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September Update

Posted on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D
Edited on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 @ 11:13pm

Hey all,

I suppose this is my September update, so I titled it accordingly. Lol. Anyway. Here's a sort of brief update on where things stand as of this message.

New and Returning Players

Since the last update, we've had 3 new players and 1 returning player. Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn, Chief Engineering Officer; Lieutenant JG Sam Intermeezo, Chief Tactical Officer; Bakfevaasodcai, Civilian Liason to Starfleet; and Lieutenant Dastan Alexander, who's returning to the Shanghai as Chief Strategic Operations Officer. Let's make them feel welcome and start some joint posts.

New Mission

As you are all aware now with the massive JP we started that there is a new mission out called Limelight. The first major post is underway, and I would just like to remind everyone that while we don't expect a log in and tag in the JP every couple of days, it would be nice if everyone's character at least shows up in the group posts, even if that's all that ends up getting written.

And as another reminder in the form of a brief synopsis of each, the list below includes the mission titles that are currently open.

Limelight:( or insert any other mission title): Literally that's all this is. Any mission posts will go here or anything related to this specific mission as it does not always mean just the big group JPs.

Between the Pages: for character development, backstories, that kind of thing as a way for you to build upon your character. Romantic subplots. Building friendships. Continuing friendships. All those fall under here.

Situation: Normal can be Shanghai-related stuff but side missions and the like. Surveying anomalies. Taking a shuttle and investigating who knows what. Diplomatic meetings with races, etc, etc.

As a final thought, if you have mission ideas or anything, subplots you want help with, feel free to send the command team a pm, either here or on Discord.



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