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Erich Kirkland (Ret.)

Name Erich Kirkland (Ret.)

Position Council Chairperson

Basic Information

Date of Birth 2324
Age 65
Place of Birth Tarola'n, Proxima Colony
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color light brown/mostly gray
Eye Color blue-gray
Physical Description Erich is of average height and weight, with mostly gray hair with a few light brown strands scattered. Keeps a neatly trimmed gray beard.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erich usually a keeps a warm, inviting smile on his face. He is open and honest, has a fatherly disposition about him and enjoys taking younger ones and mentoring them.


Romantic Relationships widower
Children Audrey (daughter)
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Other Family son-in-law: Mark; grand-daughter, Charlotte
Family Details Audrey: Biologist, Golovin Colony; Mark: Biologist, Golovin Colony.

Personal History

Personal History Erich Kirkland grew up on Proxima Colony, in the city of Tarola'n in 2324. He joined Starfleet at 18 in 2342. Through Starfleet Medical, he took a degree in psychology. Simultaneously, he acquired a degree in theology through another university, becoming familiar with the different religions throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. He graduated in 2346, serving as primarily a counselor and secondarily as chaplain. He was posted to the USS Rutledge shortly after graduation. He would serve on the Rutledge throughout the Federation-Cardassian War. However, Erich resigned his commission in 2352 and returned to Proxima Colony where he continued to offer his services as a chaplain and a civilian psychologist.

It was on Proxima where he met his wife, married in 2355 and daughter Audrey was born in 2357. He served two four-year terms on the council for Tarola'n. In 2367, at the end of his second term, he moved to San Francisco with his wife and daughter. In 2375, however, Erich's wife was killed in the Breen attack on Earth. Erich's daughter would go on to become a biologist, marry a fellow scientist and have a daughter herself.

A few years would go by and when Audrey and her husband were assigned to the fledgling Golovin Colony, Erich would follow. After a few months, it was clear that Erich's administrative experience was needed and he was voted onto the colony's council as the chairperson. He still offers his advice and years of training to the residents of Golovin, as he is still ordained by the United Federation of Planets as chaplain.

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