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Lieutenant JG Dominic Delaney

Name Dominic "Draco" Delaney Jr.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 26
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6"
Weight 225
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Dominic is a tall, lanky fellow that hails from the town of Dublin, Ireland. Of course, when he was young he got involved in a few things that really shaped him for the person that he is today. He fell into a sinkhole when he was about eight years old, and it was a defining moment for him. You see, he is completely and utterly convinced that dragons exist. He will swear on his dear mother's grave that a dragon saved him from the sinkhole that he fell into. Was he hallucinating? Perhaps. But the fact remains that to this day, no one can explain how he got out of it once his father came back with help. Truth? Fiction? Maybe a bit of both?

Regardless, the gentleman is very well spoken, proper and very neat and tidy. His room is decorated with all sorts of dragons though. Drawn dragons, sculpted dragons, everything that you could think of. This has lent him to have more than one failed attempt to romance, and he secretly yearns for someone to understand him - or at least dismiss his obsession with the mythical creatures.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Respectable, well liked, soft spoken, kind. Yet, he has a mysterious quality about him that is only shattered by asking why he's called "Draco", asked about his life, or anything else that sparks his favorite topic of conversation - dragons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Well liked, even for his oddities. Personable, able to be related to, and very detail oriented. Science background has tons of knowledge and is well-versed in explaining concepts that might be foreign.

Weaknesses - Can get carried away. Severe OCD. Most everything has to be just right or else he will have a hard time dealing with things.
Hobbies & Interests Dragons. All the dragons.


Romantic Relationships -
Children -
Father David
Mother Tracie
Brother(s) Jonathan
Sister(s) Grace

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