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Lieutenant Derek Ashton

Name Derek Norman Ashton

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 26
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7
Weight 150
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Derek is very tall. He has a piercing gaze that seems as if it is seeing through things. This is because he is always trying to see to the heart of the matter. He has blue eyes that seem almost cold, but in truth he is a very fiery individual. He is extremely passionate about his work, and is hard on himself when he fails to complete a task he or someone else has set to him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Derek is proud, energetic, and passionate about life and his work. But it seems as if he holds himself back. Not wanting to let anyone close, for fear of letting everyone down again. As if there was some great tragedy in his past he won't forgive himself for.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, quick witted, meticulous.

Stubborn, sarcastic, cares little about himself and work himself into the ground to accomplish his job. Very dedicated. Extremely passionate about his department. Has low tolerance for mistakes from his department, but is understanding as well. He is just always working towards improving everything.

If he had a failing it was that he was too careful. He is always trying to make sure he misses no details.
Ambitions To have the best science department of any ship in star fleet.

But more importantly to track down his brother. (More on this in his history.)
Hobbies & Interests Anything pertaining to science is something that is a hobby to him, also history is something that interests Derek and especially things from the Meji era on earth. HIs other interests include those of sword play and martial arts. And he is proficient in both, more than proficient.

He is also an excellent cook when it comes to very specific earth food.


Romantic Relationships NONE
Children NONE
Father Terrance
Mother Claire
Brother(s) One, twin brother named Shane.
Sister(s) None
Other Family a few neices and nephews.

Personal History

Personal History Derek's story is what you might call a tragegy, and he views it as such. But he doesn't tell very many people about it. He doesn't like burdening people with it, and feels that if no one gets close enough to him, that he won't lose anyone again. This is because when he was 6 years old his family lived outside of Federation space. Derek never knew what the name of the planet was, just that one day his twin brother Shane was taken away. He blocked out the memories, but the nightmares have been coming the past 6 years. He hoped that by joining Star fleet that he could one day be reunited with his brother.

It was a strange thing for Derek, feeling as if half of who he was....was just gone. Some twins have a bond closer than that of best friends. As if there minds were linked together in some strange way.

After Shane was taken away...Derek's parents moved the whole family inside Federation space. They all moved to earth.

Derek seemed to almost distance himself from people as the years went on. He threw himself into his studies, and everyone discovered that he had an incredible aptitude for science and mathematics. It was as if he cared for nothing else anymore. Almost as if he was running.

Over the years he continued to bury himself in learning more and more, anything to keep his mind busy. As the years went by he became smarter and smarter, picking up history as he went. History, science, and mathematics were the triumverate of his mind, to keep him from having to think about his brother.

He began to take special interest in the Meji era on earth. He began to take interests in the swordplay of that time, as well as hand to hand combat.

When Derek turned 18 he joined Star Fleet Academy. At the age of 22 he graduated.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Served as a linguist at Star Fleet HQ for 1 year

Transfered over to the USS Springfield as the ASCO

He is now transfering over to the USS Shanghai for the CSO.
Language Proficiency Federation basic, spanish, klingon, gaelic, russian, italian, and vulcan.