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Posted on Sun Mar 20th, 2011 @ 2:56pm by


Yo! Sorry to have fallen silent over the last little spell. Unfortunately up until this weekend, I had a huge workload that precluded any kind of internet activity. By April the first, I will have given 5 presentations, each varying between 10 and 20 minutes in length on a number of different topics. I'm sure you'll agree this is a large amount to write and rehearse in the space of 3 weeks.

Fortunately, most of the work is past, writing-wise, meaning I can log in and post on a more regular basis. So, if anyone wants to JP, just set one up and I'll respond.

Also, once the JP's with Admiral Chlan and Captain Sun are done, the Algy character will finally be retired, so it's worth sticking with Ufalla for any JPs that strike you. :D




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Category: Out of Character