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Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro

Name Christian James D'Alessandro

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 174lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Christian is quite tall and imposing, and his presence in a room is often very noticeable.
He has dark brown hair which is relatively long, covering most of his forehead and the back of his neck. He is of Caucasian descent, and as such has relatively light skin.
While he prefers to maintain an appearance suitable for a Starfleet officer, he has always preferred to keep his hair the length it is, the reason being simply that he dislikes the way his ears appear when his hair is short, and he is much more comfortable this way, his appearance giving him confidence to a certain degree.
Aside from his uniform, his wardrobe is unremarkable. Generally speaking, he chooses close which are comfortable to wear, rather than trying overly hard to appear stylish, although, in his own way, he seems to manage to select clothes which fulfil both categories, being confortable to wear and being aesthetically pleasing to some degree.
He has quite an athletic build, having been a member of several sports teams in the Academy, and generally being rather athletic at school, prior to the academy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Christian carefully analyses almost everything that he does, to the point that some have even questioned if he is part Vulcan. In his work, he is meticulous, carefully and pays extraordinary attention to detail. He also has a tendence to follow protocol to the letter, except where his morality leads him to believe that a deviation would be preferable.
That being said, he often has impulsive tendencies in his personal life, unrelated to his professional life. His interaction with people is far more natural in his personal life, as he is generally a warm and caring individual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Christian is a strong team player, as well as being very capable of functioning by himself. He has very good leadership and communication skills, but he is also capable of following the chain of command. For the most part, he operates extremely well under pressure. He is a well-rounded security officer, and as such has advanced combat and martial arts training.

His main weaknesses are his extreme fear and hatred of the Borg, for the damage that they did to his family. Partly due to this, he fears situations where he would be somehow unable to defend those who are depending on him to have them.

Despite his thorough analysis of everything in his professional life, on occasion, his curiosity can get the better of him, which can cause unfortunate consequences, to him and others.
Ambitions Christian's main ambition in life is to follow in the footsteps of his father, and become a Chief Tactical/Security officer. Beyond that, he would, one day, love to have a command of his own. However, as that situation is years away, he would prefer to concentrate on the more immediate possibilities.
He has done everything he can in his years during, and immediately following his attendance at Starfleet Academy to ensure that he will be a strong, well-rounded security officer.
For the meanwhile, he wants to be a fully functioning member of a security team in order to gain experience, and also to do what he believes he was born to do - to protect others.
Hobbies & Interests While his training following Starfleet academy and his spell at the academy used up most of his time, he was still able to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities in the little free time that he had. Football (Soccer) and Fencing were his favourite sports, and he was quite successful at both.
Prior to Starfleet Academy, while continuing his education at Secondary school in England, he was also a great fan of Rugby, and enjoyed playing. His large and overpowering nature led to him being played in positions that he wasn't fond of, and consequently he grew out of the sport as he moved onto bigger and better things.

Aside from sport, Christian is very well-read. One of his quirks is that he far prefers to replicate a book, as he find that it makes the book seem far more real to him - as opposed to reading it on a computer. He is also quite skilled at a variety of games, including poker and chess.

Among others, he also has a holo-program that he created himself, although he keeps it a secret from most. The program is a recreation of the battle of Wolf 359, with the player acting as Chief of Security on the USS Melbourne - a role that his father occupied at the time of its destruction. The character has to deal with everything that happened during the battle. Christian uses the program to remind him what he is attempting to accomplish in his career, and why. Over the past few years, as he gradually grew into the mould of a security officer, he has also tried to use the program to mitigate his extreme fear and hatred of the Borg, with limited success.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Antonio D'Alessandro - Died serving aboard the USS Melbourne at the battle of Wolf 359
Mother Amelia Harris - Currently lives in London, England
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Both sets of Grandparents deceased. No other family.

Personal History

Personal History Christian D'Alessandro was born in the year 2364, in University College Hospital, London, England. His mother, Amelia Harris, was a resident of Earth, while his father, Lieutenant Commander Antonio 'Tony' D'Alessandro, was temporarily at home with his wife on shoreleave. He returned to duty, as Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Melbourne, an Excelsior Class starship.

Christian's childhood was unremarkable until the age of 3, when the Borg cube was sent to assimilate Earth, and 40 Starfleet ships were sent to stop them, at all costs. Among the fleet was the USS Melbourne, his father at the tactical console. The fleet engaged the Borg at Wolf 359 - a battle that would later become famous as the most costly battle, in terms of ships and officers, prior to the Dominion War. The only ship remaining at the end of this battle was the USS Enterprise. The Melbourne was lost, and its full crew were declared as 'Missing, Presumed Dead'.

Christian and his mother were still living on Earth at this stage, so while they were perfectly safe, news eventually reached them of what had happened. Christian's mother was never the same again. Christian developed a horrific fear of the Borg after this, and often had nightmares about them.

Gradually, as Christian aged, he decided that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and he believed that if it weren't for him, and the other thousands of officers that gave their lives, Earth would probably no longer exist. That seemed noble to him, and so he set about preparing for application to Starfleet Academy. He completed his Secondary Education a year earlier than everybody else in his class, something he was exceptionally proud of.

That summer, at the age of 17, he took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam after his application had been sent and reviewed. He was successful in the entrance exams, and, with relatively high scores throughout, he was allowed entrance to Starfleet academy at the beginning of the next academic year. He nearly failed the entrance exam, due to the psychological test, designed to utilise a candidate’s worst fear against him and his response to stress in the test.

The psychological test began as him serving as chief tactical officer, at his post, on the bridge of an unnamed ship. A red alert was sounded as the ship was under attack. He looked at the viewscreen and was utterly paralyzed by what he saw – a borg cube. The hail of “We are the Borg, resistance is futile. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. You will be assimilated” was heard. The scenario played out, and with great difficulty, he was able to put aside his own fear and attempt to defend the ship and her crew, initially dealing with trying to damage the borg ship, and failing due to the ship being outmatched in every sense of the word. Once the shields had failed, he then had to lead security teams against boarding parties. Once the Borg had adapted to their weapons, he had the idea of replicating older, non-beam weapons in the form of firearms, which the Borg could not adapt to, but did enough damage to repel them for the time being. Ultimately, the Borg were still too great in number for their defence to last long, and he was selected by the first officer (The captain having been assimilated) to lead an away team to the Borg Cube, as the head of security, to use explosives to destroy it. Upon placing the explosives, having watched his friend be dragged off for assimilation, screaming for help, the scenario ended, and he was informed that he had passed.

He later used this scenario to develop his holo-program to allow him to attempt to deal with his fear of the Borg.

His four years at Starfleet Academy went by, from his perspective, very quickly. He developed close friendships with many people there, even including some of the instructors, to a certain degree. He eventually graduated with majors in Engineering and Astrophysics in the year 2385.

Following this, upon recommendation from one of his academy instructors, he spent two years completing both Advanced Tactical Training and Starfleet Command School.

He completed the former due to his desire to become a security/tactical officer, a talent for which he showed during his time at Starfleet Academy, and a talent that certainly didn't go unnoticed.

He wasn’t inclined to spend another year in Starfleet Command School when he could be posted on a ship, but did so anyway after a discussion with the academy instructor that recommended him, who commented that while it would take many years, he had the potential to be a strong leader, having instinctive leadership skills and communication skills, and that one day, he would be ready for “The big chair”, but for the time being, it would look good on an application to serve on any ship in Starfleet, as it would allow him to hone these skills, allow him develop into a more well-rounded individual, and ensure that he will not require further training in the future to advance in ranks.

Following these two years of additional training, finally, at the age of 23, was he ready, in his own mind, to apply for a position on a Starfleet ship.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record -Joined Starfleet in 2381.
-Attended Starfleet Academy from 2381-2385. Majored in Engineering and Astrophysics.
-Completed Extension Course in Medicine - Basic Field Medicine for Non-medical personnel
-Upon reccommendation, completed an additional year of Advanced Tactical Training.
-Upon recommendation, completed an additional year of study at Stafleet Command School.
-Passed Bridge Officers Test.
-Applied for position on USS Shanghai.
Language Proficiency English