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Ensign Liam O'Shea

Name Liam Adam O'Shea

Position Legacy Character

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Liam is a male of Irish descent, the human standing at just over 6 foot tall. He is toned, but not overly muscular, with brown hair and green eyes. He carries only a hint of an Irish accent, the soft-spoken Ensign rarely opting to speak and instead listen and observe. There's not much about him that's remarkable, to be fair. However, he makes it a habit to often be fidgeting with something, resulting in an analytical look that always seems to hang about him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam spent his whole life in books. A rather smart and intelligent kid, he more often than not could be found curled up in his bed, reading. On a tree branch, tapping through a PADD. Riding the train with a set of headphones... listening to an audio recording of his current favorite series. You get the idea. Always with the newest and best book, he was pleased that he had the ability to read to his heart's content. His father wanted him to become an artist, his mother wanted him to become a teacher. Both very noble and appreciated professions, but the travel bug hit him early, and he figured that the best way to expand his love for reading and travel was to sign up for Starfleet. Because of that, his relationship with his family is strained, but not terrible in any sense of the word. He'll call back for birthdays and not leave the family wondering for too long on his deployment status, but there's a distance that can't seem to be bridged there. Because of this, he's sometimes hesitant to be the center of attention, but once he starts having a few synthahols... all bets are off! Fancies himself a singer most of the time, he does. (He's definitely not one. Apologies to your ears.)
Strengths & Weaknesses He has a lot of random facts and knowledge that he'll give without thought on many occasions. Often it's harmless trivia, but he's had to learn to keep it as low key as possible after a few unfortunate incidents with a Klingon taking offense to what he said. The Irishman can drink a lot, and knows how to have a good time, but is awkward with more than a couple people. His quick reflexes allow him to helm the ship and he's received passing marks on his phaser proficiency. He's qualified to fly almost any class of ship, but is working towards being able to fly all the fighters as well.

Liam can sometimes be so absorbed in his thoughts that he misses key information, but he makes up for that by carrying a little pocketbook with him where he'll jot down things that he thinks he needs to remember. The writing helps his recall, and he prefers that to a PADD.
Ambitions He would really enjoy making it in Starfleet to a Lieutenant. At this time, he feels like that would be the ideal place for him. Not high enough that he's having to do more than his fair share, and senior enough that he'd be respected. As mentioned above, he also wants to be able to fly all classes of ships.
Hobbies & Interests Reading is a good hobby of his, and his go-to even today. Liam also enjoys all forms of card and board games, often inviting others to chess or checkers in the mess hall. He's also rather interested in stellar phenomena, although he doesn't understand it as much as he'd like to. Liam holds a Bachelor's Degree in Systems Communications with a minor in biology.


Romantic Relationships Janine Melissa O'Shea
Children None yet.
Father George Michael O'Shea
Mother Alyssa Gabrielle Young O'Shea
Brother(s) Trevor O'Shea - 31, foreman for a small, orbital construction company.
Sister(s) Lynne O'Shea - 8, deceased (hovercraft accident)
Other Family Phillip Young, father-in-law
Danielle Grace, mother-in-law

Personal History

Personal History Liam graduated from Starfleet Academy in the year ____ with a degree in Systems Communications and a minor in biology. He didn't particularly like his first engineering assignment though, aboard the USS Athena, a Steamrunner class assigned to convoy escort in the Neutral Zone. It was dull, routine work, and he decided that he'd take the pilot's exam on a whim one day. He failed, pretty hardcore. That only made him work harder and finally become certified as a pilot. As the opportunity arose on occasion, he'd ask for the graveyard ship at the helm, and his CO was only happy to oblige, as she wanted the young Ensign to be happy.

After a stint on the USS Athena, he transferred to the USS Shanghai because he knew that it was going to be out for a while, past where a lot of ships had been before. The Ensign was fine with that, as he transferred with his wife, Ensign O'Shea, a communications officer. They met each other on a colony in the Farkais system, a regular stop on their patrol route.

Liam is currently serving aboard the USS Shanghai-A as the Chief Helm Officer.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Coming Soon!
Language Proficiency English, Gaelic, Andorian