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November Report

Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2019 @ 11:58pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang


Total Crew - 16 (13 Active, 2 ELOA, 1 Inactive)

Active Characters
Captain Sun Mei Xiang - Commanding Officer
Commander Karsel’lyn Lylyl’Llytheraias - Commander, Air Group
Lieutenant Commander James Barnes - Chief Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Christine Descharmes - Chief Counselor (Medical Leave)
Lieutenant Wale Scholl - Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Noah Slater - Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy - Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabelle Veran - Acting Chief Counselor
1st Lieutenant Lisa Jones - Marine Commanding Officer
Ensign Jane Sinclair - Chief Flight Control Officer
Ensign Eleanor Alexander - Diplomatic Officer
Ensign Iria Taltos - Damage Control Specialist
Rana Jennar - Civilian Dependent

Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Limmi Ovim - Chief Tactical Officer



Top Open Positions
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

None, but we did try to get the templates working better on the database. It didn’t work as smoothly as planned, though.

Sim Changes
None, but a few coming. Stay tuned.

Mission Recap
The Time that is Given Us
The Battle of New Anchorage is over. The Klingon raiding task force was pushed back and out of the system, and their flagship destroyed. Starfleet’s losses were not light, though. The USS Warspite, a Sovereign Class vessel, was lost - but much of its crew was rescued by Shanghai, and more drastically the New Anchorage system itself was lost. Due to the battle, subspace tears began to appear in the system, and temporal eddies from a distant but massive object began to ripple through the region. This has rendered the system unsafe, and as such the Shanghai ordered the evacuation of the system. The USS Glenn and USS Gagarin arrived as support, and after the situation was assessed, they helped evacuate the mining colony. Sensitive Starfleet information, such as the whereabouts of the Golovin Colony and other strategic intelligence had been housed in New Anchorage but was destroyed.

At the Hour of Sanctification
After the colony and system of New Anchorage was evacuated, the Shanghai set about basic repairs and preparing to return to dark space. Strangely, it seemed as if the timeline had shifted, and at the same time, all across the Auriga-Perseus sectors, the Protectorate species stopped and held vigil for the so-called Rite of Sanctification. Unnerved, the mystery of the massive object discovered between the two galactic arms has clearly become more involved.

Total Posts
Manual Count: 17 (+3 from the previous month)
Nova Count: 47 (+1 from the previous month)

There were no crew nominations this month, but I wanted to post the couple I chose for the TF Monthly Report. That’s my fault for not being able to give you all enough time. I’ll try to make sure to post that request a week in advance next month.

Player of the Month
This month, I chose Rana Jennar. His posts haven't been as prolific as some members, but they are always of good quality and his character is not one that would be easy to put in on any given ship. Still, he has tried to add to every major post with his character and often reaches out behind the scenes to see what ways we might be able to integrate him. I hope soon that we'll be able to fully integrate the character into the ship and story, to see him take front and center a few more posts. Until then, it is interesting to see the additions he has added to his character, and I hope the crew and I can find more ways to bring him into the fold.

Post of the Month
For post of the month, I am nominating "Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey," by 1st Lieutenant Lisa Jones - which can be found here -

This post was a brilliant introduction to a character who was joining the sim in the middle of a pitched battle with temporal anomalies all over the place. It's that ingenious jumping off point that I think is worthy of a nod for the title of post of the month. It may be early in her time with the Shanghai, but starting off with such a bang is a great foot to start on, and led to even more mysteries for the next mission. I, personally, love when players inject that bit of extra into the missions as it gives them an extra bit of lifeblood that one person leading them just cannot do. It was a great first post, and I expect to see the player on my lists more often.

None, but there are some coming.

Final Notes
It was a holiday month for us Americans, and with winter rolling in, it's time we generally start to see a slowdown. So I wasn’t presently surprised with our numbers. You guys have done excellent, and hopefully, the new mission gives us some good new avenues for writing.


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