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Updates to Database, Wiki

Posted on Thu Dec 22nd, 2011 @ 10:48pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

I've updated our database to include the specifications of the Vesta Class that we will be using. Please check out our new ship that we are switching to on Christmas (what a great present for you all!). Also, we have updated the Wiki pages to reflect some design notes and such that were taken into account when we were working on this class.

A little background here, this project has been on the table for about 8 months now. Back in May we were looking to switch things up a bit, and we decided that the Vesta Class would be a great thing for us to look into. Among the classes we were contemplating included the Sovereign, Century and Galaxy classes. Deciding on the Vesta class was easy - the designing part was hard. Many sources are conflicting, however we had to pick through what we wanted and didn't want, including the amount of decks on the ship. After settling on some basic numbers, work began in earnest late June to early July, with Nathaniel and myself putting in about 150 hours into the designing and specifications of the ship.

Taking some recommendations from friends, we finally submitted it to our soon to be former fleet, Obsidian Fleet in mid-July. They came back with a list that essentially said it sucks. It didn't even get to voting stage, which really upset us. After that, we buried it for a few months, finally resurrecting it in October, hoping to get a better review this time, changing out a few of the specifications they hated. It didn't even come back this time, the Joint Fleet Command having too much to worry about the Shanghai at the time. That was when the command staff here, myself and Nathaniel included held polls and town halls about the possibility of dropping Obsidian Fleet. Not too many people cared about that.

With that in hand, I submitted my resignation to the JFC of Obsidian Fleet a few weeks ago, effective Jan 1st, 2012. I also started an advertising campaign that has given us two new members to our fold. (Welcome once again guys!) After that, well, we're making history. I'm so happy to be here on the Shanghai and with all of you.

Officially, we will be in our new class of ship after the maintenance on Christmas. We'll be out of Obsidian Fleet officially on Jan. 1st, 2012, and then we'll start the new year as an independent simm! I'm excited, nervous and a little apprehensive, but I'm confident that we can all enjoy ourselves on the Shanghai!

With the updates to the database, we also purged mention of Obsidian Fleet (specifically the JAG) from the rules and updated rule 3b on characters played on the ship. We're also downgrading our maintenance time (since some of that was updating the wiki and such) to only an HOUR on Christmas day, provided everything goes well! I've already backed up the databases this past week, so we're in business.

Hope your holiday goes well!

Relau Chlan, CO


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