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Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi

Name Mirella Yazhi

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 28
Gender Female
Species Trill (unjoined)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 130 pds
Hair Color It... varies.
Eye Color Blue-Green
Physical Description A woman of slender, athletic build, Mirella takes pride in her body - showing off her spots as often as possible. However, she doesn't take much care towards what her clothing looks like. She has her style, an eclectic one at that, but, doesn't really care how others view it. Bright colors, high top sneakers, large scarves, traditional trill wear... you name it, it's in her closet. Her devil may care attitude pushes past her clothing and onto her hair. You'd never have guessed that the girl was a natural blonde with as often as she changed her hair. The style varied even more from day to day, though, as of late, she had taken a particular fondness to a stick straight pink on one side, silver on the other, high ponytail. That particular style is a favorite for it's ability to clearly show her 'beautiful' spots. Her pale skin was spackled with traditional Trill spots in sporadic patterns down the sides of her body. The only particular oddity were her eyes. Those blue-green eyes of hers shone with an intelligence you'd never guessed by her delightfully ditzy charm.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mirella has spunk. No one can ever take that from her. No matter how lazy in her duties, spastic or forgetful she may get... her snark and energy is hers.

Her words can come off as sharp, but, she means well. Her language is as colorful as her hair (at times) and she doesn't try to hide that fact. Resentment for her mother often has her avoiding the Trill language. This avoidance lead to her love of Federation Standard and it's slang.

She's... lazy. As hyperactive as her core, when it comes to a job being done she often finds it... beneath her. This comes off more often than not as a certain degree of laziness and snobbery. This is something that developed in her teen years because of the degree of force used to push her into her work.

Her ideas of academics are twisted, along with the idea of achievement. Even though she's intelligent, she doesn't like to show that. Mirella was put through that hoop a long time ago and doesn't like to repeat the same process. The moment she gets close to a victory, a personal victory, she stops it. This fact changes the moment someone else is involved. Her dislike for achievement doesn't span to others. She wants other to succeed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
-Highly intelligent. She was views as one of the brightest minds of her age group on Trill, along with her twin sister. Her 'weapon' of choice? Biology, Chemistry, and most any science you can think of. Her secondary falls with mathematics. Complicated problems were never an issue for her and her sister.
-Fantastic hand-eye coordination. Her response times were always fantastic, helping her succeed in most athletic conquests.. unless, of course, they involved running. (We'll get to that)
-Problem Solver. You've got a problem? Come to her. Logic is a forte.
-Of the people that you meet in the world, she's one of the few with a genuine heart of gold. She'll go out of her way to help if she thinks you really need it, despite the way she acts.

-Vanity. Girl is vain. Even though she "doesn't" care what others think of her, she cares. Greatly, for that matter.
-She's apathetic to society as a whole. Individuals matter to her, people don't generally speaking. That may seem cold, but, it's one of the few remaining traits from her mother.
-Hand most people a pencil, they can draw a straight stick figure. For some reason, Mirella cannot. Piloting her way out of a problem? She's fine. Drawing an image? No. Not going to happen. Same goes for musical instruments. Most have a tendency to break at her touch. Although her voice is very melodic when she speaks, even that crashes and burns when she tries to sing.
-Even though she's wonderful at things involving her eyes and hands moving, her feet don't seem to understand. She's clumsy.

A Bit of Both
- Recently discovered a small telepathic ability. Cannot control it, as it's fairly uncommon for her species. She personally hates it. It mainly acts up in dreams and causes her debilitating headaches on occasion.
Ambitions She's done a lot already. At least, in her opinion. This will probably change on a whim one day... as her heart is as flighty as her mind.

There is one deep desire for Mirella. As... 'delicate' as she may not appear to be, Mirella would love to have a newly discovered species of 'alien' flower named after her.
Hobbies & Interests Mirella loves botany. In fact, she wanted to be a botanist as she was growing up. Her mother did not like that idea, as her sister desired to become the 'elite of the elite' in the field of wormhole science. (This always lead her to believe that her sister was, in fact, the first born between them.)

Because of her early career in academia, math and science interest her very little anymore. Literature and theater draw her interest more, but, she's terrible at writing or doing anything great with those things. She has met some success in making a dent in her large archaic book collecting, however.

It only makes sense that she would love to fly. It's what pulled her away from plant life. It's her lifeblood anymore. It lets her... think. Piloting to new places at a whim, navigating the stars... Before she had flight, she had no freedom. With her discovered ability, she gained that freedom. She'll never let it go.


Father Adamo (Ridged, Unjoined Trill)
Mother Fiore (Unjoined Trill)
Brother(s) Ettore (Ridged, Unjoined Trill)
Sister(s) Letizia (Twin, Joined Trill)

Personal History

Personal History An odd start to an odd girl. Born of a Spotted Trill and a Ridged Trill, her father thanked his lucky stars that his "beautiful" twin daughters hadn't developed his cursed ridge. (His son, however, wasn't as fortunate.) He was even more overjoyed when the family discovered that the girls were as intelligent as their mother, a high ranking member of the Trill Science Ministry.

From the moment that they were born, Mirella and her sister were treated as one person. Fiore (their mother) dressed them alike, made sure they had the same friends, same meals, same everything. The course of their life was planned out the moment they came out. Shame Fiore wasn't expecting twins. She only planned for one. They were the "perfect child", performing scholarly acts and excelling quickly in school. Their father despised what his wife was doing to them. He wanted them to be individuals and do what they wished, which he encouraged in the girls when he could. The disagreement was strong, but not strong enough to prevent the birth of her younger brother. His birth wasn't... planned and damaged the relationship to a point of no return. Mirella's mother and father seperated - her and her sister, Letizia, went with their mother while their brother went with their father.

Mirella and Letizia were still made to dress alike, act alike, etcetera. They played the act well but could not keep it up much longer as they aged. The Trill Science Ministry was an easy step for them, becoming some of the youngest entrants into the Ministry. That togetherness waned quickly when competition had to grow more fierce between them. Fiore thrived in the community because of Mirella and Letizia effortlessly becoming the top two of their classes.

Having a sister for a rival became tiresome for Mirella, so, she stopped trying as hard - despite her mother's cries. Even with the lack of effort, she would have graduated the top of her class. Would being the key word, as she gave up the top spot to her sister. Why? Mirella had felt that Letizia deserved it more because she had worked so hard for it. Bitter over the fact, Letizia had to one up her sister, leaving shortly after graduation to volunteer for Trill joining.

Bored with Trill society, Mirella palled around quite a few of the Federation planets. Her initial thought on this was to pursue her true passion, botany. She realized very quickly that she needed another skill to get around quickly... flight. It was a wonderful thing to find out that she had a knack for it from the start, albeit a late start. This wouldn't have been as important as it became had it not been for a fateful trip to Bajor one day.

Mirella had planned for an easy trip to Bajor to study some of the rarer plant life on the surface. The shuttle that she had chartered with a few others had come under attack by some Bajor Resistance. Apparently, the had assumed it was a Cardassian vessel. During this attack, the pilot had becoming injured - no longer able to navigate the area. Mirella thought quickly and got the shuttle out of danger, safely to the surface. It seemed to be a lucky day for her. On that shuttle? A Major in Starfleet. With such a random meeting, her career in Starfleet started. He told her to go to Earth, hone her skills and advance in something she had a natural talent for. With a shrug, a small sure, she left that day for Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet, to her, was much like the Science Ministry. She coasted by on her intelligence and minor athletic abilities. Her contempt for academia caused some hiccups, but, she made it through just fine. Her home would change from that of universities and problems to something much larger - The Shanghai.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record - Went to Trill Science Ministry, studied Spacial and Subspace Anomalies - Theory Of.
-Graduated early, top 5 of class
- Joined Starfleet not too long after, studied Astrophysics and Exobiology
-Graduated with honors
- Assigned to USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency Trill, Federation Standard, dabbles in what may interest her for a time.