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Sun's Projects and Naming the Shuttles

Posted on Sun Jan 8th, 2012 @ 9:36am by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Hey all,

I'm putting this under Simm Announcements due to the second part of the title - the first part is a post request... and that may have confused me as to what to do about category...

The astute viewer may notice that the Auxiliary Craft list changed, and we'll be putting up specs for each vessel soon.


Naming the Shuttles

We're at that point of the game. We realized that our vast shuttle compliment is nameless, and they need names, so we'd like you all to send us your ideas. Go to the Specifications, look at all the shuttles and runabouts, think up a few names for some of the shuttles, and send them to the Admiral and/or the rest of the command crew.

So, for instance, you can just name one or two - say you want to name the Aeroshuttle and a Type Nine - that's fair, send a message Type Nine.

We'll give about a week, and invariably some people will send in names for the same runabouts (We only have one Talon, for instance). For those, we'll probably make a command decision on the best one, but if there are a particularly awesome assortment of names, we may ask for help again.

Remember the nomenclature for the ship - but don't let that limit you of course. The command crew will make the final call, on any given name and does retain the right to refuse any name for any reason (< Disclaimer).

Sun's Project

While I have your attention,

I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in an In Character project to design a Phaser based Personal Defense Weapon (or PDW; like the modern P90, for instance). If you are, send me a message in the next few days and we'll get a group post started. The more the merrier. If you are interested but don't think your character fits, NPCs are welcome. If no one is interested that's fine, but I thought I'd pose the idea to the crew as a whole.

Hope to hear back from you all, on both topics, soon.



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