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Mirrors and Intermissions

Posted on Thu May 5th, 2011 @ 12:55pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

First, sorry for not resoponding to many posts in the past couple days. Its been a harsh week.

Second, the first Intermission is up. This is something we talked about on the boards as a place to do Character oriented plots, 'business as normal', and something that can help us introduce new characters, tech, and the like without having to retcon it into a mission. This particular branch of Intermission will be set after the end of Phoenix (which we are in the last few posts of, anyway), and before our next mission. It'll be set on Shanghai, outside of Starbase 412 (an NPC starbase), and we have some fun little bits planned for it.

Thirdly, some of you may have noticed that there is a 'Mirror Universe' manifest up next to the normal. Those of you who haven't, you can take a look. There is nothing there yet. I'm working on setting up things. This is our own little twist on it, set after all the DS9 things - from the point of view of the Terran Rebellion Cells united as the Shanghai Underground.

If you'd like to talk over your characters, there is a place on the boards to do that. If you want a place in the Mirror Universe, either post there or send a message.

Check the boards - more talking and the like there



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