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Lieutenant Lahtikah Phoenix-Patil

Name Lahtikah Jean Phoenix-Patil

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 30
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Tika is of average height for a female. Her long brown hair flows to mid back an is usually kept free during her free time when she is off duty, but is usually wrapped and kept tame during working hours. She has fair skin and has a tattoo of a vine that travels from the top of her left shoulder to her right foot. Her face is delicate and beautiful and she looks a healthy 25 years old. She is often considered to be extreamely atractive.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tika has a very sarcastic personality, and is far more likely to tell a joke in a tense situation than to panic. She is considered by many people to be stuck up, as she does think very highly of herself. She balances this out by being generally fun to be around. She is extremely attractive, and she knows it. She's always had a reputation for being the 'bad girl', speaking her mind and having a near obsession with having fun. When it comes to relationships, Tika has a severe commitment issue.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Tika is very intelligent and witty. She knows her job and she is very skilled at it. Her attention to detail is unmatched. She has a very good sense of humor ad is a fun loving person. She is very very beautiful and often uses that to her advantage.

She sometimes puts the needs and desires of other people after her own. She is obviously the most important person in her life and she'll seldom do anything for someone unless there's something in it for her, or unless it's an order. These traits ofter turn some people off to her. She has sometimes been describes as being mean spirited.
Ambitions Tika hopes one day to Captain a Starship. Though she is seldom concidered serious enough for full command, she has the marks and the abilities for the job, just not the personality. She wants more than anything to have fun, which for her, seems to be a constant and a goal.
Hobbies & Interests Tika loves rock climbing and dancing. Though she's a terrible singer, she enjoys trying. She also really likes the company of others, especially attractive men.


Romantic Relationships n/a
Children n/a
Father Madhur Patil
Mother Jean Phoenix
Brother(s) Omar Phoenix-Patil
Sister(s) Tanvi Phoenix-Patil

Personal History

Personal History Lahtikah Jean was born in Mumbai, India, Earth on August 28th to Jean Phoenix and Madhur Patil. She was the baby of the family, as she had a brother named Omar who was ten years older than her, and a sister named Tanvi who was five years older. Her parents treated her like a princess, especially because the family was very wealthy.

Her father, Mudhur owns Patil Galactic Software, a promonent company that produced techologies for starfleet computer systems, while her mother was a Starfleet officer employed by the office of the Judge Advocate General.

She grew up getting everything she wanted whenever she wanted it. As she grew into a teenager, she developed into a very beautiful and inteligent young lady. She was so beautiful that she learned quickly it made her the envy of every girl she met. She used this, becoming the most popular girl in school. She was the queen bee...God help anyone who decided to cross her.

The truth is, in high school, she didn't do much of her homework, deligating the task to...lesser individules. She worked on her grades as much as possible between the parties and boys, and she applied for Starfleet Academy at her parents' urging.

She entered in Operations, and was very disapointed to see that the few parties that occured in the Academy were very...dull. She and her friends decided instead that it was best to leave campus every other night and attend parties outside the grounds.

Maintaining her grades in the Academy with her social life was not nearly as easy as it was in High School, and in her sophomore year, she nearly flunked out. But, she got her act together quickly and graduated well within the range of a normal student.

Her career in the academy was a long, difficult journey. It pushed her to the limit as she slowly learned to accept authority. When she graduated, she was a stronger, and more rounded person.

She was posted on the USS Istanbul as an Operations Officer. Tika came to enjoy her role and worked very hard as she always had. Though she had always been extremely attractive, she found it very strange that professional starfleet officers made passes at her so often. After 4 years of the same post, and relatively no ship battles, Tika was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Her next assignment was a short lived one as Assistant Chief of Operations aboard the USS Enterprise D. After the ship was destroyed, she took her next assignment.

Her third posting was on the USS Stallion. She served there as the gamma shift operations officer for just under 3 mouths. The incident that prompted her promotion to a higher position was not a happy one in the slightest. It was her first mission, a mission of peace. The Stallion was attempting to keep the peace with the Cardasians. Tika was forced to spend most of her time in the background, since the Chief Ops Officer would take over whenever something exciting started to happen. She started to wonder why she had to play second best when her grades and flight scores were better than her department head's. She eventually got her chance to shine, just not in the way she'd hoped. A massive attack from a Cardasian Warship Killed the Bridge crew. Tika came to the Bridge to find the entire senior staff dead over their consoles.She decided that she only had two options: Wait for someone to take over and slump back into was the easier option, or take command and save her fellow crew members with all the gory that would entail. She chose the latter. She assumed the role of Acting Captain, and destroyed two Keldon class warships, giving the last one a warning. Before she ordered the Stallion back to Federation space, Gul Dulak, the Commander of the remaining Cardasian ship, swore revenge on her. fleeing to safety without a single additional casualty. This show of courage impressed the promotion board almost as much as it impressed her and she was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer on the USS Paladin.

She served on the Paladin for only 2 weeks, finding a way to bring their cloaking device to life, but as the Paladin returned from the delta quadrant, it was in shambles, and she decided to take a new assignment. Sen's Photo Directory

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record -Graduates academy
-Promoted to Ensign
-Assigned as an Operations Officer on the USS Istanbul
-Promoted to Lieutenant (Jg)
-Assigned as ACoO on the Enterprise-D
-Worked as Gama Shift Ops Officer aboard the USS Stallion
-Promoted to Full Lieutenant
-Assigned as CoO aboard the USS Paladin
-Assigned as CoO on USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency Federation Standard, Hindi