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Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2011 @ 12:16am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

Just a heads up that my finals are going to much more involved than previously thought here at Uni, so I ask for a measure of patience from you guys as I finish up and move on to another year of college behind me. I will most likely be slowly decreasing my online time until next Wednesday, the 13th, at which time I will probably drop off the face of the Earth until about the 22nd, when finals end.

Normally it wouldn't be that big of an issue, but I have a portfolio piece due, a large essay and multiple tests to fill out and submit, yada yada. In fact, I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill, but I'm sure you know the feeling of deadlines bearing down on you and you personally working as hard as possible to get them done (especially if you've put it off just a little bit).

Anyway, I will have daily access to email, that's not going away, just me. So, in about a week I will go on an LoA and I will turn the reins over to Captain Sun for a bit. Nate is more than capable of leading the Shanghai, so I wish that you will give his words heed, as when I'm gone, they run the ship.

Also, a few more items to note - I've noticed a drop off in user activity the past few days, and would like to attribute it to the Fourth of July holiday in the US. But since I personally think that we have a very diverse crew, it should come as no surprise to you for me to ask what's up. You have anything you feel we are lacking or have to much of, you know exactly where to find me, and I'll always make time for you, even while I'm on LoA.

Final note, the Rules and Regulations page of the Shanghai was updated with a number 14, which covers statistical data and tracking of users. I've added Google Analytics to the site, and have been met with success. So, it's on there now.

Thanks for all you do and everything that you bring to the Shanghai. Getting back to this after finals will be a very happy day.


Relau Chlan, CO


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