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2nd Lieutenant Zak Keevon

Name Zak Keevon

Position Marine Company Commanding Officer

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 27
Gender Male
Species Bajoran

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 235
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description An unusually tall, powerfully built, light-skinned Bajoran. He maintains a very short hairstyle reminiscent of the American military of Earth's 21st century, and only occasionally wears the traditional Bajoran earring even when out of uniform. He normally carries himself in an upright and formal manner suitable for military ceremony, emphasizing his size.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zak is outwardly a tough, aggressive warrior who exemplifies the stereotypical Marine in many respects, though he shows a streak of logic few would expect. He forces himself to adhere to strict military discipline and courtesy when he believes it called for, and tends to err on the side of caution in determining when he can relax.

Those who get to know him better (and these people tend to be few) will discover that behind the rough exterior hides a budding intellectual, fascinated by law, politics, music, and philosophy from varied cultures. Zak loves his career as a Marine, but also avidly pursues various avenues of learning in wide-ranging areas.

For a Bajoran, he is not particularly religious. He does make an honest effort to observe important religious holidays, but rarely wears the traditional earring and does not often openly speak about his faith.
Strengths & Weaknesses Highly intelligent and adaptive, with a strong sense of duty and loyalty. He takes both professional and personal commitments very seriously and will devote himself fully to following through on his word. He is a bold and ambitious leader and does not hesitate to take charge when needed.

However, he is still suffering from grief at the death of his fiancee, and this has led him to become somewhat aloof. Despite his best efforts to maintain rigid discipline, he also still harbors something of a disdain for authority developed in his childhood during the Occupation, which has occasionally irritated superiors. He also has not eradicated the (somewhat understandable) dislike of Cardassians and distrust of outsiders common to Bajorans.
Ambitions Zak is highly ambitious, but also uncertain of how long he will remain in the military. His training in the law provides another potential career path, and he has occasionally considered returning to Bajor to become a scholar and educator.

For the moment, he is content to rise through the ranks of the Marine Corps. He places a somewhat higher value on building his competence as a warrior and demonstrating it to his colleagues than on formal rank, though he views promotion as a key form of recognition of ability.
Hobbies & Interests Zak is an avid reader and learner, though he tends to keep this relatively quiet. He is also an aficionado of the music of various cultures, particularly Earth's jazz, and routinely has music playing in his quarters whether alone or with guests. Though individual combat is his career, it can reasonably be seen as a hobby as well, since he spends a significant portion of his off-duty time on fitness training and honing his skills in widely varied forms of combat from long-range phaser marksmanship to hand-to-hand fighting.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Keevon Rel
Mother Keevon Namir (deceased)
Brother(s) Jerek Falar, 21 (adopted by Rel after his parents were killed during the Occupation)
Sister(s) None
Other Family The Keevon family, like many others, was scattered during the Cardassian Occupation. Zak is unaware of any other surviving relatives.

Personal History

Personal History Keevon Zak was born in early 2360 in a small resistance camp in Bajor's Kendra Province. His mother was killed mere weeks later in a raid on a Cardassian supply convoy and he has no memory of her; his father raised him on the move with the help of the rest of his resistance cell. Thus, Zak had no home in the traditional sense for the first several years of his life. He never directly fought Cardassian forces, but he aided the cell with menial tasks from a very young age, and began to develop the ability to survive in harsh environments that would serve him well later.

The remnants of the cell were captured a few months before the Cardassian withdrawal, and Zak and his father lived out this time in a labor camp. Though he has tried to banish the memories of this time, the hatred of Cardassians bred through the mistreatment he saw and experienced still lingers. This time also led him to mistrust outsiders and authority figures, another difficulty he has not entirely mastered to this day.

After the Cardassians were repelled Zak's father served briefly in the Bajoran Militia before realizing he could not adapt to taking orders; he then settled down as a farmer. Zak finally was able to pursue a more normal education, at which he excelled, but was never entirely content in a classroom. He planned to join the militia once he reached the appropriate age.

Then the Dominion came. Through contact with the inhabitants and visitors of the newly renamed Deep Space Nine, Zak had heard of the terrors of the Dominion even before the invasion began (though most of these stories were likely more based in rumor than fact). He saw no difference between these new invaders and the Cardassian monsters of his childhood, except that the Dominion could enslave a quadrant instead of one world, and immediately resolved to help fight the new threat.

His age, however, presented a problem. He tried three times during the first two years of the war to enlist in Starfleet, but was caught and rejected each time. He waited helplessly until fate thrust him into the conflict; he was visiting Betazed when it was overrun by Dominion forces. During this time he attempted to organize a resistance cell in the mold of the one he had seen as a child, but was largely unsuccessful due to the peaceful nature of the Betazoids and his limited knowledge. He instead fought alone to the extent he could, killing four Jem'Hadar soldiers in sneak attacks before they were forced off the planet.

After the end of the war, Zak returned to Bajor to pursue a legal education, preparing to practice in Federation courts as well as learning Bajoran law. However, the lure of fighting the next threat still remained, and he finally enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps at age 21. He excelled throughout his training and received additional training as a sniper and recon operator before being posted to the USS Howe in 2382.

It was there that he met Karina, the young medical officer who three years later would agree to marry him. A date for the wedding had not yet been set when Karina was wounded while on a rescue mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Zak sat in sickbay for nearly a week, watching over her as her life slowly slipped away. He has never entirely recovered from the pain of this loss.

After returning from bereavement leave, Zak threw himself into his career to distract himself, attending additional training as a recon operator before earning a commission as a Marine officer. His assignment to the Shanghai will be his first field duty since the disaster.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Enlisted March 2371 at Deep Space Nine
Graduated #1 in class at basic training and sniper qualification course
Served as squad sniper aboard USS Howe 2382
Promoted to squad leader January 2383
Reassigned from USS Howe November 2385
Graduated recon operator course June 2386
Commissioned as Second Lieutenant December 2386
Language Proficiency Bajoran, Cardassian