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Decision Time!

Posted on Sat Nov 13th, 2010 @ 10:19pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

I, more than most people know that we are seeing a decline in activity lately. I have started a JP with a few people about leaving for SB 110. I need to know if there will be *anybody* literally, that will play an NPC for the refit. We're planning on having some fun, including trapping Relau in awkward situations :)

Hopefully you can find time to write another character. This is a perfect time for you to try out a different department and experience a very relaxed simming atmosphere. Your NPC can be assigned to you through the Nova interface, so it is painless. I'd just like more bodies to simm with than one or two.

As always though, the *week* posting rule is in effect. If you don't write on Risa or at SB 110, you won't write at all, because I'm going to clear house of people who aren't dedicated to the Shanghai. Drastic? Maybe. But I know who has been active and who hasn't. A reminder, the week posting rule requires you to post individual content in at least a saved mission post. So, this means that you don't have to churn out a post every week, it means you have to be active in writing something for that week.

I'd like to commend those people who have been active lately, I know who you are and it affects me deeply. I appreciate those of you who have stuck with us and helped us through this little rough patch.

In other news, I am going out later tonight to buy myself a PHP manual so that I can finally start on the next part of the Shangahi Project. I hope that we will have a mission submission page that will enable you to submit your own ideas for missions and be a part of the planning process. Also, I am looking to bring back the OOC forums, although I hesitate to, because I personally have so many forum names and passwords already. I am also looking at developing an Android app that connects with the Nova framwork so you can have the Shanghai (or any other Nova simm) on your phone whenever you want it. I'm looking to also expand our capabilities with the Shanghai specifications so that we can write even better posts. Also, the podcast for TF21 will continue, and guess who will be my guest next week? Our own Commander Franz! The podcast is a great way for us to continually say our name so a lot of people hear it, thus bringing in lots of people to our website. I have decided against doing a podcast for the Shanghai itself at the moment, mainly because the demographics are so small, it would be an excercise in futility for us.

Also, I am looking for your thoughts and comments on our ship. What do you think we need? What do you want? I hope that we can all work together to make this ship the best. A thought just literally popped into my head, what if we made infomercials (so to speak) that explain how to simm and do it well? There are so many possibilites, they are only limited by what we can think up. And, since I've always been a firm believer in the fact that the imagination is endless, our possibilites are too.

Please, let me know if you want to NPC someone/something for our mission! I can't wait to see how this will turn out, because its our chance to make the Shanghai what we want it. Thanks for your continued dedication to the Shangahi and its crew. It makes me so proud that we are going to be able to come out of this year with our heads held high with pride in our ship.

Stay warm,
Relau Chlan, CO


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