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Lieutenant JG Rex Valkyrie

Name Rex Valkyrie

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 19
Gender Male
Species 3/4 Human 1/4 Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.77m
Weight 111 lbs
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rex Valkyrie's countenance hits everyone with a blast. He is truly unique.

With Cold Blue Eyes, but Jet black Hair, he totally contradicts what a Vulcan Should look like (but he still has the pointed ears).

From Years in Star Fleet Acadamy, he has gained a good posture, as well as muscles. He is elegant, and has very staight neck (from stetching a lot).

Rexs skin tone, is suprisingly light, from his Human Side. It is a peachy, light brown color.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rex's personality really astonishes people, as it totally contradicts his "menacing" appearance.

From years of interaction with Humans, he has learned to solve problems by diplomacy, and become somewhat "sociable" (his Vulcan instincts always remains).

When Rex first meets people, he is bit hostile toward them, but as he gets to know them, he opens more and more of himself out to others.

Rex had a little temper before, but it has subsided since a Vulcan has taught him for a year. Rex now is well diciplined and knows to control his anger.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strenghts:

Rex excells at Tactics, Academics, and Combat. His Military School Experience had trained him well in those fields. He often knows what to do in a tactical situation. He can solve the hardest enigmas. In a battle, Rex is often the victor. He has been trained thoroughly in hand-to-hand combat, and phaser fighting.

Rex is familiar with most weaponary, as well as Borg Technology. This is why he wants to assist the USS Shanghai.


Rex tries to socialize, but his Vulcan side somtimes shows.

Some officers think Rex knows too much and is a "know-it-all".
Ambitions Rex always wanted to follow his father and command a vessel. He also wanted to become Chief Tacticcal Officer on a prestigous StarShip.

Secretly, Rex wants to defeat Species 8472. Ever since he heard of them, he has been hostile toward them.
Hobbies & Interests Rex loves pingpong. He enjoys combat competitions and holodeck matches. He loves holodeck combat simulations and tactical situations. Rex likes talking to people, for he finds he learns a lot from others.

Rex loves to learn, and to read. He loves finding out about new species and new technology.


Romantic Relationships --
Children --
Father Harry Valkyrie
Mother T'Paria
Brother(s) Vex (twin)
Sister(s) --
Other Family --

Personal History

Personal History Rex Valkyrie was born on Vulcan,with his twin, Vex, while is mother and father were there for a vacation. His Mom and Dad (from STARFLEET) were recalled to space due to an attack, and left Rex with a Vulcan. Rex had a very easy-temper then, and often got mad. The vulcan helped Rex to control his anger, and emotions.

After a Year of Fighting, Rex's Mom, T'Paria (Vulcan) died during an attack on his mom's Starship. Rex's Dad, Harry (Human), was devasted and took leave form STARFLEET and took Rex and Vex back to Earth.

For the next two weeks, Vex's Dad cared for him, but two weeks weren't enough time. Vex's Dad was recalled to Star Fleet, and so he put Rex into Military School.

Military School was the best thing that every happened to Rex. He excelled there, even though he was teh youngest. Of course in the beginning he was only trained in protective instincts, but as he got older, he learned to fight and learned his tactics.

When Rex was ten, his Father brought him aboard his Starship. For the next 7 years, Rex learned about Diplomacy, and the art of words and being sociable. Soon, Rex overcame some of his Vulcan Instincts and became more human.

Following the reccomendation of his Captain (on Rex's dad's ship), Rex enrolled in Star Fleet, following his Dad.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record USS Shanghai, USS Ares, USS Gladiator (XO), USS Serenity, USS Apollo, USS Samurai, UFOB, Borderlands.
Language Proficiency English