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Lieutenant Commander James Barnes

Name James Barnes

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Basic Information

Age 442
Gender Male
Species El-Aurian

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 210
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description James is a tall, athletic man whose body does not reflect the age and abuse it’s taken over four and a half centuries of life. He goes to great lengths to keep himself in top physical condition, making it a point to work out at least once every morning. He has a swimmer's build, and has a large scar running along the lower left side of his back, the site of a former knife wound. He has spiked black hair with deep crystal blue eyes. He occasionally wears a goatee.

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the outside, James is a confident and outgoing guy who appears to be in his early twenties. He has adapted his personality to the way people perceive him, acting the age he appears to be. A senior Academy instructor, who he had known for over 40 years, claimed he never totally shook his ‘frat boy’ attitude. Professionally, James is very serious when the situation calls for it, and is a hard worker. When working, his great age and experience become more apparent. He is rarely shaken or intimidated, having witnessed the assimilation of his homeworld, and has in one way or another encountered most situations before. James outgoing personality disguises a deeply hardened individual with a dark past. James has a personality quirk that requires him to take at least two showers a day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Shown to be very resilient, both to the elements and combat. Has a great deal of experience traveling the galaxy, dealing with other species, and is fluent in many languages. Has command-level experience from time served in the El-Aurian Defense Force.

Weaknesses: Tends to become fanatically obsessed with his enemies to a level of deep hatred. He can be extremely stubborn and single-minded. Has a questionable past prior to arriving in Federation space, rumored to have been involved in serious criminal activity. Has a history of alcoholism that he keeps to himself.
Ambitions After living over 300 years of a mostly nomadic existence, James’s greatest ambition is to finally settle down and lead a steady life. Has considered trying to advance to command level positions.
Hobbies & Interests Likes: Enjoys the occasional solitary vacation, rock climbing, scuba diving, high-altitude/low-orbit (HALO) skydiving, attending sporting events. His favorite foods include: steak, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, most fruits. Has a pet dog.
Dislikes: Freeloaders, most cats. A very picky eater, he can’t stand tomatoes, mushrooms, pickles, mustard, and nearly all Ferengi food. Has a fanatical hatred of the Borg and most Cardassians.


Children All three of James' children and wife are presumed deceased following the assimilation of the El-Aurian homeworld.

Personal History

Personal History Childhood / Pre-Starfleet History

James was born Talar Loron on August 24, 1945 on El-Aur. He came from a wealthy family with great political weight, his father serving in the El-Aurian Senate and eventually rising to the presidency. As such, he developed a feeling of privilege and entitlement at a young age. He was a wild partier who did what he pleased and when he pleased, caring little for those he wronged at the time. Throughout his secondary education and university time, he spent most of his time womanizing and drinking.

After graduating college and under the advice of his father, he sought commission within the El-Aurian Defense Force. He was assigned initially as an intelligence officer, something that the El-Aurian penchant for listening predisposed them to. He spent two and a half decades gathering and analyzing both human and electronic intelligence before being switched to the Strategic Planning Bureau and stationed back on homeworld. Once back on homeworld, James finally settled down, marrying and fathering a set of triplets. The Strategic Planning Bureau was a prestigious assignment, and James rose through the ranks there. Eventually he would receive a posting as executive officer on one of the El-Aurian Defense Force’s destroyers stationed along the frontier. It was here he encountered his greatest personal enemy, the Borg.

James’s vessel was one of the first to encounter the nearly dozen Borg vessels that arrived to begin the assimilation of the El-Aurian people. His vessel was quickly crippled and swept aside by the advancing Borg. James and a handful of other crewmembers survived, and masked their life-signs with clever usage of a controlled radiation leak to distort attempts at scanning the vessel. When the Borg passed by, the crew escaped via shuttlecraft to attempt to rejoin the defense.

They were too late, however, arriving at El-Auria as huge Borg terrarforming vessels began to change the planet’s atmosphere to one primarily consisting of methane, carbon dioxide, and fluorine. The crew was able to escape, integrating themselves into the stream of refugees that were fleeing what used to be El-Aurian space. It became readily apparent to James that his family, who had been planetside during the attack, did not survive. Over the years, however, as supplies became scarce, the fleet broke up and the remainder of the El-Aurian race scattered itself across the galaxy.

During this time, James struck out on by himself across the Delta Quadrant. It was here that he eventually fell back into his old ways of excess. Over time, James fell into a life of crime, some to survive, and a lot just to get ahead. James continued his slow trek across the galaxy, living a nomadic existence. He would eventually settle in Beta Quadrant. James continued his life of crime in this new area, smuggling throughout the fringes of the Klingon and Romulan Empires. There is little information on his life from the 2100s onward.

Finally, in the year 2290, James’s life would change dramatically. His ship, stolen from a Talaxian trader, was disabled in an encounter with a Klingon Bird of Prey. Just as he was about to be destroyed, a Federation starship arrived to answer his less-than-honest distress signal. The USS Excelsior was responsible for rescuing James just before his death, believing him to be a human. James would remain aboard Excelsior as a guest of the crew for the duration of its mission cataloging gaseous anomalies in Beta Quadrant. His time spent with Starfleet again reminded James of his origin and roots. It was here that he took a Human name and decided to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Career: The First Time

James was accepted in Starfleet Academy in the year 2295. Covering up his even recent past, he entered under his new identity, following a command and intelligence tract. James made a good attempt at his first years in the academy, falling in the upper 80% of his class.

In his junior year, James was rumored to have been involved in a hazing incident while on leave at a fraternity at the University of California, Los Angeles. The investigation turned up nothing, and James was cleared of all charges. James graduated class of 2299 in the top 15% of his class.
James came out of Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Essex-B, where he worked as an intelligence officer and member of the strategic operations team. The USS Essex was assigned to long-range exploration and diplomacy missions along the unexplored region of space that would eventually become the Federation-Cardassian demilitarized zone. The Essex made first contact with a number of new races, and helped to open initial strained lines of communication with the Cardassian Union. James was evaluated well in performance reviews and was reassigned to the USS Enterprise-B. Here, he would function as the ship’s intelligence officer in a dangerous area of space – the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone.

Following the disastrous Tomed Incident in 2311, James was transferred back to Earth to work with Starfleet Tactical’s Defense Intelligence Initiative. The program was designed in response to the recognized growing threat of organizations such as the Tal-Shiar and Obsidian Order. While there, James did extensive work on intelligence gathering in the areas surrounding the Cardassian Union and Breen Confederacy.

James’s success at the DII caused some jealously amongst his peers and led his superiors to feel threatened by his successes. Therefore, in 2320, his immediate superiors sent him back out into the field to lead a critical mission to investigate Cardassian activity in an area of space recently claimed by the Federation for colonization. Upon arrival, James and his team found a disguised sensor array located on one of the planets within the sector which was being used to listen in on classified Starfleet subspace communications. James’s team was authorized to take it out via sabotage. Intelligence believed the array to be unmanned. During the attempt, however, the team was ambushed by their Cardassian counterparts. Nearly everyone on the team was killed or taken prisoner, with only James and one other mortally wounded member of the team escaping. Upon his return to Federation space, James was debriefed and his superiors had placed total blame on the failure onto his shoulders, leading James to feel he had been betrayed on purpose by those above him. After the incident, when he was discredited and denied the ability to lead a rescue mission for his former team mates, James resigned his commission and relinquished his rank within Starfleet.

Time After Starfleet

After leaving Starfleet, James decided to take matters into his own hands. Falling back on his experience as a wanderer, smuggler, and criminal, he appropriated a ship and headed towards Cardassian space. He bounced amongst the traders both in and around the Cardassian Union. James used any and all means to gather information on the location of his former comrades. A former contact made while working for Starfleet Intelligence led him to the Bajoran system. Under occupation since 2319, the Cardassian Union had established numerous work camps on the planet’s surface. Blending in with the population, James was able to discover that all of his former comrades had been tortured to death.

James, due to a lack of knowledge of the Bajoran religion, had his identity discovered by the Cardassian occupiers of the planet, and was forced to flee. His vessel was chased to the Denorios Belt, where he attempted to use the charged plasma field to escape his pursuers. The Cardassian vessels attacked from a distance, wary of the navigational hazard posed by the belt. James’s vessel was presumed destroyed in a large energy release within the belt. The year was 2322. James would not be seen again for 44 years.

Starfleet Career: The Second Time

James returned in the year 2366 to a much changed Federation. He returned to his residence in Maryland, on Earth, deciding to step back from travel and take a long rest. James’s hope for a period of rest was quickly dashed in 2367 with the arrival of the Borg in Federation space. He immediately returned to Starfleet, looking past his bitterness over what he saw as the mishandling of his situation nearly half a century before. James enrolled in Starfleet Academy, taking a tactical/intelligence tract the second time around. James graduated in 2371 and was stationed aboard the USS Akira. He functioned as a Strategic Operations/Intelligence Officer aboard the vessel, specializing in Borg and Dominion affairs. James would remain aboard the Akira until the conclusion of the Dominion War in 2375. Upon the end of the Dominion War, James took a leave of absence from Starfleet after receiving word that members of his family may still have been alive in the far reaches of Beta Quadrant. Turning up a dead end, he returned in 2385.

Upon his return, James returned initially to the USS Akira. James would remain aboard the Akira for a year before being sent to the Galaxy-class USS Challenger, which was now heavily engaged in the opening of diplomatic relations with the Romulan Star Empire and other Beta-quadrant races.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2295-2299 - Starfleet Academy - Intelligence and Command Track
2299-2306 - USS Essex-B - Lieutenant j.g. - Intelligence Officer
2306-2312 - USS Enterprise-B Lieutenant - Intelligence Officer
2312-2321 - Starfleet Tactical Defense Intelligence Initiative - Lieutenant Commander
2367-2371 - Starfleet Academy - Intelligence/Tactical Track
2371-2375 - USS Akira - Strategic Operations/Intelligence Officer -
2375-2385 - Leave of Absence
2385-2386 - USS AKira - Chief Intelligence Officer
2386-2387 - USS Challenger - Chief Intelligence Officer
Language Proficiency El-Aurian, Federation standard, Klingon,