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1st Lieutenant David Bove

Name David Thomas Bove

Position Marine Company Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 29
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 6in
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description David is a big and well built man who is physically fit which is what you would expect from a marine. David has a muscular build and no scars. David has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. David is very tall and towers over most other people. David does not have any facial hair.

Personality & Traits

General Overview David is a simple man who has had a very hard life as he was left an orphan when he was a baby; David never knew his parents and learnt to look after himself. David has always tried to prove himself to everyone he meets and he has made it his life`s mission to try and better himself. David is extremely determined and hard working almost to the point of having no social life outside the marines. The two words that would best sum up David are warrior poet as David also has a bachelor's degree in English literature as well a being a true warrior, he often quote`s from one of the many great works he has read. He is a friendly man but very straight talking and honest. For David personal and collective honour with his crewmates is very important. David is quietly very clever and more noticeably a very good tactician. The most important thing in David`s life is his brothers (his fellow marines) who he would happily die for.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is a very good tactician who is able to think very clearly under fire. He is also a highly trained and very effective close quarter’s combatant. He is honest, smart and very loyal. He is also very determined, hardworking and a neural leader. He is also battle hardened.

Weaknesses He has little life outside the marines and cut`s himself off from the rest of the world at times. David is not the most open of people and hates social or formal occasions.
Ambitions David is a simple man with simple dreams all he wants and has ever wanted is to be the best he can be and to gain honour for his men, Starfleet and himself.
Hobbies & Interests David likes practicing his boxing skills both in and out of the holodeck and reading old earth novels like Moby dick and plays such as the works of William Shakespeare


Romantic Relationships N/A
Children N/A
Father Not known
Mother Tanya Bove (deceased)
Brother(s) None he is aware of
Sister(s) None he is aware of
Other Family None he is aware of

Personal History

Personal History David was born in England, Earth in the year 2358 to Tanya Bove who was most likely a prostitute but David is not too sure as his mother gave him up to an orphanage when he was a baby. David has no idea who his father is and at this point in time has no interest in trying to find him as not only does he not know where to start to look he would not know what if anything he would have to say to the man who has had nothing to do with his life.

David did not like the orphanage where he grew up but it was the only home he ever knew. David made a couple of friends in the orphanage but he has now lost touch with them as he try`s to forget his old life. David did well in school as he was determined to try and build a better life for himself.

In 2377 David won a place at Cambridge University studying for a bachelor's degree in English literature as he had always found the subject interesting. During his time at university he had his first real relationship with a woman a fellow student called Joanne Harkey, they dated for over two years before the relationship came to an end due to the two of them just drifting apart. While he was at University after a fight with another student over David`s girlfriend, a lecturer thought David showed talent with his fists so he put David in the boxing ring where he became the university heavyweight champion and won a couple of inter university tournaments. In 2381 he graduated from Cambridge University gaining a bachelor's degree in English literature.

It was just after David graduated that he tried to track down his mother as he wanted to know why she had abandoned him so long ago but he never did mange to find her as she had died a number of years ago. It was after this revelation that David now having got his degree but not knowing what to do with his life decided to try and join the marines to continue to better himself and to gain honour in his life.

In 2382 David successfully passed the general skills and knowledge evaluation and a physical examination and was then accepted for enlistment in the marines.

In 2382 David attend marine basic training on Parris Island. In the first weeks David found the training tough especially learning how to work in a team as he had learnt to look out for himself his whole life. But after those early weeks David began to excel and made some very good friends in the process especially fellow marine Jeff Bradford who is still like a brother to David. David and his team finally faced the final training exercise of the Marine's basic training the 72-hour long Crucible a brutal test of teamwork and leadership which involved clearing an obstacle course, carrying a wounded comrade through a mine field, descending a cliff face and rescuing hostages from a building. The test finally ended after a 20km hike in full combat gear, the last 2km being up a steep slope to The Pinnacle where David and his team were given their SFMC berets and insignia and became Marine Riflemen.

After the recommendation of David`s drill Instructor who thought the young man showed great potential, David attended the Officer Candidate School at the Quantico Military Academy on Earth instead of being assigned straight away to a regiment. David found the extensive psychological evaluations he underwent very tough as he had been through a lot of hardship in his life but he managed to pass them all ok. David did very well in his instruction in Federation Law, ethics and leadership. David completed the school and moved on to The Basic School also at the Quantico Military Academy where he was taught the basics of being a Platoon Commander and he graduated from the basic school in 2383.

David then joined the SFMC 316 Regiment stationed on Bajor as a Platoon commander on Garrison Duty in the Dahkur Province of Command Squad and First Squad 2nd Platoon E "Easy" Company, 2nd Battalion SFMC 316 Regiment. It was not the most action filled assignment but David didn`t mind as it allowed him to finally put all his years of training into action and allow him to realize what it truly means to be a leader.
In 2385 David decided that although garrison duty was fine, he wanted to see action so he attended the Close Quarters Battle School where he trained to qualify as a Grenadier. Here David learnt how to safely perform dynamic entries into a closed space, how to carry out starship boarding actions and how to fight in built up areas. Once he completed the school he was entitled to wear the Grenadier flash and to join the Corps specialist Grenadier units.

Also in 2385 David attended and completed the Junior Officer Training Course at the Quantico Military Academy as he wanted to gain advancement to the Company command ranks.

In 2385 David joined the USS Normandy as Company commander and Marine detachment XO of Command Squad and First Squad, 1st platoon, B "Bravo" Company. David loved his time on the Normandy as a company commander and marine XO. David made good friends on the Normandy and felt for the first and only time in his life as part of a family.

In 2385 David took a brief leave of absence to attend the Urban Environment Specialist Qualification School on Berengia VII which he completed successfully before returning to the Normandy.

David fought several actions while on the Normandy against several groups of pirates active in the Perian Trade Routes. David got the first of his many recorded kills during this mission during a starship boarding action on a pirate ship. This event affected David harder than he thought it would do although he had been trained to kill the realty of taking a life really got to him although in time he has learnt to deal with taking life in his own way.

A few months after his first kill the Normandy tracked down a large group of pirates hiding out down on a planet that was near the Perian Trade Routes. The Marines were sent on a search and destroy mission to the planet. The pirates had hideout`s throughout a large urban centre and over three days of brutal and often close quarter fighting the pirates were finally wiped out after refusing to surrender and fighting to the last man. David lost many friends in those three days including the Marine detachment CO, after the action David who had distinguished himself in the action was promoted to the detachment commanding officer (MCO).

David took to the role of the Marine detachment CO on the Normandy like a fish to water leading his men well and with honour through a number of missions. In 2387 David felt it was time for him to move on from the USS Normandy as he felt perhaps wrongly that the men he had lead and served with no longer needed him so he put in for a transfer.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Born 2358 England, Earth

2377 Begins study at Cambridge University

2381 Graduates from Cambridge University with a bachelor's degree in English literature

2382 Accepted for enlistment in the marines.

2382 Attends and completes Basic Training on Parris Island becoming a Marine Rifleman

2382 Attends and completes Officer Candidate School at Quantico Military Academy on Earth

2383 Attends and completes The Basic School at the Quantico Military Academy on Earth.

2383 Platoon commander of Command Squad and First Squad, 2nd Platoon, E "Easy" Company, 2nd Battalion, SFMC 316 Regiment on Garrison Duty in the Dahkur Province of Bajor

2385 Attends and completes the Close Quarters Battle School earning the Grenadier flash

2385 Attends and completes the Junior Officer Training course at the Quantico Military Academy

2385 Company commander and Marine detachment XO of Command Squad and First Squad, 1st platoon, B "Bravo" Company on the USS Normandy

2385 Attends and completes the Urban Environment Specialist Qualification School on Berengia VII

2386 Company commander and Marine detachment CO of Command Squad and First Squad, 1st platoon, B "Bravo" Company on the USS Normandy

2387 Requests a transfer from the USS Normandy
Language Proficiency Federation Standard and Bajoran