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Rear Admiral Relau Chlan

Name Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Position Retired Admiral, Mentor

Rank Rear Admiral

Basic Information

Age 168
Gender Male
Species Ryuu

Physical Appearance

Height 7' 8"
Weight 295 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Relau stands over seven feet tall, with silver eyes and brown, scaly skin. He looks exactly like an Earth lizard, except for the crest on his head, shaped like a spade. His tail is approximately five feet in length, and covered in small brown scales. Besides helping him keep his balance, it also provides flexibility for many different situations such as disarming an opponent. Consequently, his tail is very limber in order to minimize any harm that may come to it. Relau boasts multiple genetic enhancements for superior speed, strength, eyesight, coordination, and much more. He is bipedal, with natural scale-like armor that is impervious to liquids, much like human skin is a barrier. His scales only protect him from superficial scratches, not anything remotely close to a weapon. Relau also possesses high telepathy abilities, a must for his former profession. His species comes from the Delta quadrant, and he is part of the Free Ryuu State. Relau is also 165 years old, average for a Ryunn.

Relau, while being born in the Delta quadrant, the unofficial demarcation line of the Gamma and Delta quadrants sits almost in the center of Ryunn space. Therefore, he is considered to be a Gamma quadrant species, but Delta quadrant heritage.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Relau startles many that he comes into contact with. He is normally very docile, but does not come off that way. Relau is somewhat of an enigma, having come into his position only because he is the de facto Ambassador of the Free Ryuu State.

Relau and his ship participated in the Ryuu Incident, but were termed displaced and given asylum by the Federation. He has great friends among the crew of the USS Andoria, having been essentially rescued by them.

His species originates from the Delta/Gamma Quadrant demarcation line.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: His age and tactical thinking provide a valuable asset in battle. A quite accomplished pilot and leader in his own right, he has a good charisma and feeling toward the Federation and his new ship.

Weaknesses: Thrust into a commanding position in the Federation and is unsure about himself. Heavily susceptible to ballistics fire.
Ambitions Would like to see the Ryuu from his ship prosper and flourish in the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Relau has turned into an avid reader of culture, soaking up books like no other. He recgonizes the value of speech and trial by jury, thus leading him to begin authoring a book about his experiences. He is also an accomplished master of martial arts and spends time each day training. Has problems moving around the ship and has authored a holoprogram to help him out.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family None

Personal History

Personal History Relau was born in the human year 2222 on Ryuusia, the homeworld belonging to the Ryuu Confederacy. As per Ryuun custom, he does not know his parents, having been separated from them at birth. It is quite possible that Relau's parents are dead. At the age of twenty-two, he was tested and found worthy to continue on in his chosen field, that of Zedilak, or Sailor class. That in of itself was a great feat, most Ryuun are not alive past their twenty second birthday, due to the strict purity code that the Ryuun have. He was able to prove his mettle in the Sailor class, a separate branch of the military, much like a fighter wing in Starfleet. His training in this field continued until the age of fifty, in which he was placed aboard the Daevos Class starship, R-6695 as a pilot for the small shuttle contingent.

At age 67, Relau was at the top of his fighter wing. He was granted a promotion, to Koko, meaning Pilot, flying a Tobos Class as a secondary tier pilot. While on this ship, Relau saw intensive combat with the Borg, who attempted a second invasion of the Ryuun homeworld. The Borg were beaten back after a heroic boarding attempt of their main cube, in which Relau's ship was one of three that survived the defenses to land its contingent of warriors on their cube. Beaten, the Borg turned back. Relau suffered many burns and scars as a result of this engagement, and had to be nursed back to health for a good two years.

On his release from the medical ship he was on, he spent the next year with some former classmates who had some shoreleave at the same time. With his friends, Relau caused general havoc and mayhem, terrorizing the camps of young Ryuu at night. Caught and thrown in jail, he was almost sacrificed to the Ryuun God, Jah'Paek. While on the altar for sacrifice though, he was saved by a strange twist of fate. The head priest had what he claimed as a “vision" declaring that to sacrifice this Ryuun would be a crime that displeased the Gods. Whether true or not, Relau was allowed to live.

Relau spent the next year getting back into the swing of things by visiting shipyards and volunteering for testing of the ships. At age 73, he was allowed back into active duty service with a posting on the Daevos Class R-7923 as a Koko. Distrusted by his Koko'Tor, or head pilot, though, he was quickly the brunt of all of the jokes and sadistic things that could happen on a starship. Relau almost quit the service at that point, and risking becoming a slave to a wealthy Ryuun, but, at the point where he was about ready to complete the process, he was transferred to the Daevos Class R-7997, where his skills were greatly appreciated.

By the time he was 120 earth years, he was finally promoted to Koko'Tor of the Arantos Class K-109. This was a huge jump for him, but a welcome one, where he was able to finally put all his skills as a pilot to use. Relau was also involved in the Ryuun Uprising of Thifera Seven, helping to put down renegade slaves and restore order to the region.

By the Earth year 2385, Relau was secure and happy in his position as an advance support ship to the Ninth Fleet. Part of this Ninth fleet, ignoring orders from its commanders, went through the wormhole in the Teklahs System and engaged the USS Bunker Hill, in what would be termed as the Bunker Hill Incident, or as known to the Ryuu, Conflict 832. Relau was a participant in this conflict, unknowning to him, that it was not sanctioned by the Ryuun Council. On his return, somewhat victorious, he was arrested, along with all of his crew for treason to the Ryuun.

Relau was confident that he would be exonerated, but the flawed justice system slated him for termination, along with his entire crew. The judge bribed, the others let off, Relau saw this as the final straw in a long battle for individual right and hearings in the Ryuun system. He decided to break out of jail, and convince the human species he wanted to defect to them. After all, the Delta quadrant was very far from the Alpha quadrant.

Relau broke out of jail and released the lock on his ship, flying it out from the shipyards as a fleet scrambled to kill him. Of the complement that it could hold, K-109 was barely half staffed. Fleeing for his life, and those with him, he headed for the wormhole at high speed.

Coming out of warp, he saw a fleet arrayed in front of the wormhole. Despondent, Relau ordered the ship straight into the wormhole, without any time to prepare. He came out on the other side, coming face to face with another fleet, one of the humans fleets this time. Not a very good hand at negotiating, he almost fought his way out of the conflict, but by a stroke of fate, he was invited aboard the USS Andoria, commanded by Captain Ivan Parkilov. As he sat down at the table, the chair barely holding his weight, the strange humanoids almost ready to run from the room at his appearance, Relau took questions about the Ryuu.

At a signal from his ship, he stood up to go, once again ready to fight. Not the humans, but his own kind this time. Captain Parkilov then came through miraculously, allowing his ship to depart. In return, Relau almost dumped the entire contents of the ship's memory on them. Ships, specifications, medical data, you name it. After the data transfer was complete, Relau was expecting the humans to turn on him as well, but the Captain had another surprise up his sleeve. The face of what was to be one of his closest friends, Captain Parkilov came on the main viewer again. “As a Captain in Starfleet, the commanding officer of this task group, and as the highest Federation representative in this sector, I grant Koko'Tor Relau Chlan and his crew amnesty in the Federation".

A greater gift couldn't have been given. The humans had paved the way for an embittered, scarred Ryuun to live in peace. As the leader of this new group, Relau would spend way too much time in San Francisco getting everything approved and testifying at the trial of Officers Captain Parkilov, Commander McCloud, and Lieutenant Steele. Relau eventually became an Ambassador and spokesperson for his people. Eventually, thanks to his crucial testimony of the Ryuun Fleet, the Starfleet officers were let off.

Finding a new ally in Relau and his citizenry, President Nakamuro offered Relau a job captaining a ship that was being re-fitted at DS 5. It was the USS Shanghai, an Akira Class. Relau took the posting, and has since been able to awkwardly acclimatize himself to Federation Customs, although his grasp of the nuances are still shaky.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2222 - Born on Ryuusia
2244 - Chosen to continue in training of the Zedilak
2272 - Shuttle Pilot, Daevos Class R-6695
2289 - Promoted to Koko, or Pilot, Tobos Class S-869
2292 - Survives Conflict 436 (Borg Invasion)
2292 - Medical Leave, severely burned
2294 - Released from Medical Care
2295 - Jailed
2295 - Saved from sacrifice to Ryuu God, Jah'Paek
2295 - Shipyard testing, B-008
2295 - Posted to the Daevos Class R-7923
2299 - Considered suicidal
2299 - Placed on Suicide Treatment
2300 - Transferred to Daevos Class R-7997 as Koko
2342 - Promoted to Koko'Tor, or Head Pilot of Arantos Class K-109
2350 - Participated in and Decorated for service at Thifera Seven Uprising (Conflict 790-A)
2384 - Advance Scout Group (Unauthorized) for Alpha Quadrant Exploration
2384 - USS Bunker Hill Incident (Conflict 832)
2384 - Tried for War Crimes against the Ryuu Confederacy
2384 - Sentenced to Death
2385 - Escapes prison
2385 - Flies Arantos Class K-109 to Wormhole (Beta Quadrant Side)
2385 - Ship almost destroyed
2385 - Met with the Federation, USS Andoria and its Task Group
2385 - De Facto Ambassador, Free Ryuu State
2385 - Participated in trials of USS Andoria Crew
2385 - Offered posting aboard USS Shanghai, Commanding Officer by President Nakamuro
2385 - Accepts posting, Promoted to Captain
2386 - Current Year
2386 - Accepts additional responsibility as Task Group Commanding Officer, TF 21-C
2387 - Promoted to Commodore
2387 - Promoted to Rear Admiral
2388 - USS Shanghai destroyed in the First Battle of Akilor
2388 - Court Marital held, Rear Admiral Chlan found not guilty of numerous charges
2388 - Transferred to the USS Idolon, Commanding Officer
2388 - Transferred to the USS Shanghai-A, Commanding Officer
2388 - Placed on Independent, Detached Duty
Language Proficiency Ryuun, Terran, Federation Standard