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Commander River Morgan

Name River Morgan

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Basic Information

Age 32
Gender Female
Species Human/Betazed

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 136 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown/Black
Physical Description River is of average height and weight with 'strawberry blonde' hair and fair skin but with brown eyes, an unusual combination. She has no distinguishing marks but has body art in the small of her back in an ancient Terran 'Celtic' design which forms the outstretched wings of a dragon whose head and emerald eyes stretch to the left of her spine and whose tail curls to the right.

Her appearance is mainly Terran but, with one betazoid grandmother, her brown eyes show almost Betazoid black when River is emotional. Her long hair is naturally wavy and hard to control, but she usually wears it up and off her face.

Personality & Traits

General Overview River does have ‘fire’ in her which as a child was known to erupt in frustration or to occasionally escape as well-meant mischief although she has learned over the years to suppress and keep this side of her away from the general gaze. She is a passionate woman with a deeply caring side, but she knows how to detach herself to see the overview, which has been essential in her career.

Strengths & Weaknesses River's strengths are her courage, her humour, her natural talent as a doctor and her refusal to give up on any patient no matter how little hope there might seem to be. She is sensitive and responsive as a doctor whether it's something so small as an abrasion or so large as major microbioreconstructive surgery. She is able to overview successfully and apply this to most situations. She is an optimist, with an indestructible spirit, passionate about the things she believes in and always follows through consistently.

Her weaknesses include the very passion that drives her, which sometimes brings her to be stubborn about that which she feels is right. Her childlike sense of humour and wonder can be saving graces if she becomes too intense but they can make her an easy target who can be gullible, especially in the area of romance. She has had a number of failed relationships since she was widowed at 25.
Hobbies & Interests River paints for relaxation but her true love is music of all kinds and she has a collection of every type imaginable which she often indulges in at a louder than popular volume, especially if she needs to vent emotion.

Talented with picking up basics of various languages she is also fond of cloud surfing and Holo-ball. Initially, she qualified as a pilot, having a great love for small craft and fighters of all ages however she was grounded as a Disciplinary measure at the Academy for being caught in a *race* of small vintage fighters 'borrowed' from the museum and secretly returned to flight-condition as a challenge between herself and her soon to be husband.


Romantic Relationships Ben Morgan (Deceased)
Children None
Father Rr Adml Peter Hart (retired)
Mother Dr Skye Hart
Brother(s) Starfleet Captain Richard Hart
MS Captain Simon Hart
Dr Matthew Hart
Sister(s) None
Other Family Betazoid Grandmother
2 x Terran Grandfathers
1 x Terran Grandmother

Personal History

Personal History River Hart was born third to a family of four children, two brothers older and one younger. Her mother is a half-Betazoid, half Terran doctor and her father is a full-Terran retired Fleet Officer of Starfleet who had already achieved Captain before he married and was relatively late to discover fatherhood, his wife being 10 years younger than himself.

Educated on Earth, River lived relatively uneventfully at the family home in England until she was ready for the Academy at San Fransico.

Her eldest brother went into Starfleet and became a CO quickly but her second brother went into commerce and currently owns a small fleet of freighters running cargo between planets and star systems in the Alpha Quadrant.

The youngest brother became a doctor under pressure but swore never to enter Starfleet but gave in when he discovered the best medical schools were attached to the Academy. He is currently an Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard a Starbase deep in the far reaches, close to the Neutral Zone within feasible reach of Romulan Space.

River married her childhood sweetheart Ben Morgan who became a fighter pilot but he was later killed in battle in the cockpit of a Valkyrie.

She has matured into a serene, patient and accomplished doctor with many commendations and a published Research Paper to prove her dedication to her work however her personal life remains what she herself would term 'messy' ever since she was widowed young and a reluctance to get hurt again influences her relationships adversely.

In order to bring her back from the edge on which she appeared to be wavering a the time, an enigmatic elderly Professor who had taught and liked River’s father in his day and her eldest brother since, took the miscreant under his academic wing. Challenging and coercing her to give her family’s medical talents a chance, the results that River achieved in her subsequent medical exams were too good to ignore as a choice for a serious specialty. The result was a blossoming and reformed graduating doctor in River who even now owes her wise old mentor a debt of great depth.

River gave her career her best shot as she does with everything she decides is worth doing. However, she considers herself more of a team player than a leader. She has been appraised as being level-head and sensitive which are an important combination in the Medical environment and she has learned to remain calm under pressure.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record
After graduating from the Academy in 2475, River married her Academy sweetheart Ben Morgan but was posted soon after to the USS Frost as an a junior doctor and he to the USS Inspiration as a fighter pilot . She climbed to Lieutenant (jg) before being re-assigned to the USS Oblivion in 2478 when the news was broken to her that her husband had been killed in action.

River tried to deal with her grief by burying herself in her work and achieved Junior Surgeon before transferring to the USS Venture in ’80 where she was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2483 she moved to Starbase Gamma 5 as Assistant Chief Medical Officer and in 2484 she gained promotion to Lt. Commander.

Dr River Morgan was awarded the Tolley Prize for Outstanding Medical Research in 2479 for work in Genetics; The pre-disposition of cells to Amorphisosis in immature mammalian species relative to the acquisition of amorphic tendancies initiated by exposure to tri-phasicneoradiation.

Language Proficiency Federation Standard and Bajoran, with some basic Vulcan, Klingon and Romulan.