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Captain Patrick Noble

Name Patrick Anakoni Noble

Position PNPC

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Age 35
Gender Male
Species Human, with Oran'taku Ancestry

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown, almost black.
Eye Color Light green/blue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anakoni seems to be two entirely different people to those who don't know him. On duty, he is stiff, by the books, unwilling to adjust to 'stretch' the rules. He plays close to the cuff, and keeps himself well within lines as to what a 'good' starfleet officer should appear. He is purposefully pilot, following etiquette and procedure.

However, off duty, he is a fun loving individual, though he doesn't believe he should show that to those he works with. He enjoys life, and seems just happy to be alive. He is outgoing and friendly, if a bit too 'flirty' or rebellious at times (depending on who you ask, of course).

It should be noted, that despite appearances, Anakoni is a vagrant and a scoundrel at his core. He enjoys wandering, and is used to doing things his way. When he feels that something is right, he will not hesitate to act in accordance to that. The truest cue to his character however is that he chose the name 'noble' and intends to live up to his chosen name.
Strengths & Weaknesses ++ Spacer: Born on a station, and living the vast majority of his life on merchant/civilian ships, he adapted to living in low or nil gravity. He can move as fluidly without gravity as most can with, and prides himself on his abilities in EVA.

++ Jack of All Trades: Living aboard old civilian ships and fighting for his life on the fringe, he picked up a lot of abilities. He has a basic understand of engineering, medical, combat, communications and computer systems - and prides himself on being able to 'hot-wire' anything.

++ Fringe Life: Anakoni grew up on the fringes of Federation space, generally far from the usual luxury afforded its citizens. It enabled him to pick up quite a few contacts, skill in commerce and trading, and great skill in basic survival in the vast reaches of space.

++Oran'Taku Ancestry: Being born of an Oran'taku native, or at least a woman who was mostly one, Anakoni has some benefits of that species. He has some latent telepathic abilities, and while not as powerful as full blooded native, he has honed his abilities to blocking the use of telepathy of others. Mostly, he keeps this so that he himself cannot be read, but is capable of 'attacking' other telepathic beings to block them from reading others. Anakoni does not have the 'sexual' or pheromonal abilities known of his race however, but does appear to be heavily resistant to those of deltans, orions and other such species.

++ Blockade Runner: Anakoni was a smuggler in his past life, before joining Starfleet. While he was always in the Fleets good graces, he was still a criminal (even if he did mostly smuggle things into places 'for' Starfleet). He took that trade and became a blockade runner in the Occupation of Betazed. He is quite capable at piloting shuttles, runabouts, and small ships much faster than he should. (As a note, this also coincides with ground vehicles, though it is much rarer). In addition, he is very apt at hiding things, though this seems to come up less and less as a Fleet Officer.

= Brawler: Anakoni is not a martial artists, and while he can handle himself in a fight, he is simply a brawler. Fighting dirty seems to be his favorite way of getting the upper hand.

= Bounty: He still has a bounty on his head from both the Orion Syndicate and as far as he knows the Dominion. As Starfleet is at odds with both organizations (to some degree) this is neither a bonus nor a bane.

= The Aya: A heavily modified Raven class vessel named after his mother, which he used during his years outside of Starfleet. Boosted to become agile and fast, the ship is a treasure (if an old and worn one) - but due to restricted space, the Aya is currently in storage on Mars.

=Administrator: Anakoni worked to stay away from his old life when he joined Starfleet. As such, he served as an adviser, or administrator most of his time, staying away from the front. This is his 'first' assignment on the front.

-- Uneducated: Anakoni did not get the same education as Federation Citizens. He simply doesn't know some things other people know, such as Federation history (outside what he's picked up over the years), scientific concepts, etc.

-- Traumatized: Coming from a horrendous life early on, then a decent one, and then back to a hard life, Anakoni has trouble sleeping and spends a lot of nights up due to dreams.

-- Addict: While much better than he once was, Anakoni does still nurse a few habits starfleet looks down on. First would be smoking, and second of course alcohol. While functional in both degrees, these are mostly quirks. However, in his time as a merchant and smuggler, he did fall victim to a few potent Orion drugs - and though he doesn't have access to them, he finds them hard or impossible to resist when he does have access.

-- His Way; Anakoni is used too, and almost has too do things his way. As a command officer, he sees this as his prerogative and encourage his crew to operate as he does, and this often causes friction.

-- Immutable Morality; Many people see it as a weakness, he sees it as a strength. To him, there is no grey-scale of morality, only black and white - right, or wrong. You are evil, or you are good. Good men do good deeds, evil men do evil deeds.
Ambitions Though he doesn't admit them - the drive to see his mother again is quite strong. Otherwise, he just wants to help where he can.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies;
-- Unfortunately, he doesn't enjoy much. Mostly he likes to socialize and drink, which is often looked down on for officers, so he doesn't much.
-- Anakoni has a penchant for flying (or driving) too fast. He even owns a customized human vehicle known as a motorcycle, though it is on the Aya with many of his belongings.
-- Anakoni loves EVA and all aspects, he just enjoys doing anything he can without gravity.
-- Anakoni enjoys music, and has a natural talent with it but has never really tried it.
-- Anakoni is interested in anything new and different.

- Celebrates his Birthday on August 9th, which is the day he was granted Refugee status in the Federation.
- Fond memories of his time in Foster Care granted him a love of holidays, which he still attempts to celebrate as he can.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Unknown (Not available via Starfleet Records)
Mother Aya (Only given name, unknown location)
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personal History

Personal History ((To Be Added))

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Born; Unknown Date, 2354
Federation Refugee Status: Granted August Ninth, 2357.
Federation Citizenship: 2376

Starfleet Academy Pre-Enrollment Studies: 2376-2377
Starfleet Academy Enrollment: 2377

Starfleet Academy (Student): 2377-2381
-- Majored in Starfleet Command and Administration.
-- Minored in 'General Studies'.
-- Promoted to Lieutenant upon Graduation due to 'Time Served'.

Starfleet Academy (Professor): 2383-2385
-- Taught "The Relationship between Starfleet and Civilian Trading Vessels", "Federation Trade Policies", "Federation Policy Special Topics- Privateers and Vigilantism", "Orientation - Low Gravity Natives", among others.

Starfleet: 2381-Present
-- 2381; Civilian Affairs Liaison to the Federation Civilian Trade Authority, Orion Sector.
-- 2382; Mission Adviser, Starfleet Operation: Springs Eternal
-- 2383-2387; Adjutant Professor Starfleet Academy, Adviser to Refugee/Foreign Students, Dorm Supervisor (Low Gravity Accommodations)
-- 2387-2389: Chief Administrative Officer, 21st Fleet.
-- 2389 - Executive Officer, USS Shanghai.

Commendations and Awards:
-- Civilian Medal of Valor; For Auspicious Gallantry during the Occupation of Betazed while operating the small Blockade Runner, Aya.
-- Gallant Ship Citation; For service of the Aya during the Dominion War and various other Operations.
Language Proficiency Federation Standard (Native), Orion (Native), Ferengi (Fluent), Rigelian (Fluent), Betazed (Basic), Cardassian (Basic), Oran'Taku (Limited), Xindi (Limited)