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Gargantua JPs

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 7:07pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D

Hey all,

This is a message I posted on the Discord server, but since a few of us aren't there, I'm posting this here as well.

Just letting everyone know there will be two part 4 posts in your inbox...It was necessary to split them between the two groups with how much was going on. But the two part 4s will be going up on Friday afternoon if anyone has anything further to add to them. I apologize if it seems very abrupt we are ending the mission like this, but with that one posted, it will be the conclusion of the 2389 timeline, minus back posts, and flashbacks of course. It was done so that we could start in on 2399, which we thank for your patience with. :)

On that note, I realized some of you are Tasha Yar'ing over to the new Shanghai and that the sudden closure of the mission and that JP probably has you lost, which is understandable since it has closed earlier than expected. I strongly recommend solo posts to highlight your character's journey over to the 99 Shanghai. I would be more than happy to help out and can give some minor background details to give you a better idea of what may have happened after the posting of the JPs as well as working out some ideas with your personal stories. Any other questions, please message me. Once again, my apologies for the abrupt ending of it.



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