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Lieutenant Gregory Morgan MD

Name Gregory Morgan MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 42
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 220 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Gregory is someone that you would pass in a corridor without any reaction. He has an air of eccentrics that seems to follow him at all times. Morgan has served under many captains and changed his look many times, slowly opting for more serious composers every commission. He has dirty blonde hair which is kept short or slicked back depending on the occasion or time for preparation. Many have noted his hauntingly chilling blue eyes which give a serious composure no matter what mood he is really in. Morgan has a smile which will light up a room and a frown that puts a damper over any occasion.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gregory sports a personality that can sometimes fall through the cracks. Someone may have to work hard to notice him but when they do take the time, he has a rather bland personality. He comes off across on first impression as a workaholic. He would rather spend all night testing treatments than sleep, or eat for that matter. He also takes his work very seriously. However loyal he may be to Starfleet, he makes it extremely clear that he is not interested in Military engagements, he is a man of medicine and nothing else and never will be anything else. However, when he is off duty he lightens up a little. He is a very compassionate person and cares for the well being of Borg as well as human.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Doctor Morgan is a man of great stature in the Medical World and for good reason, he is truly the model medicine man. He is hard working and very devoted to the field of medicine spending a lot of his time experimenting and inventing and documenting.

Weaknesses: Perhaps Gregory is a little too interested in medicine. As fore mentioned he is the ultimate workaholic. He often deprives himself of sleep and social interaction just for the sake of his job. He is also a little moody with times when he is expected to do the work of a soldier, while he is not a pacifist, he would never take a life.
Ambitions Although Gregory is not a man of much ambition, he has done a lot that ambitious people would kill to do. He has served with Starfleet Medical Headquarters as an Admiral’s Assistant. He has visited five planets as a guest of honor and has met many important people in the galaxy. However fame is not what he strives for, he really only has one goal or ambition which is to be the best doctor he can be and that is all. He feels that material ambitions are petty.
Hobbies & Interests Doctor Morgan has many interests. Medicine being the most obvious and driving interest he has. He has studied the medicine and medical practices of many different cultures. He spends a lot of time experimenting new or developmental sciences. Morgan is also interested in zoology being an animal lover. His workplace is often a regular zoo serving as a rather unexpected counter balance to his professional attitude. He is a scholarly person who dabbles in almost everything. Foreign cultures, astrophysics, and Earth history are all subjects that Gregory might as well be an authority on.


Romantic Relationships N/A
Children N/A
Father unk.
Mother unk.
Brother(s) unk.
Sister(s) unk.
Other Family unk.

Personal History

Personal History Gregory Morgan was found on the steps of the Gregory Morgan orphanage in San Fransisco. He was left with no record as to who his parents were. More importantly, what his parents were. Although he seemed human enough, the tests proved inaccurate on one so young with such underdeveloped DNA. The owners of the orphanage decided to name him Gregory Morgan after the founder of the facility. GM Orphanage was a high quality business with about 200 orphans taking residence in it.

Morgan didn’t make a lot of friends growing up. The other kids weren’t too interested in making friends and Gregory didn’t try too hard to. He mostly kept to himself in his dormitory on the top floor of the orphanage. From there he had an excellent view of Starfleet Headquarters. He would sit, read, and watch shuttles go in and out of the docks all day and sometimes night.

Once, while the orphanage was out on an “orienteering” trip to the forests Morgan found a smooth white rock that he kept for whatever reason. When he returned to the orphanage he hid it under his bed and kept it there for months. After about 6 months the ‘rock’ apart and a small alien reptile emerged from it. He immediately notified the orphanage supervisors who found out after about a month of growing the creature was determined to be a Ba’Ku turtle. How this exotic six legged reptile ended up on Earth was a mystery. After much convincing he was allowed to keep the turtle as a pet.

He named the turtle snappy because… It snapped at him a lot, simply. Snappy became Morgan’s only friend and Gregory quickly became known as “That weird kid with the alien turtle”. Morgan didn’t care to encourage childish gossip though. He simply stuck with Snappy who still lives with him today.

Morgan was proficient in his studies, particularly Science and he received a scholarship to Sarek University in southern California. He received a Medical Degree and a license to practice medicine. Morgan decided to join Starfleet Medical, (a building located very close to headquarters) as a physician’s assistant. Doctor Morgan was a competent nurse and a very devoted physician. He applied for Starfleet Academy after 2 years of serving enlisted and was accepted.

He spent his first year of Starfleet academy trying to adjust to the military style of life. Morgan was simply a lover not a fighter and that could sometimes bring his loyalty to the Federation in question. All things considered he was still a model cadet and showed great promise for future leadership positions within Starfleet medical.

It was his second year that he really shined. He obviously chose the Medical path as his area of study. His instructors noticed just how fantastic he was at the medical profession. He was caring and curious as a student of the field and exactly what Starfleet Medical was looking for in new recruits. He didn't know it but Gregory was closely monitored by the Admiralty for the rest of his academy career.

The third year is when cadets leave the academy and get some real application experience. While most cadets chose deep space training, he was invited to Vulcan to study medicine under some of the biggest names in modern science. He joyously accepted of course. He traveled to the Central Vulcan Institute of Medicinal Research as a Research and Development assistant. He actually enjoyed the company of Vulcans in some ways more than that of humans. They were quite, professional, and above all logical. They didn't let their emotions get in the way of medicine and Morgan learned a lot from their stern bed side manner.

He spent his fourth year mostly preparing for his future career in Starfleet. He graduated near the top of his class with honors and recognition. Almost the week he graduated he was contacted by Admiral Beu'Shin who offered him a job as Admiral's aide. Beu'Shin served in Starfleet medical as one of her most trusted officers and he saw a lot of potential in the young Doctor Morgan.

Morgan served several long year filling water glasses and organizing files and while he became very good friends with the Admiral he worked for, he just didn't feel right doing this. He knew that while he listened to admirals bicker about new vaccinations, there were real doctors out in space administering these vaccinations and risking their lives to save others. These were the real doctors and he wanted to be one. Morgan came to Beu'Shin about this and while he felt that the young physician's decision was rash he respected him and was able to get him a position on a respected vessel the USS Growler. She was a defiant class that specialized in emergency response.

With the rank of Lieutenant J.G. and position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer he served for about 6 months. During a particularly dangerous mission into deep space the Growler came under attack by an unknown but technologically advanced species. During the fight the bridge was destroyed and all the senior officers on the bridge were lost. With the ship in utter chaos and deck by deck losing life support Morgan made a difficult decision to stay in sickbay and work to get the wounded back on their feet while everyone else made for the escape pods. He managed to get himself, 3 nurses, and two wounded people onto a shuttle craft and escape the mysterious site.

Admiral Beu'Shin had an "I-Told-You-So" moment with the rest of Starfleet medical as they had doubts about thrusting Morgan into command so soon but now any doubts had diminished. Newly promoted Lieutenant Morgan was assigned to the USS Spark, a galaxy class that served as a multi purpose deep space cruiser.

The Chief Medical officer did well aboard the Spark but he had some trouble making friends on such a large ship. He simply retired to sickbay and didn't leave unless it was necessary. This made him a slightly worse doctor as an important part of the job is knowing how to orientate one's self with the crew. During one of the Spark's missions they came across a stranded Andorian scout ship. He was part of the team that went aboard and helped ferry it back to Andorian. Andorian Officials invited him and his team to visit Andoria as guests of honor. While there he realized how backwards the Andorian medical society was and he opted to stay on Andoria and help them establish medical research facilities they so desperately needed.

From here he decided to join the crew of the newly commissioned USS Jupiter, a evacuation ship which was one of the only ones in the fleet. He served aboard the Jupiter for 2 years as her trusted Chief Medical/Second officer. But disaster struck, (at least to him), when the Jupiter was outfitted with the latest weaponry and recommissioned as an Anti-Pirate/War vessel. Outraged he immediately arranged a meeting with Starfleet Medical's admiralty.

He was outrages that his beloved ship was now being used as an instrument of death, death being something that he fought so hard to deplete. He succeeded in making a scene and making himself appear immature during the meeting. When threatened with losing his rank he tore off his lieutenant commander pips stating that, "Rank means nothing to me" and he left the room in a dramatic fashion.

It took a lot of convincing on Admiral Beu'Shin's part to convince him to re-join Starfleet. The Admiral offered him a Chief Medical officer position with the latest physician's equipment and the most advanced sickbay in the fleet. After having some time to cool down and think, he accepted the offer and was transferred to the USS Shangai as her Chief Medical Officer.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record First Year Cadet- Accepted into Starfleet academy

Second Year Cadet- Is noticed by Admiralty as a promising Cadet

Third Year Cadet- Serves as Research and Development Assistant at the Central Vulcan Institute of Medicinal Research

Fourth Year Cadet- Graduates Starfleet academy

Lieutenant JG- Serves as Ambassador's Aide

Lieutenant JG- Assigned to USS Growler

Lieutenant- Assigned to USS Spark as Chief Medical officer

Lieutenant Commander- Transfers as Chief Medical Officer of USS Jupiter

Civilian- Resigns Commission

Lieutenant Commander- Reinstates Commission

____________- Transfers to USS Shanghai as Chief Medical Offcer
Language Proficiency Federation Standard. Vulcan.