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Lieutenant JG Kotan Tehark

Name Kotan Tehark

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Demos is a little taller than average for his people which he found growing up on Cardassia. His gray skin is rough and seems worn as if his hands have seen a lot of work in its time while his black hair is slicked back and tied into a short ponytail. 

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cocky and driven, Kotan has a must win attitude that can seem arrogant at times to those who do not know him. For those who do know him however they understand his attitude is mostly that of a dedicated and loyal Starfleet officer who is focused on achieving the best outcome for his Crew and Starfleet or those involved in his mission. He blames his attitude as the defense mechanism that got him into Starfleet and to where he is today.
Strengths & Weaknesses Extremely disciplined and quick on his feet and with his mind Kotan is a dependable and loyal Stafleet officer who never needs to be second guessed on decisions. While his species can be known for their temper and heated passion at times, Tehark is an example of an officer who reaches beyond and allows his words and diplomacy to speak first before actions.

However with his overconfidence and need to see things through sometimes his confidence in his staff and himself can be misconstrued as overconfidence and arrogance. Many view him as a cocky officer who was put into a position of leadership to soon, and Kotan might agree with them at times, but deep down he knows he deserves it and can handle it.
Ambitions Kovan would like to eventually help lead Cardassia into full membership in the Federation and would enjoy the chance to explore the Gamma Quadrant. Maybe one day a command of his own would be nice, but he needs to be ready and so does Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Kotan enjoys listening to the rare Cardassian Jazz artist, practicing Cardassian martial art of Pit, and cooking.


Father Zurin Tehark
Mother Yaltar Tehark
Other Family Grandmother: Aris Tehark (deceased)

Personal History

Personal History Born to a once powerful military family in the year 2363 (old Earth calendar), Kotan Tehark was raised in a very rigid and strict upbringing. His father was a Gul in the once powerful Cardassian military while his mother was an instructor at the university. Brought up in a traditional Cardassian household, Kotan lived with his parents and also with his fraternal grandmother, the only other living member of the Tehark family.

By the time Kotan was ten years old and had undergone his intense mental training as a child it was clear to his family that his future was to be held in a engineering field, much to the disappointment of his father. Kotan showed a great mental aptitude and superb memory and as such as he continued school his classes helped to prepare him for his predestined career. The teen years of his life was rough for Kotan, his family and all of Cardassia as the Dominion war had greatly devastated their home world in later years, limited natural resources, and dwindled a once thriving population. However like good Cardassians they pushed on through their daily struggles and meager living always remembering it was for the greater Cardassia that they worked to help achieve once more.

When he wasn't studying or helping the Cardassian resistance against the Dominion in his later years Kotan had a great respect for his Grandmother; Aris and would often spend time with her hoping to learn from her wisdom. She was fond of Kotan and often had him cook with her. When he was seventeen and Aris began to fall ill to her old age she held her Shri-tal with him much to the surprise of his father and mother.

To this day the words spoken to him have never been shared but it was enough for the young man to plead to his Mother who had made friends with some Federation scientists to allow him to study at Starfleet under the allied world’s partnership program instead of staying on Cardassia. Sadly for Kotan this move on his part caused his father to sever all ties with him.

In the year 2380 Kotan entered Starfleet academy and for the following four years he studied in the operations field, specializing in computer science. Despite some of the challenges he faced as a “spoon head� as some cadets referred to him at the Academy, Kotan pushed himself hard and fell in love with the ideals of the Federation and the people that made it up for the most part. In the year 2384 he graduated in the top of his class and was assigned to the USS Solstice.

A hard worker and dedicated individual, the young ensign made a name for himself on the operations team and was eventually named the Gamma Shift Bridge Officer on board the Solstice. Outgoing as well he had no issues making friends and led a regular social life. Also his continued work allowed gave him the support and recommendations he needed to apply for dual citizenship with the Federation to which he has been awarded in 2386. Later that year he was still apart of the Solstice when it faced a crisis that saw 1/4 of it's crew killed after the ship had been captured by the Gorn during a deep space surveillance operation. During this time Kotan was thrust into the position of Acting Chief Operations Officer when his senior department staff was killed. Much of what happened is still classified and despite recommendations to speak with a counselor, Kotan refuses to talk about it.

After the incident Kotan was awarded a Federation citation and named Assistant Chief Operations of the Solstice with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Towards the end of 2387 again Kotan was noted for his skills and potential leadership despite some reservations and was placed on board the USS Shanghai as the Chief Operations Officer.

Without any question Kotan serves Starfleet, the citizen of two worlds; one on the verge of a final recovery from war and another defending itself from any further wars. Merely wanting to explore the unknown he prays no more dark fates await him so he may do just that.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2380: Enters Starfleet Academy

2383: Serves 3rd year of cadet training on-board the USS Rabin for officer experience program

2384: Graduates Starfleet Academy; issued rank of Ensign. Assigned to USS Solstice - Operations Officer

2385: USS Solstice - Gamma Shift Bridge Officer (Operations)

2386: Awarded citizenship to the United Federation of Planets

2386: Promoted to Lieutenant JG and awarded Citation for actions and conduct served during Gorn Incident

2387: Lieutenant JG; USS Shanghai - Chief Operations Officer
Language Proficiency Cardassian, Bajoran, Federation Standard