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Captain Benjamin Boston

Name Benjamin Henry Boston

Position Marine/Starfleet Liaison Officer

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Age 33
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 93Kg
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ben is tall with an athletic build, he's got noticeable scare down the right side of his face due to a battlefield wound from Deridous IV. Ben has an air of knowledge about him. Ben's hair is short and well kept. He Wears the Typical Marine uniform though it has a unique squad badge on his right shoulder, a diamond shaped badge with two rifle running down the two edges towards the lowest point just crossing before the point, from the top to the point where the rifle cross is a combat knife and across the middle of the badge are the letters S. T. O. U. He keeps this badge as a tribute to his fallen comrades during his timed served in his old unit.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is the type of person who'd put his men before himself. He very easy to get along with and always seems to have a smile on his face even in the hardest times. Ben's always in control even in the most dangerous and high pressure situations. Though most think this is due to his sniper training.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ben has a lot of battle field experience making a good tactician and battlefield strategist. Ben has a lot of martial arts training behind him and a lot of close quarter combat experience to boot. His bionic eye has its own inbuilt TED, which give him the ability to read situation a lot faster, the bionic ey also has the addad advantage of thermal and night vision.

Weaknesses: in the S.T.O.U Ben was mostly a sniper during his missions which means that his experience with phaser rifles is limited, he can still use one well but he take a TR- 116a any day. Though a large disadvantage with Ben bionic eye effects of electrical discharges or certain phase weapons well severely comprise his visual acuity.
Ambitions Ben ambition is to rise through the ranks and gain rank over his father, though he would also like to get his golf handy cap below five (he's currently on a handicap of 9)
Hobbies & Interests Ben has a great interest in martial arts, so is always interested in learning more about martial art. Ben has always been a large golfing fan ever since a little boy mostly because of his father, if he's got a spare moment you'll either find him in his quarters practising his putting or in the holodeck playing on the Loch Lomond Course.


Father Colonel Malcolm Boston
Mother Joanne Boston
Brother(s) Commander John Boston
Sister(s) Catharine Heeley
Other Family Martin Heeley (brother-in-law), Mark Heeley (Nephew), Sarah Heeley (Niece). Amanda Boston(Sister-in-law), Nathan Boston(Nephew)

Personal History

Personal History Ben Was born into a family, his father was a colonel in the marine thouugh retired from activate duty shortly after Ben Was born, his father became a lecturer for the marine officers collage in San Francisco. Mother was a Bio chemist working in a medical research centre also in San Francisco. Ben was Youngest of three, Eldest being his brother John, aged 5, and sister Catharine, aged 3.

The family for the most part were very close his sister fallowing in the footstep of her mother and the oldest son wanting to join Starfleet as a command officer. Though Ben fascinated by his father’s old war stories always wanted to join as the marines as a regular, though his farther kept saying “No son of mine will be joining as a regular, I went through that so you wouldn’t have to.” He said with a stern voice, though Ben never really listened, always thinking one thing ‘I’ll do what you did, but better.’

As Ben grew up his father made sure he had the best education and training in which to become a good marine officer, he was enrolled into aikido and tie boxing (aka kick boxing) classes and also had personal tutors for each of his courses. Not to say his brother or sister didn’t get the same treatment as his father always thought it’s always good to be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

At the age for 16 Ben applied to the officers course in collage though he unfortunately failed the exam... by two marks, of course he was offered a spot in the regulars, his father was not the happiest about this, knowing full well Ben should have passed, though reluctantly accepted Bens decision on the matter. On the day of his graduation from basic training, his team just missed beating completing the crucible record . He received his berry and badge from the graduating officer with a smirk on his face. On the day of his graduation he was confronted with his farther, expecting a grilling over what he could have done be better, he prepared for the worst, instead his father clasped his hand and gave him a firm hand shake only saying one thing “It’s my fault for telling all those war stories.” To which Ben replied “It sure was.”

Bens Training didn’t stop there he was enrolled into the pathfinder and marksmen courses as recommended by his drill sergeant, it was a grilling two year training course he went through passing all environments with high standards, gaining his pathfinders tab, also in the marksman course he came in the top three.

On the day he was to be assigned to a regiment he was approached by Colonel William Mitchell and asked to join a specialised unit know as S.T.O.U. (Specialised Tactics and Operations Unit). Ben without hesitation accepted. The S.T.O.U. was formed from a group of 38 hand picked people, but unlike any normal platoon the lowest ranked person was a sergeant also the squad commanders were all 2nd lieutenants. The 3 Lieutenants were Tal’ Rensre a Romulan exile, Alkar Talresh a war hardened Andorian, and his squadron leader Valrek Shesh'ral a Klingon ex-fugitive. The XO of the group was an Ex-Bajoran Terrorist known as Captain Delris Marion, and the CO was Colonel Mitchell who mostly worked for Starfleet Inelegance.

The Small Unit was made up from highly experience men, most of which had questionable pasts. The purpose of the team was an advanced attack group usual sent in before the main marine core. Also they were able to do certain missions that Star fleet couldn’t. Ben never quite understood why he was brought into the unit as he was the youngest of the group at the age 18, he had no previous history and probably had the least battlefield experience out of the unit, though this made Ben push himself that littley further to prove his worth to the other members.

The Units first mission was to assist the federation-Klingon alliance in the destruction of the dominion shipyards at Torros III; for the most part the mission was a great success with only two losses in the unit itself during the short but violent skirmish that happened during the destruction of the main shipyard on the moon’s surface.

After the dominion took Betazed the unit was sent in a cloaked Klingon vessel to infiltrate the planet and extract of valuable member of Starfleet who knew important details about certain Starfleet personal that were deep undercover and he also gained vital information about the dominions plans. Unfortunately during the extraction of the planet the alarm was raised causing there cover to be blown, this caused many complications as Bens team was covering the extraction with sniper support unfortunately they’re positions became compromised very quickly as there was a garrison of dominion solders transported to the surface. The platoon took heavy losses. Valrek was badly injured during the onslaught, but Ben wouldn’t leave him behind, he helped the Klingon to the extraction point with the dominion solder hot on their tail, fortunately his squad helped cover them as they moved or they would have probably never made it. Ben was awarded a medal of valour that day and gained a promotion to Staff sergeant.

Only a month after that mission they were tasked with taking the communication array on AR-558 The unit at this point was diminished to 28 strong, the initial assault didn’t go to badly as most the dominion soldiers were killed in the bombardment but they were the advanced group they were order to stay on the surface to watch over the area, Ben was in charge of the sniper team mostly on century duty, the wear left on the suffice for over 8 months, it was probably the hardest time in Bens career, again the unit suffered heavy losses, some to the Houdini’s scattered about the battle field and others to the endless dominion attacks, They lost Colonel Mitchell 5 months into the campaign in one of the fire fights, Delris was give a field promotion to Major on the day by the colonel just before he died. Ben himself gained a promotion during that conflict. After the 8 months were over they was only 14 left out of the Unit, even 2nd lieutenant Talresh was killed in the final assault by the dominion. On their return to the ship the whole unit was each given a medal of Honour for their acts down on AR-558.

During the years between 2375 and 2380 the Unit was separated getting sent on intelligence missions around the quadrant, Ben himself sent deep uncover in Romulan space.

In 2380 Ben and the rest of the unit was assigned to Deridous IV as Starfleet had reasons to believe that the planet was in immediate danger though without substantial proof they were unable to act, instead the S.T.O.U was sent as a precaution. It was a good precaution as the battle broke out in mid 2380 the unit assisted with the sabotage of the main settlements information systems and stayed to help setup the resistance. The resistance caused a lot of damage to the Zarnac forces during the time they were being marshalled. Eventually heated battle broke out, with the unit receiving word that Starfleet was on a counter offensive, all it was a matter of time, though the Settlement was surround by enemy forces completely out numbering and out flanking them, the outlook was grim and the S.T.O.U. Suffered even more losses, Ben himself received a severe injury as he pushed the Major out the way of a Zarnac solder only to receive a horrifying slash up his right side of his body. That Very day Ben thought he was going to die, but fortunately for him that wasn’t the case as the reinforcements came and he was transported from the battlefield.

For a full year Ben was in hospital undergoing major re-constructive surgery, his eye was replaced with a bionic one. When Ben was discharged from hospital he was told he received a Distinguished Service Medal and another medal of valour for his acts at the battle of Deridous IV, he was also given another promotion to Master sergeant. Unfortunately with the S.T.O.U. only down to 5 men they decided amongst themselves that they were to disband.

With that happening Ben decided to enrol himself into advanced officer training, majoring in platoon command, and took his minor in Strategic and Tactical operations. Ben to no surprise passed with one of the top marks in the class. Upon Graduation he was ordered to see the division commander, in the meeting with General Wilson, Ben was given his new orders and promoted to the rank of captain, due to previous experience.

After serving Serving with USS Habinger for a few year Ben was transferred to USS Shanghai to surve as the Marine 'Liason Officer'.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2372- Passed out of basic training, and went onto sniper school, gained marksmen tab and pathfinder tab.

2373- Joined Special Tactics and Operations Unit, promoted to Sergeant on entrance.

Early 2374- helped in destruction of dominion ship yards at Torros III

Mid 2374- Extracted intelligence officer from Betazed, promoted to staff sergeant, also awarded a medal of valour.

End 2374- first Unit posted to AR-558, promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, also awarded a medal of honour.

2375 to 2379- Classified.

2380- Posted to Deridous IV, Promoted to Master Sergeant, awarded Distinguished Service Medal.

2381- Enrolled into Advanced officer training.

Early 2385- Passed out officer training

Mid 2385- Posted to USS Hokkaido, Shogun Company, Promoted to captain

End 2385- Re-assigned to USS Harbinger, shogun Company

Mid 2387 - Re-assigned to USS Shanghai, Task Group 72 Flag Ship
Language Proficiency Federation Standard (English), Klingon, Romulan and Bajoran