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A Bit of Help, if you would?

Posted on Thu Feb 24th, 2011 @ 3:50pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Hey All,

I'm sorry for my recent AWOL-ness. A couple weeks back (more than a couple now, I guess), my wife was in a serious accident on an interstate highway, thanks to inclement weather. She's fine now, but it pulled me away from simming and other things for a good bit of time.

Now that I've been trying to find my way back in, I find I'm having a bit of an issue getting back into posting. So, I just thought I'd give you all a simple request...

To get back into the swing, I'd love to do some one on one posts with some of the crew - just simple JPs (either about or not about the mission.) Any ideas or starts are more than welcome, but I just can't seem to get over this wild writer's block brought on recently; so it'd be great to have a few posts to push me in that direction, and give me a run to get back into the posts I should have been working on recently.




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Category: General News