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Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes

Name Christine Genevieve Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Basic Information

Date of Birth August 7, 2365
Age 34
Place of Birth Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France, Earth
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description Christine is tall, willowy, and very slender. She has fair skin, emerald green eyes and long, blonde hair. Very attractive. No scars or tattoos. Her hair has a slight curl to it and she usually wears it hair down (it comes to a few inches past her shoulders) or in a braid over one shoulder. On duty, she wears the uniform skirt instead of the pants. When working from Golovin Colony, she wears simple civilian clothes, usually in muted, neutral tones to make the colonists feel more at ease. Off-duty she wears the more flashy items in her wardrobe, tending towards shades of green and purple.
Distinguishing Characteristics Striking green eyes, long blonde hair.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sensual, alluring, captivating, confident, controlling, passionate, charismatic, talkative, friendly. Enjoys large groups. Flirts, though sometimes unintentionally. Knows she is beautiful and has been known to use that to her advantage. Very friendly, she takes pride in being able to make friends easily. She is very stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants. Describes herself as a free spirit. Spontaneous.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: kind, friendly, outgoing, down-to-earth, trustworthy, confident, charismatic, spontaneous
Weaknesses: Flirtatious, outgoing, charismatic, confident, stubborn, spontaneous
Ambitions Her general ambitions haven't changed: she still wants to see the galaxy, become a philanthropist and help others. She has fulfilled all three serving in her current role. After having been in Starfleet for a few years now, she is now striving to reach the top of her field and wishes to undertake more of a command experience.
Hobbies & Interests Bar-tending, she still enjoys working the lounge on the USS Shanghai-A. Dancing, enjoys going out, she also likes a holo-novel or two when she has free time to spare.


Romantic Relationships Lt. Commander James Barnes (married 2389)
Children Jon(9, born 2390), Lin( 4, born Dec 2394), Talar (alternate timeline, born 2389/99)
Father Edouard Descharmes[deceased]
Mother Claire Descharmes
Brother(s) Edouard Armand Descharmes, Jr., 32
Sister(s) Desiree Lise Descharmes-Martin, (30)-Ensign, Medical Officer, USS Shanghai -2397-current
Other Family sister-in-law; Ava Descharmes (nee Bonet), 2 nephews, 1 niece

Personal History

Personal History Christine was born in the region of France formerly known as Alsace (now Bas Rhin) to Eduard and Claire Descharmes in 2365. Raised on a vineyard that has been in the family for generations, she is the heiress of 200 acres. They specialize in red wine, and ice wine,made from frozen grapes.

She was schooled at home by her mother, for most of her grade school years. A younger brother followed in 2367, and a sister in 2369. Her free time after 'school' was spent learning the trade from her father, with whom she has a close relationship. Throughout her childhood and teen years, she traveled throughout France and later the world with her family, promoting the 'Descharmes Vintage' wines. She went to public high school when she was fifteen, and as her first language was French, with only a little bit of English, still retains a bit of an accent when she speaks Federation standard. She has since strove to learn other languages and cultures. She graduated high-school with average marks when she was 18.

After high-school, she became involved in a relationship with an older Starfleet officer, much to the disapproval of her parents.[He was 18 years older] She ended up pregnant at 18. When she was four months along, she met up with her somewhat abusive boyfriend in Strasbourg. It turned out he wasn't a member of Starfleet but a con man. After an explosive encounter outside of a hotel, she was rescued from him by a mysterious Starfleet officer known as Alex. "Michal Kenney" disappeared and after Alex politely refused her advances, Christine returned home to her family. She needed to decide what to do with the unborn child now that her boyfriend was no longer in the picture. She ended up leaving her home to stay in Strasbourg for a few months while she decided what to do. After giving up the child for adoption, she returned back home to her parents.

A few weeks after her return home, she had decided that she was going to join Starfleet in order to do something with her life. In reality, she hoped she'd run into the officer named Alex again. Christine never had a strong relationship with her mother and was really close to her father, and when she told them she wanted to join Starfleet, they refused to let her go. Fights ensued. Eventually, due to Christine's stubborn nature, they came around realizing they weren't going to do much good by preventing something she was going to do anyways. It opened a rift in her family, mostly between her mother and herself. She eventually found her way to San Fransisco from France, where she intended to enlist in Starfleet at 19.

After successfully enlisting, she underwent basic training for six months as a field medic but ranked in the bottom 5th percentile and failed to graduate. Her superior officer in a not so kind way, said she would be better off serving Starfleet in another capacity. She was forced to take stock of her options and decided that serving on board a starship in a civilian capacity would be better for her. She didn't want to go back home as that would prove her mother was right. After hearing stories in basic about one "Ivan Pakarilov" and the USS Andoria, she applied to the ship as a morale officer, though at the time she really didn't have an idea about what she was supposed to do. At this point she had not spoken to any member of her family for seven months and though not speaking to her father hurt her, she was too stubborn to give up. Her mother's last words to her still stung her: "You will never be welcome back into this house if you leave."

Her attempt at locating Alex proved fruitless as she did not even know his surname and she set that on the back burner, finally coming to the conclusion it was never meant to be. She left San Fransisco in a shuttle for the Andoria, determined to start all over again and swearing off men in Starfleet uniforms all together.

While the Andoria was in orbit of Earth, newly returned from a mission, Christine received news from home that her father passed away due to an accident with a piece of equipment at the winery.He was crushed, suffering massive internal injuries, and was found by his son, Armand. Christine was in shock and took the news hard, as she and her father were close. It was the first time her mother tried to contact her, and she jumped at the chance to be able to speak to her family again. Christine regretted not being on speaking terms with them, as the last words she had spoken to her father were said in anger.

After a few months, the USS Andoria was mothballed and she took a year off to do whatever she felt like at the time. Some of that time was spent at home on the vineyard, a lot of it was spent traveling. She returned to Starfleet, still in a civilian capacity on the USS Shanghai as a bartender. Christine was only on the first Shanghai for a few weeks when the Shanghai was destroyed in battle.

After returning to Earth, her friend Jon Franz, who was the current Chief Counselor encouraged her to study psychology. With the death of her friend in a shuttle accident, her somewhat-of-a-Starfleet -career was reactivated; a position on the Vesta-class USS Shanghai-A as Chief Counselor with the rank of Lieutenant. She took a condensed course in psychology, space psychology and exopsychology.

Since her posting as Counselor on the Shanghai, she has returned to her home every so often, if only to attempt to repair her somewhat of a rocky relationship with her mother. In 2388, she attended her brother's wedding in one of the last times she came home. Christine signed over the winery to her brother as a wedding gift and decided that her place was in Starfleet and she was going to make a career out of it.

She was posted with the Shanghai-A when it was assigned to the Auriga-Perseus arm of the galaxy as part of the Rimward Initiative.

She was involved in an on-again/off-again relationship with James Barnes since 2387. After he failed to return from one of his "missions" she had given up on him ever coming. However, on a diplomatic mission to Cyen, it was discovered he had been captured by the Protectorate. After eight days as "political hostage", they returned to Golovin. They eloped in 2389 in a very private ceremony.

Personnel Data

Service Number PW-491-821-NSDD
Clearance Level Alpha
Duty Shift Alpha/on-call
Quarters Deck Two

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Primary and Secondary School, Bas-Rhin
Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Mars: Medic, in bottom 5th percentile rank. Failure to graduate. Enough knowledge that she can survive in an emergency or as last resort but probably shouldn't.
University of Andoria: distance learning Psychology(major: counseling; minor: behavioral, cognitive, exopsychology, space psychology), condensed. Received class credit for time served as Chief Counselor on USS Shanghai-A.
Starfleet Academy: Supplemental Courses in Diplomatic relations, xenolinguistics, inter-species ethics, inter-species protocol
Service Record -Born
-Enlisted in Starfleet at 19.
- applied to USS Andoria as Morale Officer, serves for a few months before USS Andoria is mothballed.
-takes a year off
-serves on USS Shanghai as bartender for only a few weeks before Shanghai is destroyed.
-posted to USS Shanghai-A as Chief Counselor, granted rank of Lieutenant while studying for her psychology degree.
-posted to the Auriga-Perseus arm of the galaxy as part of the Rimward Initiative

Language Proficiency Federation Standard, French
Commendations Bronze Star-2389-Awarded by Captain Sun Mei Xiang. Heroic action at incredible risk to own safety on behalf of a civilian population, above and beyond the call of duty. [Cyen]
Diplomatic Honor Award-2389-Awarded by Captain Sun Mei Xiang on behalf of the Federation Diplomatic Service. Served with distinction as an unofficial diplomat and liaison between the Federation and the Cyen.