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Major Dren Fyntar

Name Dren Fyntar

Position Marine Company Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Basic Information

Date of Birth 2340
Age 48
Place of Birth Angosia
Gender Male
Species Angosian

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 268
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue-Gray
Physical Description Initial impressions are of a tall, well built and stocky humanoid male. He has short cropped grey hair and blue eyes. His most notable feature being a green military tattoo on his right cheek, a remnant of his days in the Angosian Defense Force.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fyntar is gruff and taciturn in his manner, confident and competent, professional and dedicated. He delivers and expects the highest levels of commitment from both juniors and superiors.
Strengths & Weaknesses The product of Angosian military bio-engineering Fyntar was once an elite, deadly and relentless soldier.

Following extensive de-conditioning most of these abilities have been removed. However, he remains a highly effective operator in any combat situation.

Has a wide range of experience, with over twenty five years spent in the military.

His previously almost unreadable bio-signs are now visible on sensors, although results are still indistinct and confusing.

He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments. Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Professionally he is a solid leader, however in personal relationships he still suffers the residual effects of Angosian physiological conditioning and can be almost Vulcan in dealing with his personal emotions.


Romantic Relationships Unmarried
Children NIL
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Sister(s) Deceased

Personal History

Personal History Early life:

Fyntar was born in 2340 and grew up in a suburb of the central city on Angosia III. His parents had their own successful design and construction company. As the eldest son of wealthly parents he had a privileged upbringing.

A naturally peaceful society, the Angosians, were dragged into a protracted and bloody conflict called the Tarsian War. Even so, the outbreak of the conflict had little impact on Fyntar's childhood, his family avoided many of the hardships the war brought to less well off citizens.

However, during his last year of college, where he was studying to become an architect, his parents and younger brother were killed in a Tarsian raid.

Adult Life:

2358 Abandoning his studies he enlisted in the Angosian Defense Force the day after his family's funeral. Undergoing an exhaustive series of tests and assessments he was accepted and began the conditioning process.
Being inherently non-violent, the Angosian authorities were forced to create a class of super soldiers through a process of genetic engineering, bio-chemical manipulation and intense psychological conditioning.

Six months later the peaceful and reserved young man was turned into a lethally efficient killing machine, with an irresistible will to defend, adapt, survive and overcome. Chemical enhancements and bio-manipulation left him with barely detectable lifesigns and a powerful physiology able to withstand the rigors of injury. Brutal mental conditioning removed compassion and mercy, whenever threatened he could calmly kill without conscience or concern.

He spent the next six years fighting in the Tarsian Wars, living a life of daily warfare, savage and relentless combat, surviving on a continuing cocktail of drugs, chemicals and psychological conditioning.

2364 All the troops created through this process were volunteers but after the conflict ended it was found that the process was irreversible. Unable to function within normal Angosian society the soldiers were essentially imprisoned by their own government. They were confined to a penal camp on Lunar V , located on a moon around Angosia III and considered to be outcasts and criminals.

2366 The Angosian government petitioned to join the Federation. The USS Enterprise-D, commanded by JeanLuc Picard visited Angosia III to follow up the petition. However, the occasion was interrupted by a revolt of the veterans on Lunar V and Picard learned of treatment of these former soldiers.

During the revolt Fyntar was part of group that seized control of the penal facility’s spaceport, allowing Roga Danar to steal a shuttle and make contact with the USS Enterprise

Due to the unacceptable violations of the rights of their own soldiers Picard saw to it that the Angosian application to join the Federation was postponed until such time as they found a way to reverse the bio-engineering process.,

Faced with this situation the Angosian Senate finally began to search for a way to undo the damage they had done.

2370 After many years of study and with help from Federation scientists the Angosians eventually discovered a process by which the soldiers could be re-integrated into the society. But the de-conditioning process was neither easy nor without risk and a number of veterans died during the treatment.

Even those who did survive the treatment were left with lifelong psychological scars and after their return to normal society many were still treated with distrust and feared by their own people. As a result many sought a life beyond Angosia

After the long wait during the years in which the de-conditioning process was finally perfected he continued to live confined on Lunar V . The treatment nearly killed him and he spent months in a hospital recuperating and undergoing intensive counseling.

Sadly, even after the de-conditioning, Fyntar was unable to settle back into society. He lasted two weeks in his former home town before the scared looks of his fellow citizens drove him away. He tried returning to his architectural studies but struggled to concentrate, soon dropping out. Like many other veterans he took to living rough, drifting around aimlessly, a warrior without a battle. Run ins with local law enforcement soon followed and it seemed he would be ending up back in prison.

2374 With Starfleet embroiled in the Dominion War the Federation quickly accepted a second Angosian petition to join, grateful for a new world to assist in the fight against the Dominion. This opened the ranks of Starfleet to former ADF members and many chose to enlist.

Fyntar joined the exodus of veterans from Angosia, hoping that he might again find a rationale to his life, even if that was just to take part in another drawn out bloody conflict.

With his combat experience he was quickly welcomed into a fleet reeling from the Dominion onslaught and was channeled into the Marines. After training he was assigned to B Rifle Company; 1st Battalion; 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force.

Finding a home and purpose again in the Corps Fyntar rose rapidly through the enlisted ranks, partly due to the daily toil of combat loses but mostly due to his training, skills and abilities.

He quickly saw action and survived many of the major battles, including
the Tyra system; both battles in the Chin'Toka system and the raid on the sensor array in the Angolis Cluster. He was decorated for bravery on three occasions and rose to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant

2375 After the War he was pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike Angosia, Starfleet and the Marines still had a place for him and he continued as a member of a platoon sized Marine Detachment aboard the USS Kittyhawk a Prometheus Class, assigned to patrol the Breen border.

The detachment was involved in a number of skirmishes with Breen raiders and Fyntar spent a number of weeks carrying out covert surveillance missions on worlds targeted by the Breen.

This led him into applying for special operations training, along with receiving a promotion to Sergeant Major. He returned to Earth to undertake the Corps Senior Non-Commissioned Officer course and afterwards successfully completed the Special Operations selection program; followed by the SO course at SFMC Fort Kilo.

Renowned as the toughest training course in the Corps, with an average fifty-percent failure rate. Fyntar not only passed but excelled, receiving one of the highest grades in the courses history. The Commandant offered him a place on the Special Operations Instructor team but he declined, preferring to return to active duty.

2377 Fyntar was transferred to Delta Special Operations Company; 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment at Starbase 212. As a Sergeant Major he became a Spec-Ops Team leader.

The Orion Syndicate were resurfacing as a major criminal organization and Delta Company was assigned a number of mission to disrupt an illegal drug manufacturing operations in the Cylgatt System.

The Syndicate had production facilities on four lush tropical jungle moons around Cylgatt IV and Delta Company carried out a series of daring raids against them.

On one raid the company transports were crippled by an atmospheric storm and all nine craft crash landed in dense jungle. Three exploded taking most of the company command with them. Fyntar stepped up and took charge, organizing a tactical retreat when overwhelming Syndicate forces turned up to finish the job the storm had started.

It was the first time in combat he had faced the prospect of defeat and death. The remaining survivors were forced into a deadly series of escape and evasion maneuvers to survive. Only the timely arrival of reinforcements saved them from certain capture and execution.

Even thought they were forced to retreat off-world Fyntar's actions were recognized and he received a commendation.

2378 Throughout his career he had been recommended for an Officer’s Commission on three occasions. Now it happened again, this time by a Brigadier General. Although he had politely but resolutely declined the offer previously this time he was finally persuaded to accept a commission in the Corps.

Returning to Earth, Fyntar was sent to Officer Candidate School SFMC Dartmouth, he passed selection second in class and went on to Camp LeJeuene, for twenty eight weeks learning how to lead Marines as an Officer.

Then followed a further forty weeks of specialist training at SFMC Falklands and SFMC Logan City, Terra Nova before returning to active duty.

2380 As a former senior NCO Fyntar was promoted directly to 1st Lieutenant, sent to the 3rd Marine Regiment, based Starbase Grovesnor Station and placed in charge of 1st Platoon, Gulf Rifle Company; 4th Battalion, followed by a transfer a year later to Fox Engineering Company to widen his experience base.

2382 The 3rd Marine Regiment was redeployed to SFMC Fort Bergen on the newly colonized frozen world of Mason's Planet. The regiment became the Corps specialist artic-warfare unit. They set up and ran a training facility for other units, teaching cold weather combat techniques and survival.

2382 The 3rd Marine Regiment was redeployed to SFMC Fort Bergen on the newly colonized frozen world of Mason's Planet. The regiment became the Corps specialist artic-warfare unit. They set up and ran a training facility for other units, teaching cold weather combat techniques and survival.

2385 Fyntar was promoted to Captain and selected to join a new type of unit, a Marine Mobile Operations Battalion; as a Company Commander. Comprising some seven hundred troops the 1St M-MOB consisted of two Rifle companies; a Special Operations & Scout Company; an Engineering Company and a Headquarters & Support company. Specially designed to be deployed via a strike carrier starship the M-MOB was a new concept in Marine operations. Able to deliver a powerful punch in combat situations, while providing command with a flexible unit able to undertake everything from special operations to construction projects to humanitarian relief operations.

2387 The 1st M-MOB deployed to the Romulan Star empire on humanitarian and relief efforts after the Hobus supernova Fyntar and the battalion spent nine months delivering supplies and building refugee camps.

2388 With relief efforts stabilizing Fyntar with his command; the 1st M-MOB’s Special Operations & Scout Company, along with a Headquarters and Support Squad was issued orders to report to the USS Shanghai.
Medical History He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments.

Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Personnel Data

Service Number ZK-214-477-AMA

Starfleet Records

Service Record Training:

Angosian Defense Force:
Wenruiz Indoctrination Center: Bio/Chemical enhancement Levels I thru VI
Wadfelk Ground Tactical Training Group: Primary & Extended Combat Operations Training

Starfleet Marine Corps:
SFMC Training: Basic; Advanced;

SFMC NCO Training: Squad Leader, Section Leader; Platoon leader; Company Leader

SFMC Specialized Training: Armorer Basic; Armorer Advanced; Battlefield First Aid; Close Protection Detail Team member; Close Protection Detail Team Leader, Covert Operations Team member; Demolition Basic; Demolitions Advanced; EVA Suit Combat Operations; Forward Observer/Fire Support; Heavy Weapons Operator; Heavy Weapons Instructor; Recon Team member; Recon Team Leader; Sniper and Spotter; Special Team Operations; Special Team Operations Instructor; Survival Course Levels I through IV; Survival Course Instructor; Infantry Combat Vehicle Driver & Crew member;

SFMC School of Warfare: Electronic Warfare Basic; Intelligence gathering; Interrogation techniques; Signals Intelligence

SFMC Flight School: Pilot: Shuttlecraft/ Transport Craft; Small craft combat operations

Languages Federation standard; Angosian

Service Record:

2358 - 2364 Angosian Defense Force
2364 - 2370 Angosia Penal Camp Lunar V
2370 - 2372 Angosian Defense Force - Deconditioning facility
2372 - 2373 Angosia - Civilian
2373 - 2373 Recruit: Starfleet Marine Corps: Enlisted Marine Basic Training Academy SFMC
2373 - 2375 Private to Gunnery Sergeant: B Rifle Company; 1st Battalion; 5th Marine Regiment
2375 - 2377 Gunnery Sergeant: MarDet: USS Kittyhawk
2377 - 2378 Senior NCOs Course: Training Academy SFMC; Special Operations Selection & Training SFMC Fort Kilo.
2378 - 2378 Sergeant Major; Delta Special Operations Company; 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment; Starbase 212
2378 - 2379 Officer Candidate School: SFMC Dartmouth
2380 - 2380 Officer Candidate: Officer Training: Camp LeJeuene; SFMC Falklands; SFMC Logan City
2380 - 2382 1st Lieutenant: 1st Platoon; G Rifle Company; 4th Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment: Starbase Grovesnor Station
2383 - 2385 1st Lieutenant: 3rd Platoon; F Engineers Company; 4th Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment: Starbase Grovesnor Station
2385 - 2388 Captain: Company Commander; 1st Special Operations Battalion; 2nd Marine Regiment: Camp Montezuma Halls
2389 - Captain, Commanding Officer: 1st M-MOB’s Special Operations & Scout Company, Marine Detachment USS Shanghai

Language Proficiency Federation Standard