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Subplots, Subplots, Subplots

Posted on Fri Nov 5th, 2010 @ 11:09am by Captain Mei Xiang Sun

Ah, the holiday season...

One of my favorite times in Simming really, as we get to play with subplots. Last year, of course, Sun was stabbed while visiting home, on Earth. What to do with this year?

I have a couple ideas, but... I've been out of commission for the past couple weeks, and not here.

Really, I think it would be great to hear some ideas from you all. Some ideas you would think were fun.

I'd like, if you folks would do me the honor, to hear some ideas from the crew. What are some subplots you would like? To me, nothing is off limits - of course, I can't speak for the captain, but I want to hear anything you have ideas on.

Maybe we should change the Shanghai some way, or take on board a bit of new tech, or what have you. The more ideas the merrier.

Also, I do apologize for not posting, and I am stuck on some... but expect posts soon, or better yet - feel free to drag me into some more JPs.

Thanks, and sorry again,

Cpt. Sun/Nate


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