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Simm Report January 2020

Posted on Tue Feb 4th, 2020 @ 12:26am by Captain Mei Xiang Sun
Edited on Tue Feb 4th, 2020 @ 11:36am


Total Crew - 15 (13 Active, 2 ELOA) (With one new player coming in right at the end of the month)

Active Characters
Captain Sun Mei Xiang - Commanding Officer
Commander Karsel’lyn Lylyl’Llytheraias - Commander, Air Group
Lieutenant Commander James Barnes - Chief Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes - Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl - Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Limmi Ovim - Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Gavin Ross - Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabelle Veran - Chief Counselor
1st Lieutenant Lisa Jones - Marine Commanding Officer
Ensign Jane Sinclair - Chief Flight Control Officer
Ensign Eleanor Alexander - Diplomatic Officer
Ensign Iria Taltos - Damage Control Specialist
Rana Jennar - Civilian Dependent

Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander - Executive Officer
Staff Sergeant Kyle Walken - Scout/Sniper Team Leader


Lieutenant Noah Slater

Top Open Positions
Chief Security Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Sim Changes
Numerous Crew Changes and reorganization.

Total Posts
Manual Count: 19
Nova Count: 48


Player of the Month
This month, I chose Ensign Taltos. After a time away from us, she not only jumped back into the posts with a flash but rejoined group discussions and the community as a whole. There is little more one could hope for when a player comes back to the simm. The writing is on point, the character is an interesting and unique one, and the choice in position gives an interesting look into the ship as a whole - though likely we'll be looking to her to help hold up the Engineering department more and more.

Post of the Month
This month I'm nominating Jane Sinclair's (and guests) "Temporal Knowledge" series and the first part in particular. It is a great look into the dangers and pitfalls of looking into the future before you should. As always, it is well written and an interesting look into a character that has become a mainstay on the ship. It's given some interesting insights into things to come and lays a great groundwork for stories to come in the future.

Final Notes
Picard is out! Avoid spoilers - but we are having a discussion on the Discord channel over whether or not Shanghai should move to the 2399 timeline after the first season ends. If you aren't on Discord and you have an opinion, let me know, and we'll throw it into the mix. Don't worry, the change isn't coming until Late March or April at the earliest.


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