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Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov

Name Arseni Kozlov

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 32
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall with lean muscles. His left eye has a vertical scar going down from the eyebrow to the cheek giving him a menacing stare.
Generally sporting some kind of facial scruff due to the fact that he is always working rather than taking "rec" time to shave.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arseni is scarred from his past on Turkana IV, which causes him to be a work-a-holic and somewhat reclusive making it difficult for him to meet people. On the same note he is a hard worker and has a strong sense of duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is a formidable fighter and an intelligent in hard working officer.

Weakness: Shy. Over-proctective over friends, subordinates, and those in trouble.
Ambitions To end conflict on Turkana IV at whatever cost, so no one has to suffer as he has.
Hobbies & Interests Work - oftens takes extra shifts to pre-occupy with work. Spends a lot of his off time in Engineering or other departments to further his skills and stay pre-occupied.


Romantic Relationships none
Children none that he knows of.
Father May be alve on Turkana IV
Mother May be alive on Turkana IV
Brother(s) Perhaps on Turkana IV
Sister(s) Perhaps on Turkana IV
Other Family Arseni's may have a large family on Turkana IV or they may be all be dead. He had little contact with family on Turkana IV and has put them in the past now.

Personal History

Personal History Born on the war-torn colony of Turkana IV Arseni became a victim of a broken system and was apart of a rape-gang at an early age. By age 16 he was one of the heads of the gang and a well known terrorist on the planet.

As fate would have it Turkana IV was raided by maquis terrorists looking for supplies and recruits. Arseni was captured as a "recruit" during this raid and for the first time he was exposed to the vastness of space.

Arseni embraced his maquis captors as friends, since he had always longed to be in space and free from the terrible activities of his gang.

He spent 3 years serving with the Maquis, before he was captured by the Federation in a failed raid on a Federation Outpost.

Arseni figured he would recieve a life of imprisonement for the lives he took in his terrorist activities. He had nothing to lose and told his captors about his involvement in rapes, murders, and tortures and Turkana IV hoping an end to his misery.

However, a female captor, who claimed to be a counsellor on-board a ship called the USS Enterprise met with him. She told him he was not responsible for his ways and he had good in him. Then she did something no one had ever did for him before. She offered him a choice. She would either try to get him released, clear his name and allow him to do as he saw fit or she would help him join starfleet academy.

He could not understand why a captor, a female captor at that, would offer him such choices. She intrigued him so much and he had always respected the skill of Starfleet while among the Maquis he decided to join the academy.

In the academy he knew he would excel at combat or security, but he wanted to move away from violence so he focused on science and ship operations. He found the work difficult, which forced him to focus and forget his dark past.

With this knew challenge and his destiny now in his hands he graduated top of his class.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Spent four years in Starfleet Academy. Graduated with Honors.

Served as an acting ensign aboard USS Clement as a night shift operations officer duriing the dominion war. He had been pulled from the academy due to past combat experience and lack of available crew during this time.

The ship was heavily damaged during the Dominion War, most of the crew had died, at which point he became acting cheif operations officer.

USS Clement was taken out of service to be re-crewed and repaired, at which point Arseni returned to Starfleet Academy to complete his studies.

Due to his past on Turkana IV and with the Maquis he spent most of his time working on starbases and on earth as a base ops officer, since his application to work aboard starships kept being turned down.

2387 was accepted to join the crew of the USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency English, russian