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Ensign Vaatrik Talas

Name Vaatrik Talas

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Age 36
Gender Male
Species Bajoran

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Talan has a hard lined face that betrays his age, though free of wrinkles his eyes are ringed, especially when he smiles, and there is a hint of grey in his har. His body is on the slim side, and he takes pride in keeping fit, a hold over from his days in the Bajoran military. Similarly he has scarring on his shoulder and back from hand to hand fighting during the Dominion war, but otherwise he is fit for duty and healthy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A fairly reserved man who has a troubled and past, but who has determintion and faith in both his religion and abilities to see him through. He is extremely private about his faith in the prophets, and tries to present a professional front to others in the federation, while in private the darker side of his involvement in the occupation and the Dominion war are large factors in his psychology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong philosophical and scientific background. Experienced Soldier and Guerilla fighter. However he is deeply troubled by conflict now and has chosen the sciences to avoid conflict.
Ambitions Seek redemption for his actions in the wars, to find peace between his scientific and spiritual beliefs. Proving himself and assisting Bajor in being accepted into the federation.
Hobbies & Interests Bajoran Philosophy and History, Archeology, Tennis, Climbing


Romantic Relationships Vaatrik Sul
Children Vaatrik Neela (Desceased)
Vaatrik Bek (Aged 12)
Father Vaatrik Bek (Deceased)
Mother Vaatrk Nos (Aged 64)
Brother(s) Vaatrik Col (Deceased)
Sister(s) Vaatrik Neela (Aged 29)

Personal History

Personal History As a veteran of the Dominion war and having grown up as part of the Bajoran resistance, Talan was toughened to the ways of war. His Father was executed as part of a routine roundup of civillians after a Resistance attack and as a result he and his brother joined the Resistance at a young age.

Talan was involved in numerous actions, mostly in a scouting role but he was introduced to the realities of conflict at an early age and became hardened to them. His technical aptitude for bomb making and surveillance were first found form here.

He however welcomed the arrival of the federation after the occupation and joined the scientific team researching the cleanup of Bajor. It was here he met his wife and married. He was one of the first Bajorans to join Star Fleet as a result of his work there and it was during this time he was trained at Star Fleet Academy.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record With the advent of the Dominion war and his Graduation, Talan returned to Bajor prior to the attack on DS9 aboard a federation war ship. He was engaged with Dominon forces when he was gravely injured and beamed to Bajor for treatment - as a consequence he was trapped on planet after the invasion.

He returned to his role as a resistance fighter, but here the enemy was even more ruthless, leading to the death of his first son during a reprisal attack. It was during this time that he turned to the Prophets for guidance more than ever, but it also marked a time in which he was the most passionate proponent of violence.

After the dominion war, he took an oath to avoid bloodshed but retained his position in star fleet.
Language Proficiency Bajoran, Cardassian, Terran, Klingon