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Ensign Nikolas Laommiorvatovovich

Name Nikolas 'Nicky' Laommiorvatovovich

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description The officer's uniform is regularly a slight to the crumpled side, and he almost always wears a small, leather-style trenchcoat atop said uniform. A tool-belt sits in place of the conventional sort of belt, holding many useful utensils for his craft. Apart from this, he has an even coat of stubble on his chin, his head covered with almost shoulder-length hair, of which the back is always tied into a ponytail. While not appearing too professional, there are none as qualified or advanced as this man in Starfleet.


Spouse None, widower.
Children None.
Father Petrov Laommi
Mother Brusilla Orvatovovich
Brother(s) Petrenko 'Peter' Laommiorvatovovich
Sister(s) None.
Other Family None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview While a generally pleasant man, he speaks little, and when he does speak, he can sometimes speak too much. That said, even with his kind, generous demeanour, he has a lot of anger built in him, particularly towards the Klingons. A year and four months after his marriage, they attacked the colony his wife lived upon while he was serving on the Shanghai, killing her and securing his loathing towards them. He can also be quite the tactician, having been on a few away missions with other members of the team before.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Intelligent, Great with any machinery and tech, good with people, good shot, surprisingly deft close combat skills.

Weaknesses - Short temper when it comes to Klingons or those who question his skills with machinery, only average strength, not a good pilot, slight emotional instability when his wife is mentioned.
Ambitions He hopes to simply be what he is; the best at what he does. Every book, every recording, every video on machinery, technology, and engineering could be found stored on his pocket datapad, of which he reads regularly. Should someone search through them, they would find he has corrected more than half of the files several hundred times, showing his brilliant expertise in his field. His second ambition is to do as most Starfleet wish to do - protect and serve the innocent, and to explore the unknown.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading as much as a dog loves to run. That said, he loves to be around the engineering deck almost as much, several times found to have slept there. Apart from that, he enjoys training his combat skills should they be needed, alongside taking deep interest in any goings on outside the ship, having had linked the frequencies to his datapad so as to see and hear any hails from outside forces.
Languages English, Romulan, Vulcan, Russian.


Personal History His history is largely kept to himself, though he was born in Russia, as evident from his name, before being brought to Scotland, almost all of his life spent there before Starfleet. It is evident from the subtle hint of Scottish dialect in his voice. Before serving Starfleet, he used to work as a mechanic of sorts, though he was on the illegal side of things, and was brought up for it by the authorities. Thankfully, a former client, also a member of Starfleet, spoke up for him and agreed to a compromise with the law enforcement that he would enlist and serve rather than be imprisoned. While serving on the Galahad, he met a young lady, one Lori Fullerton on a planet side colony on his shore leave, and the two struck romance. Marrying her at the age of twenty, he thought he had his life set out before him. But, war and death are fickle things, always meddling with people's lives. His wife was wrenched from him not two years after said marriage, a Klingon raid on his wife's colony wiped her and almost one hundred others from this mortal coil, leading to Nikolas's stoop into depression, which led to his reassigning. With help and support from friends and family, he eventually got back as close as he could to his old self, though any mention of his wife will have him sullen or angry.
Service Record He enlisted at the age of seventeen, a proud young man hoping to prove himself. His prodigious skill with engineering revealed itself after his first year, getting him on the fast track to officer-hood, and gaining a place on the USS Galahad after his third year as an Engineering officer. He very quickly showed his aptitude for his affinity with technology, surpassing the knowledge of the Chief Engineering Officer, which angered the senior and caused Nicky to be reassigned to the Shanghai after another two years, slipping straight into the position he is in today.

Player Information

Player Experience RP'ing for a year, not much knowledge in the way of ST unfortunately.

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