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Posted on Sat Jan 8th, 2011 @ 2:26pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

There has been a few things that have been brought to my attention. There are many people who are confused about the post "Roll Call". This happens PRIOR to the crew all meeting up at Risa (some of you are conferencing via subspace!). There is another post going out here soon with the crew all meeting up again at Risa and then Captain Sun taking over.

Also, Cdr. Franz is having internet issues (what an awesome time for that!). So, we will put the Roll Call on hold for a bit and move directly into the entire point when we try to find and rescue Cdre. Chlan and Ufalla Zlan.

So, hopefully we are looking for a resolution and a movement towards the mission here shortly.

Thanks all,
Relau Chlan, CO


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Category: General News