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Ensign Nazirin Skye

Name Nazirin Richard Skye

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Age 25
Gender Male
Species 1/2 Human; 1/2 El-Aurian

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 165
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Tall, jet black typical African-American Hair, slender face and well set eyes. Medium frame. Medium build.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nazirin is a relatively stable man. He has a known temper that is feared throughout the galaxy. He was identified at a very early age as gifted with superior intelligence and objectiveness. He was raised with a human life cycle, much to the objection of his mother who wanted to raise him as an El-Aurian. He breezed through the Academy, where he met his first wife, a Trill scientist who went down with her ship and captain in the Dominion conflict. He is an extremely quick learner and was a devoted husband, but above all, a devoted officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-Intelligent; devoted; understanding; quick learner; responsible; assumes responsibility; skilled martial artist; learns languages easily; familiar with inter-galactic law; great leader; open minded; listener; loyal

Weaknesses-not very trusting; extremely objective; inflexible; clingy; aggresive
Ambitions Nazirin desires to move up through the ranks of Starfleet and eventually command a starbase as well as a starship. He wants to be promoted to admiral and one day take command of a fleet. After retirement, he plans to involve himself in Federation politics and one day run for president.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer; chess; linguistics; research; negotiating; inter-galactic matters; strategy; cultural research; cultural immersion; martial arts; weapons training; emergency drilling; meditation


Father Captain Richard Carter Skye, Jr.
Mother Captain Dr. Sinana Skye
Brother(s) Ensign Oliver Cavin Skye (fighter pilot)
Sister(s) Colonel Sarah Ruth Skye (Marine Detachment commander aboard DS9)
Other Family Several paternal great aunts and uncles; 4 grandparents(Admiral Scarlett Skye; Dr. Richard Skye, Anthropologist); several second cousins and 5 first cousins.

Personal History

Personal History Nazirin Richard Skye was born on Earth to then Lt. Commanders Richard and Sinana Skye, a human and an El-Aurian respectively. He was raised aboard the U.S.S. Salvation, where his parents were chief engineer and assistant chief medical officer, respectively, for the first ten years of his life. When they were both promoted to commander, they were each transferred to the U.S.S. Titan under command of Cpt. Riker. Riker took a shine to him and became his de facto mentor. He tutored the boy in the ideals of Starfleet, the Federation, and command. He breezed through school, being recognized repeatedly by instructors as gifted and, at 16, was sent back to Earth to attend university under supervision of his Human grandparents. Through out his childhood, he spent many week with his El-Aurian grandparents, loving them best. They taught him all they could about their culture and their hatred of Starfleet. It was during these weeks that the rift between he and his brother was brought out. His brother always showed more interest in sports and ships than learning what was being taught. During his last two years of university, he entered Starfleet academy as a part-time student on the command track for the first two years until he graduated from university. Recommendations were put into his record by various instructors and the the Commandant of Starfleet Academy. After graduation from the command track, he was stationed on Earth Spacedock, where he met his first wife, Zlaxana Runu, a joined Trill scientist. .They fell in love very quickly and were married exactly one year after they met. Their marriage met objection form then Vice Admiral Scarlet Skye, his paternal grandmother, not wanting him to settle himself and put his career on hold for "some Trill girl", as the admiral referred to her. They attempted to conceive a child, and after several failures, decided to put it on hold so they could freely transfer to a station in the Delta Quadrant. Here, she was assigned as the de facto science officer of the U.S.S. Stallion, a Defiant Class starship, while he served as the Asst. Intelligence Officer. On a particularly dangerous mission involving the Kazon, the Stallion was caught in a heated battle and the captain ordered all crew off the ship. Zlaxana refused and stayed with her, both went down with the ship. Skye went into a period of minor depression but was forced to recover. He transferred to the U.S.S. Excelsior-E under Picard and served as a Strategic Operations Officer. He has a very strained relationship with his immediate family and rarely speaks to them for reason unknown. He took up martial arts at the demand of his deceased wife and both were instructed by Klingons in the Delta Quadrant.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Earth Spacedock-Strategic Ops Officer
Earth Spacedock-Ass. Chief Strat. Ops Officer
Deep Space 10-Intelligence Officer
Deep Space 10-Ass. Chief Int. Officer
Excelsior-E-Strat. Ops officer
U.S.S. Typhoon-Asst. Chief Strategic Ops Officer

Language Proficiency Klingon; El-Aurian; Vulcan; Trill; BASIC Romulan