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IMPORTANT - Website Update Scheduled

Posted on Tue Feb 7th, 2012 @ 12:44pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Greetings all,

I'm very pleased to announce that Anodyne Productions has once again come through, with an updated Nova core. We will be updating from Nova 1.2.6 to Nova 2.0.1 shortly. Before that happens a few things will take place.

1) Backup of all files associated with the USS Shanghai, including databases and core addons.
2) Porting of said files to a testbed website, tested for general functionality and site stability.
3) News Post announcing update, expected start/end time and contact information in case of horrible server failure.
4) Main Shanghai website taken offline for Major Maintenance.
5) Update commences. During this time every login will be disabled except for System Administrators, who will have access to the website. But, all files are being replaced, so there won't be anything to logon with.
6) Website comes back online, major update announced, party thrown and drinks ordered for everyone!

Now, I realize that some of you might 'freak out' when you read number 5, saying that all the files will be deleted. This does not mean that your biography, saved posts, awards, character milestones, etc. will be deleted. Nova works on a database system. Everything is saved into what's called an SQL database, it's like a storage locker for the internet. The actual filing cabinet is the overall Nova program. It holds your information in a pretty little box. Your character info is stored in this filing cabinet. We've backed it up, so everything is there. We're just changing over to a new style of filing cabinet. Okay, so that's about as simple as I can explain it. If you have pressing questions, you can PM me until the website goes offline. The entire changing process will take approximately 30 minutes to delete the old files and upload the new ones, depending on how the testbed goes. I will update you on that when it is time.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience in this process. The database porting was done at 1330 MST on 2/7/12.

Relau Chlan, CO


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