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Roll Call

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2014 @ 11:08am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Greetings all.

The first post that I've seen in almost a year (probably longer) has touched on the page of the Shanghai. I knew that I kept the domain for a reason.

I could give you all a long winded apology about my activity and the status of the ship, but it wouldn't really serve any purpose. I'd like to see the Shanghai up and running again, but it's going to take a lot of work. Honestly, what killed us was transitioning out of Obsidian Fleet, which gave us the exposure that we needed in order to keep going. Since we went independent, there's no structure, no accountability. I guess I've learned a lot about this.

Regardless, if you're interested in opening the Shanghai back up and getting back into a fleet, or whatever it might be, please email me at aosfb.tuba[[at]] From there, I'll gauge what to do.

Please note that I'm planning on keeping this website active, and it's paid through November regardless, so this is merely an activation news post.




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Category: General News