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Awards and Stats

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2012 @ 8:49pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Greetings all,

We have a slight problem with the awards on the Shanghai. As a command staff, we are trying to move away from Obsidian Fleet as much as we can. This is mainly because they didn't think (and still don't think) that we can do it Independent and away from them. In any case, if anyone has a bit of graphical experience that we can draw on, please PM me directly and we'll talk. I would do it, but in school and trying to do anything graphical that isn't for a class is just asking for headache and problems with conflicting schedules.

In any case, let me know if you are able/willing. I really like volunteers.

Also, I'm happy to say that school is progressing well. I'd also like to take a moment to recognize our newest crewmembers and our long time friends. You are all such an integral part of what we do here, I'd like to share you guys a few stats.

Last month we averaged 2.45 posts/user for 44 posts. We're not even halfway through our month of January, and we are on track to do 155 total posts by the end of the month! That's phenomenal guys. Trust me.

Also, you guys know that I am heavily watching our usage on Google Analytics. Let me give you guys a few interesting things.

62 percent of site visitors are new
We've had almost 2,000 unique views in just under 6 months
Our bounce rate (people leaving after the first page, effectively bouncing off of the website) is an astronomically low .21 percent. POINT 21 percent. That's awesome.
Per visit, we average almost 20 pages a session
The top countries are in order, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and Australia
Chrome Browser takes the cake, almost 50 percent of people use Chrome on the website. This is compared to Internet Explorer (23 percent) and Firefox (22 percent)
And 91 percent of you use Windows, not Mac (under 3 percent)
Memory Alpha has given us over 700 referrals in less than a month

Chew on these statistics and don't forget to tell your friends about us. We like those ones too.

Relau Chlan, CO


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