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Lieutenant JG Dwight Cobb

Name Dwight Randall Cobb

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 30
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 200
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Cobb's crooked nose is one of his most notable features. It's the result of a barfight he was in during his rowdy Academy days. His lopsided grin usually shows up when he's amused.

Average height for human male, Cobb's weight is slightly a bit more than a man his age. Most of that extra weight is from muscle. While Cobb isn't overtly muscular, he's toned and tight. Very little pudge or fat. One of his distinguishing features is a "Everything's Bigger in Texas" tattoo on his upper right arm

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cobb is laid-back when it comes to most things. Easy-going and charming, he can be the epitome of a Southern gentleman. On the flip-side, he can be a man of action when it's called for. He doesn't rely on fighting to solve problems, but he knows that sometimes violence can be called for and it's a necessary evil.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cobb's biggest strength is his flying skill. One of the highest rated pilots in Starfleet. He's navigated starships through a few firefights and jams during his time at their helms. If it can fly, he can fly it. Growing up in a family of hunters and being an avid hunter himself, Cobb is proficient with phasers and firearms. Cobb knows some hand to hand combat skills, but is better with phasers and other weapons.

Cobb's biggest weakness can be his over-confidence. He's a pilot with a Top Gun sized ego. He's the best and he knows it. That confidence and pride can sometimes blind him into thinking he can do things he can't. Although, that confidence has begun to slowly erode since the events of the last mission aboard his last ship.
Ambitions His ambitions are simple enough when: Cobb wants to fly across the galaxy and maybe one day become a captain of a ship while raising a family with his wife.
Hobbies & Interests Cobb enjoys hunting and fishing and horseback riding. Along with the outdoor interest, Cobb also enjoys watching old action and thriller movies and taking part in holodeck adventures that include spies, intrigue, and mystery. Cobb has a soft-spot for country music from Earth. Bluegrass to country and western to even alt-country, Cobb loves it all.


Romantic Relationships Abigail Dylan Cobb
Children Unborn Daughter
Father Randall Cobb
Mother Miranda Cobb
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Mary-Jean Cobb Baker
Other Family Patrick Baker (Brother-in-law)
Mitch Baker (Nephew)
Joseph Dylan (Father-in-law)
Joan Dylan (Mother-in-law)
Lizzie Dylan (Sister-in-law)
John Cobb (Grandfather)
Dwight Cobb (Great-grandfather)

Personal History

Personal History Born in 2357 outside Houston, Texas, Dwight Cobb learned how to pilot a shuttle before he could even walk. The Cobb line has produced many pilots and it was rumored that there was a Cobb that flew for America during Earth's Second World War.

Cobb's father Randall operated a successful shuttle business in Houston, flying passengers all over the world and to planets in the Solar system. Cobb grew up listening to stories from his grandfather John who had served in Starfleet. His grandfather told tales of going across the galaxy, meeting strange aliens and fighting to help protect the Federation.

Cobb flew his father's shuttles more and more as he got older. Flying was all he cared about, most other topics were forgotten. At age eleven Cobb was grounded from flying due to his poor grades. Cobb proceeded to wait until the middle of the night before taking his father's shuttle out for a ride. He was too busy enjoying the flight to pay attention the shuttle's gauges. The shuttle soon ran out of fuel and began going down. Cobb managed to land the ship in a field with very little damage done to it. Cobb broke his arm in the crash that followed.

Cobb was an underachiever in high school, doing just enough to pass his courses. He was in high school during the time of the Dominion War. Starfleet began issuing recruiters to schools to find new recruits for the conflict. Remembering his father's stories and his own desire to see the stars, Cobb signed up.

Cobb reported to the academy shortly after graduating high school, and at that point the Dominion War was winding down. His aptitude was tested and, big surprise, he was assigned flight control courses. Cobb's disdain for homework and coursework still remained, as he preferred flying in sims to having to take tests on what controls on what panel did what.

Dissatisfied with the academy, Cobb took to partying over studying. One night, drunk and disorderly, Cobb took on two officers in a bar fight. They promptly broke his nose and jaw before dropping him off at the academy's sickbay. Cobb spent two days in bed, being taken care of by students. While they fixed his jaw, his nose wasn't set right and it left it permanently crooked.

While in bed, Cobb had a wake up call in the form of his grandfather's death. He took time off from the academy and went back home to Texas. While at the funeral he began to evaluate his life and where he was going. He decided to return back to school and finish for his grandfather. He went from in danger of failing to passing everything test and essay with flying colors.

He graduated from the academy in 2379 with a commission as an Ensign aboard the USS California. Cobb reported to duty as a Flight Control Officer for the ship and found that his new job involved very little in the way of flight control. His job was to primarily make sure that the ship stayed on course as it went about its patrol mission through Federation space. All flight duties on his shift were handled by the Chief Flight Control Officer, Lieutenant Williams. Despite Cobb's impressive record in the academy, Williams never trusted him to take over flight control duties for the ship. Cobb felt some resentment over the move, but didn't argue with his CO.

A routine check-up in Sickbay turned out to be fortuitus for Cobb. There he met medical officer Regina McGee, a young doctor who was new to the ship like him. The two connected and began a two year relationship. Cobb and Regina got along great. It was Cobb's first real relationship that didn't last past one night, and he was sad to see her leave when she was reassigned to a new ship.

Cobb himself was reassigned in 2382. The USS John Adams was in need of an Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer and as one of the top graduates from the Flight Control Program, he was assigned to the command of Lieutenant Commander Peter Johns. Johns, unlike Williams, trusted Cobb and his instincts and helped the young man hone his skills and abilities piloting the ship. He and Regina had been apart a year and a half when he first met Abigail Dylan, a Communications Officer recently assigned to the John Adams. Abbey was like Regina in some ways, but very different in a lot of ways. Cobb felt a stronger connection with her and with any other woman he'd ever met. They began a four year relationship.

In 2386, the John Adams took part in a joint-rescue mission with the Klingon Empire to rescue Klingons from a remnant of the Dominion. The ship's XO was killed in action as part of the ship's away team, but they managed to rescue the hostages and beam them aboard the ship. Cobb and Commander Johns had to navigate the ship out of harm's way after Dominion reenforcements arrived. The ship was badly damaged, but they managed to do it. After the battle, Cobb noticed a change in Johns. He was gun-shy around the flight controls and hesitant to fly the ship. Cobb realized his mentor had been spooked by nearly dying and that the fear of dying now dictated how he handled the starship. Cobb and his CO, Captain Rourke, discussed that and it was decided that Johns would be promoted to Commander and be the ship's XO while Cobb would be the interim CFCO. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Shortly after Dwight proposed to Abbey and they were married on the bridge of the John Adams with Captain Rourke officiating.

Two weeks after his wedding Cobb was reassigned yet again. The newlyweds were torn apart and Cobb was assigned to the USS Cerberus as their Chief Flight Control Officer, with Captain Arnold Nesmeth as his new CO.

Cobb had a baptism by fire on the Cerberus, taking control of the conn during the Cerberus' fight with a rogue AI shuttle. Cobb was able to pilot the ship with very little harm and put the ship in position to destroy the shuttle. Another dogfight ensued shortly as the Cerberus took on a Excelsior class starship piloted by another computer. It was difficult and the ship took much damage, but Cobb was able to out-fly the machine and the rest of the crew were able to blast it into dust.

After the run in with the AI, Cobb and the rest of the crew settled into the Starbase Protector for shoreleave. During shoreleave Cobb bonded with new crew members Gabriel Cortez and Mira Jaylen, as well as Protector Security Head Svenn Hammershold. During the rest, Abbey arrived on the starbase, her transfer request to join the USS Cerberus was approved and she became one of the ship's communications officers. It was during shoreleave that Dwight and Abbey talked about having a child, they discussed their options and even consulted Lieutenant Jeffries, the ship's counselor.

Cobb's second mission the Cerberus proved to be one of the defining moments of his life. Cobb was assigned to the Security Department as Acting Head of Security for the ill Security Chief. Cobb quickly learned that he enjoyed the work of Security, forming a friendship with Chief Petty Office Teddy Daniels and enjoying the man's company and work ethic. He and Daniels even managed to capture an insane crew member who had been stalking Jaylen. It gave Cobb a bit of satisfaction to see the man locked up for trying to harm his friend.

The Cerberus reported to a research base on a rescue mission after receiving a distress call. Cobb accompanied Captain Nesmeth and other Security officers down to the base to investigate. Those that were still alive on the base were insane. The evidence pointed towards a group of ancient whale like aliens who lived beneath the surface.

While Nesmeth and Cobb investigated things on the base, insanity began to take hold on the Cerberus. After fighting their way back to the transport pad, Cobb and the rest of the away team beamed back. It was only when the appeared back on the ship that they realized Nesmeth was missing, he had disappeared mid-transport.

While other crew members began to investigate what happened to the captain, Cobb and the Security team tackled the insanity of the crew members. After finally pushing things in the better, Cobb and another away team beamed back down to the base to help bring the captain back. With Mira with him, the away team managed to disable the research base's force field, the root of the problem, and beamed back up to the ship to learn Captain Nesmeth had been rescued.

The night after the rescue Cobb learned that Abbey was pregnant. Overjoyed and excited, the couple looked forward to heading back to Earth on shoreleave and breaking the news to their families.

But it was not to be. Starfleet intercepted the Cerberus and placed the crew on lock-down. Nesmeth was charged with treason for the actions of the previous mission, his decision to reply to the distress signal had went against Starfleet orders. Cobb was among the officers who met with XO Everil Kellin and defended Nesmeth's innocence to Kellin. While other members of the Cerberus planned an escape for Nesmeth, Cobb abstained for fear that his budding family would be harmed.

Kellin managed to break Nesmeth out of the brig and steal an old Constitution class ship with others members of the Cerberus in tow. With the Cerberus temporarily out of commission, Cobb was reassigned to a new ship while his wife was reassigned to Starfleet headquarters on Earth.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2375-2379: Starfleet Academy, Flight Control Training Courses

2379:-2382: Flight Control Officer, USS California

2382-2387: Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS John Adams

2387: Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Cerberus

2387: Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency English