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Welcome Back

Posted on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 @ 7:58am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)


To be honest, this is an email that I didn't think that I'd actually use again. It's great to see people back and pokes happening. Obviously, there's a lot that happened in the past few years to make us all go inactive, and to be fair, the bulk of it is my fault.

Way back when we were in Obsidian Fleet, I had a bit of a public spat with the leadership there. I thought that they were too slow to adopt new ships into the fleet, and I really had my heart set on the Vesta Class instead of the Akira Class. To be fair, they were correct in a lot of things that I didn't realize at the time. That was... at the latter part of 2011, if I remember correctly. I was 19 or 20 at the time, and going to college full time, working part time and doing this simm all at once. It wasn't the best decision for the simm, and I do regret that.

Regardless, we went independent, but without someone to hold us accountable, posting steadily dropped off and while we tried for a few months, things eventually slowed and stopped about 3 years ago.

It's good to hear that people are doing well and that you want to start up the simm again. If I might offer two suggestions.

1) Find a fleet and stick with them. Politics are shit, but to be fair, they kept us in line.
2) Find a great DM and work with them.

I can't DM this time around, it wouldn't be fair to anyone else. I'd happily do a character though. Please let me know what I can do and we'll figure it all out.

I've set up a post for everyone that they can add to, to make it easy moving forward to communicate. If you are receiving these emails and don't want to, please let myself or Sun know so that we can remove you from the roster.

Best, and continued success,



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