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Switching a Few Things

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2011 @ 11:29am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

As a command staff we have revisisted the crews and if no one has a horrible objection to this, we have changed a few things so that we have a better balance. Please note the changes below.

-Sun, Lyn, Barnes, Descharmes

-Chlan, Franz, Amoran, Kozlov, (LOAs)

This is so we can balance activity a bit better. Those of you in my crew now will receive a post update within a few hours, as I'm typing this on my break at work. But it's all good. We should have a lot of fun here in the mirror universe, so don't be discouraged by the slow start, it means we are still working on characters, and that is completely fine!

Now it's back to the grind. Caio everyone!

Relau Chlan, CO


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