a) Concerning Leave of Absences.

Leave of Absences (LoAs) are for up to three weeks absences, given in advance to the Commanding Officer.

3b) Concerning Extended Leave of Absences.

Extended Leave of Absences (ELoAs) are for up to six months absence, unless extended to encompass more time at our discretion. An example of this would be current military deployment assignment. Your character will retain its current rank and status at the moment of ELoA and will regain everything after your absence has concluded. The Commanding Officer reserves the right to temporarily appoint a replacement for your character's position on the simm.

3c) Emergency Leave of Absences (EMLoAs) are used in emgergencies beyond the player's control.

No notification is necessary of this absence, and it may be taken at any time and for any reason, personal or otherwise. An explanation to the Commanding Officer or its agent is required at the close of the EMLoA in order to prevent/restore any possible loss of privileges on your behalf. Flagrant abuse of this rule at the Commanding Officer's discretion is subject to immediate removal. Abuse of this sort is not condoned in any way, shape, or form on this simm.

4) Restrictions on You and Your Character.

4a) You may not play, operate, or otherwise interact with another player's character without their express permission and the Commanding Officer's permission.

4b) You may only simm one regular character on this ship. You may simm other NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) for the benefit of the ship, however you must have a primary character to make posts with.

4c) Your character may not make decisions regarding the state of the simm as a whole unless expressly authorized by the Commanding Officer. Current exceptions to this rule are Executive Officer and the Second Officer, as prescribed by their duties on the ship. Only the Commanding Officer may, at their discretion grant or revoke these privileges to any character. The Commanding officer is the only one allowed to begin and end missions, unless another agent is authorized to make that change.

4d) Your character may not participate in GodModding, GodMod, GM, Super Hero Syndrome (SHS), or any other activity that precludes individual action by other players on the ship. Essentially, you cannot write what everyone is going to do, and how they are going to do it. Your suggestions are acceptable in moderation through Private Message to the affected party. Flagrant abuse by any player to any player in any medium is considered grounds for immediate termination.

4e) You may not use any part of this site (including players' real life information) to collect, disseminate, act upon, act with, act in concert with, for personal gain, for commercial gain, or for any action other than the express purpose to "role-play" your character at any given time in the grounds set by this simm. Any abuse of this is liable for prosecution under United States Code and/or the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. International prosecution on these grounds made available by Interpol.

4f) You may not access any part of this site not expressly given to you to access.

4g) You may not transmit or store malicious forms of data of any time on this website or its servers at any time whatsoever, in full knowledge or ignorance.

4h) At times you may be asked to participate in a team - as defined by the Departments in the Administrative manifests. Any suggestions or projects in those are subject to review by the Commanding Officer or their agent.

4i) Your ideas for the simm, as described by being published (according to United States law - when a third party sees the information) are your creation, however you agree that any suggestions, ideas, implementation, designs, et. al. may be used in perpetuity on the Shanghai website without compensation. You agree to hold all parties associated with the hosting, maintenance and support of this website as not responsible for the compensation of that content, including monetary relief.

4j) All information sans passwords (because they are encrypted) can be viewed by the hosting administrator, including private messages. You agree and understand that the ability to enforce these rules might also include database acquisition of your information, such as private messages. This is to protect and hold people accountable for actions. No expectation of privacy is given on this website from the administrators, including emails and first names, as these are required to simm with us.

4k) The privacy of the individual is paramount. Only those with specific, need to know functions on the ship (such as the Commanding Officer or their Agents) have access to the entire website, including database acquisition. Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence and compartmentalized based on job function (ie: host, web graphic designer, coder, administrator).

5) The Commanding Officer's Responsibilities.

5a) The Commanding Officer (CO) will endeavor to create and maintain a healthy, active, and engaging experience to the players on this simm.

5b) The CO may not create any ex post facto laws with the express intent of punishing a player retroactively.

5c) The CO, will to their best ability keep the plot and its attendant threads on time, and on topic. If for any reason plot twists are announced, they will be done with the best interest of the crew in mind.

5d) The CO is understood to be acting in the express interest of the players and may not be reprimanded by any player under his/her jurisdiction.

5e) The CO is not responsible for any content that is posted without his knowledge on this website.

6) Sovereignty of the players is considered to only be applicable in situations that do not conflict with the main plot.

7) Concerning the Shanghai Chat Application and the Shanghai Blog.

7a) You must first register to post on the chat board/blog. To do so, you must follow the instructions provided. Your name will be your rank abbreviation, followed by your last name. For example: ENS Smith, 1LT Gordon, CWO Frank. If in doubt, please ask any Administrator of the chat for assistance.

7b) You may not use profane language on the chat board or blog. At all times you must conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the rules of the simm.

7c) The chat board and the blog are for OOC chat only, it is not for posting any type of Roleplay. However, plot devices, post reminders and the like may be discussed.

7d) At any time your messages are subject to review by the Administrators, which can see entire logs. If there are problems with the chat, you may contact

7e) The Shanghai chat application and blog rules mirror that of the Shanghai website and this specific rule page. In case of a conflict, the Shanghai Rules found on the main Shanghai website will hold precedent and binding enforcement on the end user.

8) Disciplinary Action against players.

8a) Any disciplinary action on the simm may or may not be reviewed at the Commanding Officer's discretion. Any decision that involves the removal of a player on the Simm (except for removals relating to activity) must be reviewed, except in extreme circumstances that place the simm in danger, which includes, but is not limited to - hacking, uploading viruses, destabilizing the website or its servers in any way, shape or form, and causing breaches in secure areas and information. This review will be conducted by the highest ranking, longest serving officer on the Shanghai that is not involved in the dispute. This person must be of a Lieutenant rank or higher (for Commissioned Officers), a Chief Warrant Officer Grade 2 or higher (for Warrant Officers), or a Chief Petty Officer or higher (for non-commissioned, enlisted personnel) and have over one year consecutive service on the Shanghai. If there is not a person that fits that description on the simm, an outside party will be invited in, however the person is at the Commanding Officer's discretion. This person may or may not be affiliated with the Simm. Any recommendation that is given is not binding upon the Command Staff, but will be accorded heavy weight in any final decision.

8b) First infraction: A warning will be issued to the player.

8c) Second infraction: Strike against player. Additional strikes may be stacked for additional infractions.

8d) Third Infraction or Three Strikes (whichever comes first): Player will be removed from the simm.

8e) Infractions will clear after a suitable length of time has passed, depending on the infraction. At minimum, the player will be cleared of one strike every six months with no further infractions.

8f) Immediate Termination: This action will only be taken in rare cases that will not be limited to any preceding or further items in this document. It is at the sole discretion of the Commanding Officer to make this decision. Under this, the player will be immediately removed from the simm and emails will be sent out to notify affected parties.

9) By using any part or portion of this website, you agree to have identifying details about yourself (including but not limited to, IP address and cookies) given to the site manager and/or owner by way of a software specifically designed to track website usage, such as Google Analytics (TM).

10) This page may be amended at any time for any reason at the Commanding Officer's discretion.

11) Any situation not accounted for or expected in this document will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the Command level.

12) We do not guarantee uninterrupted posting or simming on this site. We (either at the Command Level of this particular simm or at the server/host level) are not responsible for any damages tangible or intangible to any computer and its peripherals, or other device used to access this website or any part thereof. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility to create a problem/trouble-free environment, although we will try our best.

13) This is a game. Please treat it like one and respect all involved. Have fun!

14) The players will at all times abide by these rules without exception.

15) "Severability". If at any time any part of this document is contrary to applicable State of Illinois Law or United States Law, the remaining portion will continue to hold precedent and binding enforcement. Any dispute regarding these rules must first be entered into the Open Door Policy (Policy 1). You further agree that any escalation of this, including in the courts of law must be entered into judgement in Cook County, Illinois and you agree to pay all reasonable attorney's fees, court costs and other fees associated with the disputation of these rules in a court of law.

Signed and executed this day, February 20th, 2010 by my hand, Captain Relau Chlan, Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai.

Last Updated JAN 1 2017.



Sun Mei Xiang, CO



Relau Chlan, Founder