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PNPC Drive

Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2011 @ 9:28pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Well, our crew numbers are a bit low, looks like, so it might be a good idea to fill out the ranks a bit.

As such, we're encouraging everyone to make PNPCs in 'Acting' Chief of _ Roles. Of course, it isn't mandatory, but we'd love to give everyone a chance to have more to do in the upcoming mission, and keep all departments played until we find some more players (or beyond if you like playing the character).

So, there are a lot of departments needing a bit of love right now (listed below), so if you have a character you'd like to play, to try out, or revive, feel free to send a member of the command team a message, and we'll work to set them up for you.

Departments in Need
Strategic Ops
And almost every department needs an assistant chief, or more players.

So what does this mean?

You send me a message, saying you'd like to play a character (assistant chief, or acting chief or some such) in a department, with a name, race, and any details you'd like... and that becomes a Protected Non-Player Character under your user and name. Protected, of course, indicates that like a PC, they cannot be heavily altered without your permission.

So, don't be afraid to send in any ideas you've wanted to try! We'll see what we can do. Any questions? Feel free to ask.



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