Lieutenant JG Dan John Smith

Name Dan John John Smith

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2in
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Dan is 6ft 2in tall and is thin but muscular. He has a rather untidy beard which to the dismay of his wife he will not remove as he thinks it makes him look rugged. He has long brown hair which is untidy but he does make an effort with it on special events but only after a long period of nagging from his wife. Dan has blue eyes and is physically fit which comes from his old life as a security officer and working on his fencing skills in the holodeck . Also running around after a young daughter has helped keep him fit. Dan also has no tattoos. He has a scar on the left side of his head as a result of brain surgery to remove a virus from his brain but the scar is hard to see due to it being covered by hair.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dan is calm, laid back and he often has a smile on his face. Dan has a strong sense of justice. Dan is not as laid back as he once was life on board a starship is hard he has now learned. Also he now sees that things are not as black and white as he once thought but despite this his strong sense of justice is still there. He has a sharp mind and an odd sense of humour. Dan is very loyal to his wife, daughter , family, friends and crewmates. He will follow orders but he will not follow them blindly. He likes being in a crowd and likes even more being with friends. He is always up for chat .He is also a good shot and is very perceptive. Dan is a natural leader but at times his sense of Justice is too harsh. Dan also has quick reflexes and is good with paperwork.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is calm in tough situations, has a sharp mind, loyal, very perceptive, methodical and a good shot. Dan also has quick reflexes and is good with paperwork. Dan is a natural leader.

Weaknesses: He is sometimes too laid back and has a strong dislike of space walks. Also sometimes his sense of justice is too harsh.
Ambitions Dan would one day like command a ship of his own but at the moment he just wants to be a good husband, father and officer.
Hobbies & Interests Dan enjoys fishing and taking part in historic battles such as the battle of waterloo on the holodeck. Dan can often be found at the Phaser Range or at a holodeck working on his fencing skills. Dan also likes poker, reading about early earth history and being with friends.


Romantic Relationships Ashley Smith nee Knowles (27)
Children Louise Smith (1)
Father Chris Smith (58)
Mother Jane Smith nee Harwood (56)
Brother(s) Adam Smith (29)
Sister(s) Katie Smith (25)
Other Family Nephews Chris Smith (4), Jack Smith (1), Niece Zoe Smith (3)

Personal History

Personal History He was born on earth in England and he spent most of his early life there. He did well in school where he was very interested in history. His parents are both doctors on earth and he speaks to them when he can. Being on earth for the last two years he has seen a lot of his parents lately as he wanted his daughter to get know her grandparents. He is very close to his sister who gradated from the Academy who is very similar to Dan, she hoped to be an engineer in Starfleet but the unplanned birth of her daughter put an end to that. Dan is godfather to his sister`s daughter a role he takes very seriously, so seriously in fact he sees and treats her like another daughter as his niece`s father has nothing to do with her. He has problems with his brother. His brother thought Dan was too laid back and the serious Adam and Dan always clashed. He became a doctor on earth and the brothers never speak if they can help it. Even the birth of their children has not brought the bothers together and he rarely sees his nephews which hurts him.

He went to the Starfleet Academy due to a wish to take part in history and not just read about it. He passed the Academy entrance competition exams first time. In the psych test he had to face the choice between saving a friend or saving the ship he chose the needs of the many and saved the ship. At the academy he got top marks mostly in security related fields. He finished tenth in his class. When he was at the academy he became close to a girl Jess Ryan but that relationship did not make it out of the academy he often thinks of her and what could have been. The relationship ended when a friend of Jess was involved in practical joke gone wrong which caused a cadet to be badly injured. Jess although not directly involved in the joke did help cover it up when Dan found out he told jess and her friend to own up to what they had done when they didn't he reported them ending their relationship. His sense of justice would not allow him to keep quiet even though he knew what it would cost him. She got a warning and is an ensign on a federation starship. His sense of justice and his sharp mind lead him to become a criminal investigations officer on the Uss Andoria a job he liked.

As the criminal investigations officer on the USS Andoria he had to help track down a bomber who had cause a lot of damage on the Andoria. He along with his other officers caught the bomber but before he could be brought to justice he killed himself. The conduct of his fellow officers was brought into question and they were investigated by JAG. Although not investigated by JAG himself Dan`s own conduct during the capture of bomber caused him great concern. He did not speak up when something he knew was wrong was taking place during the questioning of the bomber. While his follow officers were being investigated Dan was made acting chief of Security which was hard for Dan as he was in charge of older officers. His senior officers were cleared and he was made into a Lieutenant JG and Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

The death of his best friend in a shuttle accident hit Dan hard but with the help of the Andoria`s counsellor he came to terms with his death. He was promoted to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Andoria and to Lieutenant JG

When he was Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Andoria he took part in a mission transporting a number of colonists to their new home. Dan`s part in the mission was to lead a team that was tasked with setting up a defence network which consisted of placing orbital weapon platforms around the planet where the colonists were planning to settle. During the mission one of the orbital weapon platforms would not respond to remote commands forcing Dan and another officer to take a spacewalk to check the platforms computer. They soon fixed the computer but then Dan`s magnetized boots failed which caused Dan to float into space luckily for Dan the other officer managed to catch him. The rest of the mission was a success with the rest of the weapon platforms being placed without incident.

When he was Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Andoria Dan was involved in an incident involving the Chief Security/Tactical officer who while being under the influence of an alien shot the Commanding Officer of the Andoria. Dan and another security officer were the first on the scene and managed to disarm the Chief Security/Tactical officer and got both the Chief and the Commanding Officer to sickbay where they both recovered and the alien was removed from the Chief Security/Tactical officer.

When the Chief Security/Tactical officer was recovering Dan was once again made acting chief of Security which as Dan was more experienced went more smoothly then before and Dan was then promoted to full Lieutenant.

The old Andoria was retired and replaced by a new Vikrant class vessel with the same name. While waiting to board the new ship Dan took part in a mission to rescue members of the Andoria`s crew who had been kidnapped by a group of romulans. The Andoria`s crew along with members of the Andorian Defence Force found the romulan ship where the kidnapped crew was being held. Dan led one of the teams that boarded the romulan ship. The team found no trace of the romulans responsible but they did find the missing crew members and a bomb the romulans had left on the ship with no way to disarm the bomb Dan and the rest of his team just managed to leave the ship before it exploded.

Dan was promoted to Chief Security/Tactical officer on the new Andoria. While on the new Andoria Dan contracted a virus which caused him to go into a coma and experience hallucinations while he was unconscious. After brain surgery the virus which had grown into a parasite was removed.

Dan recovered physically from the virus but was still carrying the mental scars from his ordeal. Dan requested a
extended leave of absence to get over the virus. Returning back to his home on earth Dan fell in love with a teacher called Ashley and after a whirlwind romance they got married on earth. Dan was the happiest he has ever been and him and his new wife decided to start a family and a year later their daughter was born. Even though he was happy on earth he missed life in space among the stars. After talking it through with his wife Dan is now ready and very keen to get back to duty.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record

Born 2362 England,Earth
2381 Applies for Starfleet Academy
2385 Graduates
2386 Applies for the uss Andoria
2386 becomes the criminal investigations officer on the Uss Andoria
2386 Acting Chief of Security
2386 Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2386 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2386 Promoted to Lieutenant
2386 Acting Chief of Security
2387 Promoted to Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Uss Andoria
2387 Takes a extended leave of absence and returns to Earth

Language Proficiency Federation Standard, Basic Andorian