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Lieutenant JG Rekoa san'Aerajhni

Name Rekoa san'Aerajhni

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 30
Gender Male
Species Debrune

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 5�
Weight 340 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Everything about Rekoa's appearance suggests a man who is peaceful and calm. The way he holds himself is with his hands clasped behind him, his posture straight and his expression generally blank. He looks, to most people, as if he is a Vulcan. However, he makes no attempt to restrain his emotions. His emotionless aura is due to his own personality rather than to any Vulcan heritage. Rekoa is tall and built sturdily, with wide shoulders and thick-veined hands. He has sharp, angular features. His eyes are placid and deep brown, and he is sometimes mistaken for having Betazoid parentage due to their almost black coloring. His eyebrows are arched and upswept, his ears are pointed and he has two thin strips of bone going from just above his eyebrows to his temples, too close-set to be of Romulan nature. His skin has an olive-tan complexion and he is free of any stubble on his chin. He has a silent, aristocratic nature about him, dignified and mildly eerie at the same time. He regards others as if they are interesting decorations around him, and his stare is unnerving and unblinking. He has chocolate brown wavy hair which his ears poke out of, and his bangs tend to cover up the ridges around his eyebrows which lend him further to the appearance of being a Vulcan. He has a commanding and authoritative presence when it is required, and he walks with grace and self-confidence.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rekoa is extraordinarily quiet and calm, but underneath his silent exterior lies a cold heart. Rekoa is someone who is capable of doing many things, including kill if it is necessary. He feels no remorse for such actions. Rekoa's inherently violent nature is naturally suppressed by his instinctive rigidity and self-control, as the young Rekoa learned that his manner of being was unacceptable to society. As an act of self-preservation, Rekoa taught himself about ethics and morals in society and sought more acceptable releases for the tension inside of him. He is polite and subordinate when it is required, and is generally an honest and blunt person. He is fully capable of lying if it is necessary and has no compunctions about doing so. Rekoa is not one to cheat or deceive for the sole purpose of doing so. He has a sense of honor about him that is difficult to define, but which is mostly intellectual rather than emotional.

Due to his Debrune heritage, Rekoa is naturally an emotional and passionate person. However, almost like a Vulcan, Rekoa seems to be able to suppress this. He does it unconsciously and as a result he seems standoffish, aloof, eerie and incapable of empathy. Rekoa is extremely intelligent, dignified and proud. He is logically arrogant, in that he recognizes when he is above others in a specific area and when he is not. Rekoa has a very mild sense of humor that most tend not to understand as humor.

Rekoa has a condition known as corakmehn sickness. This illness has been within Rekoa's family for thousands of years, and it affects Rekoa's ability to fully oxidize the hemocynan component of his blood. As Rekoa's generation-family is one of the last of the Debrune offshoot, efforts to eradicate the disease have been the most prevalent feature of Rekoa's legacy. Many of Rekoa's relatives are scientists or doctors for this reason as corakmehn can be fatal. This illness gives him the appearance at times of being cold, clammy and weak if he doesn't take his medication. Certain planetary environments cause Rekoa to go into hypoxemia.

Rekoa possesses psionic abilities, to what extent it is not known as Rekoa is not keen to undergo testing. He prefers to have the advantage of surprise if it is necessary.

Debrune upbringing has caused Rekoa to have a deep-rooted sense of family, duty and loyalty. Rekoa will not touch others unless he is requested to or given permission to. Rekoa can seem almost tender at times, though the instances are rare and often unwarranted. The Debrune traditionalism instilled in him has caused in him a mild superiority complex of the Debrune people versus other species. He is very proud of his heritage though he typically refrains from making speciesist remarks as he views his family's opinion on the matter as grossly undereducated. Despite his intellectual understanding of the concept, Rekoa was raised that way and sometimes defers to that thinking privately.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Polite, careful, disciplined, calm, psionic, low stress levels, considerate, honorable, intelligent, good at his job.

Weaknesses: Lack of empathy and remorse, "eerie"/scary, misunderstood, solitary, private, difficult to get to know, difficult to trust, unknown motivations for actions, arrogant, traditional.
Ambitions Rekoa has no discernible ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Rekoa is a very private man, and not much is known about his interests or hobbies. He is adept at martial arts, and can be found training at times when he is not on duty. The rest of his time is spent sequestered away in his quarters. Rekoa has been known to cook very rarely, and he is quite skilled at it. The dishes are usually Rigellian or Debrune in nature.


Father Neran san'Aerajhni
Mother Madreros san'Aerajhni
Brother(s) Kaa'ilen san'Aerajhni
Sister(s) Raerdra san'Aerajhni
Other Family Rekoa has a very large extended family who are one of only several dozen Debrune families still left on Rigel V. Because of this, his family has a strict policy of intraspecies mating only. One of Rekoa's great aunts was exiled due to falling in love and eloping with a Rigellian for this reason. Rekoa is expected to return to Rigel V when he reaches the age of maturity to be bonded telepathically to a woman from another Debrune family named era'Mehaluaen. The woman's name is Dallha.

Personal History

Personal History Rekoa was born on January 17th, 2356 on the planet of Rigel V, where the only remaining Debrune families of modern society still live. The Debrune population is almost extinct due to their ancestral urge of warfare.

Rekoa is the youngest of three children and presented at an early age with the symptoms of the san'Aerajhni corakmehn. He was subsequently started on a medication known as acenrevar by the age of three. Rekoa saw little of his father, being raised mostly by his mother in the sprawling city of Saeliera, in Rigel V's desert continent. Their house was located in the outskirts, where they had built their own schools and government facilities being given the power of Federal state by the Rigellian population due to their distinct cultural separation.

Rekoa was raised in the hierarchical structure of the Debrune people, a people who valued dignity and respect, honor and power above all else. Like the Romulans and Vulcans after them, the Debrune were considered to be a passionate warrior race controlled by their violent urges. The Debrune, lead by Vice-Admiral Torek occupied and eventually overthrew Rigel V, where the Rigellian civilization grew and evolved within the next thousand centuries. The san'Aerajhni family along with a few dozen others were the very last of the line to evolve and as such, have a severe superiority complex and a high familial duty to continue the family line. While Rekoa's family were mostly scientists and teachers and doctors, Rekoa found himself drawn to martial arts and combat. Attending public school, Rekoa's inherent eerie personality seemed to deflect bullies, whom were genuinely afraid of what he would do in retaliation. While Rekoa never harmed anyone and rarely spoke, his psionic patterns to those around him were dull and blank, with an undercurrent of danger.

When Rekoa was fifteen, he packed up his belongings and moved out on his own to another city called Anriss. He took a boat transport, the first time he had ever been away from his familial home in his entire life. He mostly kept to himself and found a job working as a cook in Anriss. He sustained himself and attended Anriss University where he got his doctorate in mathematics and trajectory over a period of four years.

Once he graduated at nineteen, he relocated back to Saeliera and enrolled in Dah'ken Flight School to get his qualifications for shuttle and runabout piloting. While at Anriss University, Rekoa established clearly that he wanted to fly after being coerced to join the university's flight team. Showing a natural aptitude and preference for it, Rekoa continued down the line into the flight sciences until he graduated.

Rekoa graduated Dah'ken at twenty-three and moved back into his family's ancestral grounds once again to greet his father after he returned from a busy diplomatic trip. While his father was home, their land was attacked and raided by a local Rigellian gang, and Rekoa emotionlessly took his first life in defense of his father. The attack left Neran hospitalized for two months in a coma, while Rekoa took it stoically and barely batted an eye. He received no punishment for his actions due to the merit of their being in self-defense, though the action of killing was entirely unnecessary. As duty to the family is one of the first things instilled into a Debrune child, Rekoa spent the remaining year tending to his father's health and applying to Starfleet Academy. Neran disapproved of this because no one had left Rigel V in the san'Aerajhni family in decades.

Rekoa silently dissented and moved to San Francisco on Earth to take the entrance exam at twenty-four. He passed, entering the CONN-track and minoring in tactical and security situations. Rekoa studied SAR operations, martial arts, Federation law and Starfleet protocol as well as all of the schematics of several in-service Starfleet vessels. Rekoa's specialty was the Prometheus-class. He also took the engineering extension courses. Rekoa kept as always solely to himself, making little friends and caring none for other people's company. His instructors found him to be shy and quiet, though it was mostly an illusion as Rekoa is hardly shy. He did his cadet observation on board McKinley station orbiting near Earth as a support craft and runabout pilot.

He graduated Starfleet Academy at twenty-eight as an ensign and spent two years serving aboard the U.S.S Madison as a flight control officer before being promoted to the chief navigator of the U.S.S Shanghai in 2387.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Anriss university, mathematics doctorate (+pgraduate)
Dah'ken flight training, Saeliera Flight Academy (+graduate)
Starfleet Academy, officer's program (+cfg, +csg, +cjg, +csrg)
McKinley Station, support craft pilot
U.S.S Madison, flight control officer (+ens)
U.S.S Shanghai, chief navigator (+ltjg)
Language Proficiency Debrune, Rigellian, Federation Standard