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Mission 13

Posted on Sun Aug 28th, 2011 @ 9:18pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Ladies and Gentlemen -

We have done it. The Shanghai as we know it has been destroyed. While Triad will hate me for this, and some won't be too happy, I think that it's time we needed a change of pace. We're still working on the Vesta Class, and if that doesn't work then we can find another ship that everyone likes, or we can screw with teh timeline so that we can go back to right before the fighting and completely avoid it.

So with this, let me lay out a plot for you. Gasp! I know - laying out a plot - it's surreal. However, we want everyone to be on the same page here so we have a great mission. I know that a lot of us (me included!) are itching for a chance to begin to explore a different, perhaps darker side of our characters. I've joked that if I wasn't responsible for everyone here, I'd be the ship's pet, who you tossed treats to when there were no bad crewmembers. =)

Here's our layout, including a synopsis of the mystery we didn't quite solve before we were blown to hell.

This mission will become a "In the Mirror, Darkly", "Mirror Mirror" and "Through the Looking Glass" mission all rolled into one. Those of you who want to 'cross over' will cross over into a realm where the Klingon and Cardassian empire has fragmented into a bunch of warring states. Each is trying to get out on top, and none are having much luck. Because of Cai, the telepathic energy energy from the planet which was interacting with an ancient civilization's buried technology in the moon of Akilor and the kinetic energy of the explosion opened a rift in time. We have been tossed into our mirror counterpart selves.

We have created a plotline that will split the crew up into respective groups. You don't necessarilly have to follow our idealogy as Captains, but we can switch one-one on a limited time basis. Thus, if you really don't think that your character would go well on a ship or its plot, tell us and we will see if we can switch you around. However, that should be a last resort.

Captain Sun's crew:

Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna
Ensign Arseni Kozlov
Civilian Christine Descharmes

Rear Admiral Chlan's crew:

Commander Jonathan Franz
Commander Amoran Ra'iya
Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi
Lieutenant James Barnes
Civilian Ufalla Zlan

Now for the meaty stuff. Our beloved Federation never existed. We've been at war for centuries. The problem is that a few of you were transferred into the mirror universe. Those people are trying to get back, and we are going to put you with Chlan so that we can get that done. Sun's gone off the deep end, essentially, and is trying to eradicate all non-human life so that she can be the savior of the galaxy. She has a prototype that she has stolen and is using it as a weapon so that she can eradicate anyone who stands in her way. Think of it as the doctor's Photonic Cannon from the Voyager series "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy". An immensely powerful weapon that I have no doubt will be fired often. So the crew of Sun's ship, while roving the galaxy for non-humans will be chased by Chlan's crew, who are the equally brutal aliens that are trying to stop her once and for all. Think of it as Pirates of the Carribienn on steroids.

As for the plot, this is what we are looking for:

- Intro; Empress Series, and other Posts lay out the background. Prime characters brought over after the destruction of Shanghai. Chlan and crew set out after Sun.
- Rising Action; Sun's crew decimates a planet (or fleet) enroute to her destination, inadvertently leaving clues to her objective; a treasure
- Climax; Chlan's ship catches up with the Empress' Flagship, and combat ensues in space, over what at first appears to be an abandoned planet.
- Falling Action; The crews confront one another in an abandoned temple/science/military (?) complex on the surface of the planet, around a device activated by Sun's men. Final confrontation begins.
- Outro; Prime crew, after the activation and defeat of Sun, is able to use the device to travel home.

There's other bits and tidbits around, but those are the most important things. I'm excited for this mission, and I hope that you are too! We'll use the OOCTalkAll for the important stuff, and PMs will be sent out here soon with more detailed instructions if you need them.

Happy Mirror Universe!

William and Nathaniel


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