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Switching Positions/Notice

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2011 @ 1:33pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Hey all,

Our lovely bartender has been reactivated by Starfleet, so please welcome Ms. Descharmes into the position of Chief Counselor with the rank of Lieutenant. Be sure to get your psych evals in or she'll come hunting for you!

Also, with the maintenance cycle, I am going to be going through the entire saved post list. I don't normally do that, but there are a few posts in there that go back (unfinished) to the month of May. All posts over a month old will be deleted unless you personally ask me to not delete them. This includes any posts with people that aren't with us anymore or any posts that just didn't get posted for some reason. Please take a look at those, since when we move over to the new system I want us to look nice and happy.

Thanks all. And a quick reminder that we will be changing hosting providers. After the maintenance you can access the Shanghai from the website I'll put a redirect/splash page on this website so you don't forget.

Thank for everything each of you do.

Relau Chlan, CO


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